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Jacques Bille

"The more effective advertising campaign has the higher mark at Euro Effie"

YES! 1/01


Jacques Bille: AACC Vice President
The most effective advertising campaigns of Europe in 2000
The material is dedicated to the Euro Effie competition. The aim of the Euro Effie competition is to award advertising that builds brands across frontier. It is needed to find a successful campaigns that have been proven successful in three or more European countries. Each of the advertising stories tells about the situation on the market, creative solution, media strategy and results.

Energy Drink Red Bull gives you wings
Absolut: the art of pyramid construction
Care Line of the OMO washing powder
Sony Playstation: the victory of image over the technical superiority
Libero diapers: Up and Go!
Winterthur Insurance Company: the philosophy of risk
IBM taught the world to make e-business
Kilroy travels international: shocking positioning
Letsbuyit.com perspectives of e-business
Pringles Chips: fun and taste in the same box
Play Tex lingerie: woman on the move
Air France: a small plane against cliche
MasterCard: intelligent about money
IWC watches: ironical threat

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