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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Andrey NADEIN. The Added Value: the alchemy of brand-led growth
In 2003 the British publishing house Palgrave MacMillan released the book "The Added Value: The Alchemy of Brand-Led Growth". The author is Mark Sherrington, the founder of one of the main worlds brand consulting company The Added Value. The authors of the magazine consider this book on branding to be one of the most prominent for the last few years. You can read an interview with the author and the review on the book in our magazine.

Konstantin SAMOILOV. Can local premium brands category survive? Lessons of struggle for brand managers
The author is the former marketing director of the company SABMiller /Transmark, one of the creators of the brands Zolotaya Bochka (Golden Barrel) and Tree Bogatyrya (Three Athletes). The article briefly describes the history and main examples of the local premium brand category. The author also gives advice on how to develop brands strategy and grow brands.


Margarita VASILIEVA, Andrey NADEIN. Epica Awards 2003: sell and entertain!
There are two criteria of good advertising on the Epica Awards advertising festival: original idea and quality of realization. The ideas behind advertising are not always highlighted by the jury. The survey of the winners 2003 is devoted to show the ideas, the authors tried to answer which of them can be appreciated in the long term perspective and which ones are short-lived.

Timofey BOKAREV, Andrey NADEIN. Epica Awards Interactive: consumer takes part in the game
The category Intaractive is rapidly growing on the Epica Awards festival. The reasons are economical. The latest advertising campaigns with medias like Internet and cellular phone are much cheaper than the ones based on traditional media. And the emotional impact is higher. So, the creative solutions in interactive advertising have become more important.

Margarita VASILIEVA. Vasiliy Shishkin: And then Ill become a governor
Doctor, doctor, nobody notices me The next, please. Dozens of designers and copyrighters laughed at this anecdote but only a few thought how to become noticeable and famous. But talent and fame are not synonyms. To achieve it you need actions. What kinds of actions? Youll read a story about one of the most interesting persons of Russian design.

Andrey NADEIN. Cristophe Lambert: you must win in the struggle for talents
Cristophe Lambert is considered to be one of the best professionals in advertising in France, his works, talent and passion for advertising are known in many countries of the world. He is a really good director in the sphere of advertising and his agencies have always achieved great results . The editors of the magazine have met with him in his office situated in Champs Elysee facing the Triumphal Arch.


Four stories of the advertising campaigns released by the famous French agency Publicis Conseil:
AGF faces the truth
New adventures of Scenic
Clio uses PlayStation
Renault Espace space for life

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. EFFIE France: 10th anniversary
Last year the EFFIE France advertising festival celebrated its 10th anniversary from the time of the foundation. The jury of the contest have learned to judge strictly, objective and impartially. The Best of the Best Grand Prix was given to the OMO washing powder that got its first Grand Prix in 1994. In the magazine you can find seven most interesting case-studies.

Vico: appetite comes while comparing
Nissan Micra: language promotes a brand
Social branding: how to cure the French from antibiotics addiction
SNCF: how to bring passengers without tickets to their senses?
Reality show from the LOTO creators
BNP Paribas: how to make cinema work for finance
Ariel Style: help the poor clothes to survive


Ilya MIRSKIY, Yuliya BURLAKOVA. Sports shoes Pony: scandalous brand at a good start
A new campaign for the brand Pony started in February this year. The agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners was in charge of the campaign that has appeared in 120 countries. Its main purpose was to relaunch the Pony brand famous for its uncommon ways of advertising. This campaign is described by the two creators from the USA whose names are Fred and Farid.

About sport, love and hatred
Elena Petrova, the psychological editor of the magazine Advertising Ideas, comments on this Pony campaign.


Citizen Brand
A new book from Mark Gobe titled Citizen Brand is about branding from the civic point of view. The benefit from socially orientated branding is direct, the author thinks that nowadays you need to integrate into the society in order to get loyal customers. Gobe suggests that the modern cultural wealth used in marketing should be altered, he gives examples of how it could be done.

Sam Hill, Glenn Rifkin. Radical marketing, Moscow 2004
From Harvard to Harley lessons of ten campaigns that have broken the rules and made sensations, was the subtitle of the book written by American professionals. Grateful Dead, Providian Financial, Harley Davidson, Iams Company, National baseball Association, Virgin Atlantics, Snap-on Tools, EMS, Boston Beer Company, Harvard business school, these are the campaigns described in the book. The authors name the main three factors of success for the innovative campaigns: close connection with customers, faithfulness to your business and readiness to use everything you own.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Andrey NADEIN. Brand Dynamics methodology of aiming brand for the better future
How to predict brands future? Best is to use one of the smartest methodologies proved by experience. For instance, Brand Dynamics method that is being used in practice by the Russian research company A/R/M/I Marketing (Millward Brown). The article gives a detailed description of the methodological tools such as Brand Dynamics Pyramid, Brand Signature, Voltage.


Yulya BURLAKOVA. Russian winner in Cannes
A man with the surname Tikhomoroff took 38 lions from Cannes, 11 of them are golden. In number of awards he is the first after legendary Joe Pytka. Its time for the country to know its hero. The article represents creative achievements of Joao Tikhomiroff, Brazilian director who impresses the whole world.

Yulya BURLAKOVA. Golden Drum festival: the tenth beat on bad advertising
In 2003 Russia got two Golden Sticks, one Silver Stick and one Golden Watch Prize in the category best advertising campaign. One of the noticed tendencies of the festival is Media is creativity. The number of participants has enlarged geographically and in the coming year we will see a new modified festival, said its president Yuriy Apih.


Campaigns-winners of the Golden Watch competition (part of the Golden Drum festival):
Gazeta Sporturilor: sports team of journalists
Live Fiat!
Dogs life remains
Animals in the city
Die fast!
Toyota Yaris: side does matter
Beer IZZY: secret of a good party in the bottle
Jeep: break free!
Media1 proved creative placement
Kazina dance school: how to mark effectively a territory in 50 meters

IPA Effectiviness Awards 2002: the most effective marketing campaigns of the UK
The contest has slightly changed the rules: not only creative agencies could apply for entries but all the other market participants as well. Youll find a survey of some of the winners case studies in the magazine.
How frogs, lizards and a silly word helped to raise the market share of Budweiser
Marmite: either love it or hate it!
Halifax: advertising of a bank as an advertising of a shop with some entertaining elements
The "white stuff" made for Dairy Council brand
Bread Hovis: newly packed healthy benefit
Olivio/Bertolli: join the "Club 18 - 130"
The Economist: its important to sell brand and not the coming issue
Sainsbury's: successful recipe for a supermarket
Tesco: profitable carrot
Shame is against drinking on the road
Hastings Hotels: advertising called tourists into provinces
Manchester Evening News: how a newspaper found a job


Rustam Salimzyanov: Join the game SHEMOTOHIM
What does it mean SHEMOTOHIM or THEYMOTOTHEM? This question interested a lot of passersbys when they saw posters with strange phrases. At last it turned out to be a Russian version of the campaign for Motorola that promoted a new model of the cellular phone trying to attract young people by motocodes.


Alan ROSENSPAN. Thinking like a direct-marketologist
The author is the president of Alan Rosenspan&Associates (the USA), consultant in the sphere of direct-marketing and winner of a number of prestigious festivals. He tells about the omissions and things neglected in Lester Wundermans book Being Direct. The author tells the readers what should be learnt to gain direct-marketologist thinking. Examples of real direct marketing projects, that the author held himself, are really interesting.


Ilya MYRSKIY. Brand of the year/EFFIE: arm yourself with creativity next time!
The main results are: the number of applicants increased, the level of participant requests became much better but creative solutions are still weak. Grand Prix in the category New Name was given to the brand of dairy products NEO (Wimm-Bill-Dann), SAMSUNG won the prize in the nomination Image Change, NESCAFE was awarded in the nomination Reputation and Confidence.
You will also find some case-studies of the campaigns that seemed to be interesting to the editorial:
Nesafe: a brilliant beginning of an arctic day
Beer Golden Barrel: new life in a new package
iRU: best friend is a laptop


Igor MANN. Marketing future: be ready
Written by a famous analyst in Russia the eight stages of his prognosis start with the statement Marketing influences six senses, mention the Growing role of creativity and finally finish with an optimistic Marketing wont die.

Reviews on books about advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Konstantin SAMOILOV. Building category leadership through proactive advertising investment
The article represents advertising as a strategic instrument of leadership in a product category. As the foundation of his analysis the author takes characteristics of the Russian market during the last several years obtained while working with the research marketing agency Business Analytics and the media agency Media Direction, BBDO.


Margarita VASILIEVA, Andrey NADEIN. Brand is the heart of business
A special project of the magazine, a series of interviews with the Russian brand owners: Korkunov, Wild Orchid, Green Mama, ADD, Azbooka, LEK, Pragmatika. All these brands are full of energy and have a number of common features. First of all they create the customers future instead of asking them to build it up for themselves. Secondly, the creators are owners who stand behind the brands. And the last one considers the brand a living business idea that consolidates the personal together. Advertising expresses this idea only. The owners speak about their comprehension of a brand.

Yuriy MIHEEV. Brand and company leaders
Brands behaviour is influenced strongly by the ideas of companys first figures, their conceptions of the future, their values and responsibilities. The author is a professional managing consultant who gives recommendations on how to create a correct vision of a brand.


Yuliya BURLAKOVA. TBWA Hunt Laskaris: an almighty agency from Africa
A South-African agency TBWA Hunt Laskaris manages to improve not only the business of its clients but the whole country as well. The article tells about the TBWA method of Connection Cycle that helps to produce integrated brand communications with the consumers. You will also find some agencys case studies.
Standard Bank: action plan for the targeted people
Sea Harvest: experts love for fish
Nandos: obsession for chicken
"World championship of cricket": provocation in favour of the nation

German EFFIE. A survey of the most interesting festival works that won the prizes at the latest EFFIE in Germany:
Audi: a new offer
Hornbach: there is always something to do
Frosch: get peace of mind
MINI: is it love?
IKEA in Germany: Swedish solution
TV company ZDF: the second sees better
Whisky Ballantines Finest: just the thing!
Deutsche Postbank: state pension alternative
VISA: get a visa into the future
EnBW: use energy intelligently

Czech EFFIE. A survey of the best works made by Czech advertisers in 2003 awarded at the EFFIE festival:
Peugeot 307: not only a number
Rama Creme Bonjour: gripping appetite
Volkswagen: in addition to sauna
Velkopopvicky Kozel: beer as a reward
Ceske pojistovna: "Somebody has, somebody hasnt"
Bila pastelka: sale of white pencils
Oskar: silnt plz

Eriks STENDZENIEKS. Provocation in favour of disabled
The agency ZOOM! (Latvia) took up a very difficult task to reclaim the owners of expensive cars not to park at the places for disabled people. Eriks Stendzenieks, the creative director of the agency, tells about the advertising action.


Samvel AVETISIAN. Beer Tinkoff: mans attribute and womans favourite
Its one of the most scandalous campaigns in Russia during the last year. Moral adepts evoked interest not only to a dissolute commercial but the brand itself. The scandal was naturally planned as the campaign ran smoothly enough. Elena Petrova, psychological editor of the magazine, comments on the campaign.

Olga ZUBKOVA. Finance magazine: how does money make money? Ask me!
Another scandal from the Finance magazine. Advertising arose such a discussion that Moscow authorities decided to ban the posters. What is on the poster: a euro is fucking a dollar and a headline: magazine is about making money. The creators were right: due to the scandal this new edition became widely talked about and recognizable.


Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Make Buzz!
Buzz is one of a few things people rely on. Whom do you believe most: a colorful advertising notice or your best friend? The article analyses methods of making your brand talked about giving some examples.


Vadim USKOV. Solodov, Bystrov, Ivanov and other brand ambassadors
Since the time of ancient Greek craftsmen who stamped their works with their names, people believe in magical strength of brands with concrete personal names behind that could be possibly responsible for products quality. However not all the surnames could be protected by legislative laws of the brand names.

Reviews on books about advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Yulia BURLAKOVA Brands are old myths about the essence
The agency Young&Rubicam offered a new method of brand valuation called Y&Rchetype created according to Carl Jungs archetypes. The methods aim is the Brand Meaning Management. Analysis is made with the help of Methods map, divided into the zones corresponding to 13 archetypes, which are located on the following axes: Thought-Emotion and Substance-Energy. The method allows to discuss the brand essence with consumers and creative staff on an intuitive level.

Elena PETROVA. Why does a brand-manager need to know about archetypes?
Usage of mythical patterns gives to chaotic experiences recognizable and predictable traits. Add a familiar image to a brand and the engine for taking decisions is ready for work.

The Added Value: comprehension of branding capabilities is the most important.
An interview with one of the The Added Values chiefs, David Nichols, who said: If you want to create brand that works you should penetrate into its emotional personality. We try to understand people from other countries, their politics and culture better. We use the trend corridor of Tokyo Los-Angeles New-York London as well: so the tendency is that if a new thing appears in Tokyo then it appears in Los-Angeles, New-York and London and only after that in Sydney or Moscow.


Alexander SHEVELEVICH. A game of balls in provocation.
A case-study of the advertising campaign for a billiards club. The authors tried to overcome stereotypes. As a result the spot reminds of an amateur film with some spied scenes accentuating men walking with their hands in the trousers pockets. The spot evoked a lot of discussions and is commented by Elena Petrova, the magazines editor of psychology.

Lev KOSTCHEEV. How to blow up the market? Become an investigator!
The advertising campaign for the Ekaterinburg cellular network company got an award at the Idea 2003 festival. It is a good example of using consumers as allies in brand promotion. The operator had provided free testing of the network. It helped to create a positive image of the company which takes care of its services quality and is attentive to the users.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. ICA (Sweden): advertising is more interesting then a series
Swedish brand ICA (retail shops selling food and necessities) suffered from brands obscurity. But meticulous strategy and unexpected advertising campaign made the brand wholesome, lifted the sales and Sweden couldnt take the eyes from the TV screens. Advertising series took off the stress and made parody on advertising itself.


Andrey NADEIN. Lurzer's TV Archive: latest spots from all over the world
A survey of the content of the international magazine Lrzer's TV Archive. Youll find stories about commercials, revealing modern tendencies in advertising, interviews with famous directors. A DVD disc with a collection of commercials is attached to the magazine. Read a detailed story of the 4th issue 2002 and the translation of an interview with a famous film director Frank Budgen.

Andrey NADEIN. Advertising of a new kind at the Cannes Lions Festival.
This year the festival was held for the 50th time. The main features remain, they are the game and entertainments. All the talks about renovations were not fulfilled. The author thinks that this anniversary could be considered to be a turning point for the Cannes Lions. The author puts a question: which work gets an award at the festivals. Fresh idea? New approach? New method? Good performance? And admits that giving prizes for the outward appearances and not for the ideas behind them became more ubiquitous.

Margarita VASILIEVA. Ivan Zacharias: Documentary is very important in advertising
This is an interview with a famous advertising film director. Zachariass works got prizes at the Golden Drum festival, in Cannes, D&AD. Among his works are the spots for Stella Artois Beer, a long commercial for Absolut vodka styled like old Indian films, the low-cut Levis jeans, Land Rover Freelander and a spot for the Royal Marines. Zacharias is strongly attracted by documentary in advertising and always edits his spots himself

Ilya MIRSKIY The pure idea is all mighty. A story about the seventh festival Idea 2003 of low-budget advertising in Novosibirsk. One of the most prominent participant worth of a Grand Prix was a girl freelancer from Minsk, whose work was highly appreciated. And the only reason for not winning a Grand Prix was its category of social branding.


Evgeniy MACHNEEV. How to earn on charity or why is there a monument to the brick in Vologda? Charity is a powerful marketing step. But it needs to be taken correctly. Attract the interest of the press with the action, conciliate the target group and establish relations with the government. One of the effective means is to engage the journalists into participation. The author of the article invented a strange action he created a buzz about a project of a monument to the brick in Vologda. It wasnt true but it entailed lots of publications.


Yulia BURLAKOVA. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobe.
The book Emotional Branding is characterized by its anthropocentric views stating that a human being is above everything. Many of Gobes cases are stories about relationships with clients. The authors analysis is made on four basics: Relationships, Sensorial experiences, Imagination and Vision. These are also the names of the chapters.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. My manners are my treasure.
The story of Hamish Pringles book Brand Manners. Pringle offers a special scheme named The brand manners book of life, the aim of which is to combine the companys energies at the moment of meeting the client. According to its scheme there are four levels of relationships: spiritual, political, emotional and rational. As a result of the method realization the consumers life simplifies and the companys staff takes pleasures in working with the brand.


Andrey NADEIN. Metaphor.
Branding has links with science, psychology, art We can even advance into the sphere of more basic ideas of existence and philosophy. This article is the first in the series of conversations-essays on the topics provoked by contemporary advertising. These will be interviews with people not connected with advertising. In this issue we speak about metaphor with the Russian poet Arkadiy Dragomoschenko. Metaphor as a tool of worlds perceiving is a very important function of advertising. The article is given with the examples of metaphor usage in advertising.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Margarita VASILIEVA. Epica Awards 2002: North against South
The Epica Awards shows the European advertising passions. This time we see a great difference between northern and southern creativity and a real enthusiasm towards parody: advertising makes parody on advertising! But on the whole the campaigns are peaceful, there are no bloody and disgusting examples, only funny, effective and also advertising series. Epica has proved once again that winners should have distinct message and a strong metaphor inside.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. ACT: advertisers against discrimination
The world is unfortunately unbalanced and there are always subjects for social, non-commercial advertising. This time ACT (Advertising Community Together) has taken the slogan Stop Discrimination, Promote Tolerance! Agencies from thirty different countries took part in the action. And all the works are worth of your attention.

Andrey NADEIN. Open agency BETC Euro RSCG
In 2001 it was chosen The best French agency and The agency of the Year on the worlds scale. Every campaign made by BETC Euro RSCG is an example of creative decisions not only in the sphere of marketing but in the sphere of business as well. In the issue of the magazine youll read about some of the case studies belonging to this agency.


Effie France 2002: reliable effectiveness
Bright colors, emotions and original ideas are the traditional features of advertising campaign-winners of this contest. This is explained by temper of participants and the festival requirements. The prize is presented only to those who could prove its success with the most reliable means. Grand-prix was given to the Yellow Pages which have done a great work of brand motivation. In the magazine you can find eight case studies of the works winners of Effie France 2002.


Ilya MIRSKIY. Tri Bogatyria: strength of marketing muscles
The main appeal to the consumers of the beer Tri bogatyria (Three athletes) is helping friends to meet so that all the problems go away. This idea is reflected in the slogan Together we are the power. At the moment the main subject of the campaign is hokey sponsoring of the Professional Hokey League and the Russian Hokey Federation.


Restaurant Tinkoff: beer overturn in Novosibirsk
Wait for a beer overturn was the slogan in the beginning of a dimensioned advertising campaign devoted to a new restaurant Tinkoff in Novosibirsk. And the overturn took place in the streets with show-programmes, parades, historical personages and a scandal. As a result the restaurant gained fame.

Nuts: a reliable means to be friendly with Brains
The heroes of the campaign are parody personages: Brain and the chocolate bar Nut. These are funny young people. Absurdity of situations is only making good to the product and the spectator memorizes the main thing the brand and its basic idea.


Margarita VASILIEVA. Mysteries of conceptual names
In the Tarkovskys movie The Stalker the Zone fulfils the real desires of men and not the ones they thought real. The process of choosing the name is very close to a visit into the mystery room the real desires of business men appear here. What does he have on his mind: brand construction, a wish to distinguish from the others or to slip through the crowd?

Vadim USKOV. Search or buy?
This is the question in the course of new brandnames. Because there are some spheres (bakery, for example) where all the names are practically registered. And the clients are ready to pay for an already registered name. Another reason is lack of time when the name is needed very quickly. So, the names market looks like a substitute purchase but it is more ethical than the actions of the patentee racket.

Valentin PERTSIA. Franchising in branding or how to create base of the coming success
There are two sides of this process: when borrowing a name or business-system and the opposite one, when ranting the right of taking somebody elses business and paying the royalties. The author presents the schemes of brand work while franchising and gives advice how to make it successful.

Vitaliy ILINSKY. Mate in three steps or How to solve multi-step advertising task
Everybody heard that it is possible to make an advantage of disadvantage but not all of us know the means. But there are methods! And one of the most important is the ability to divide the task and to fulfill it in stages.

Anton KALABIN. Director and Consultant: the experience of joined cooperation
It is clear that the most effective decisions are usually powerful and go out of standards. Thats why the director invites a consultant and tries to see and feel the whole creative process himself.


Andrey NADEIN. Beyond Disruption mind overturning book
The material consists of two parts: the interview with the author of the book J-M Dru and the detailed review of his famous book Beyond Disruption. J-M Dru: A brand is a living business idea and is defined through behavior. Today, everything a company does is branding. It is the cohesive force of an organization. This idea was proved by a number of works in different parts of the world where the agency TBWA creates.
You can read reviews on some Russian books on advertising and marketing as well.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Andrey Nadein
Interbrand: how to create the key factors of a brand

A first hand story about branding from Interbrand, the largest brand-consulting company in the world and also about rating formation of The 100 Top Brands published annually in Business Week.

Tony Allen: You cant predict future, you can create it

An interview with the head of Londons department of Interbrand

Stories about Interbrand works:

Ketchup EZ Squirt has raised the sales of the whole company off-hand
3 Com: dialectics of success
Maya Angelou Life Mosaic: poesy as a part of the product
BMW: Driving Excellence
Toothpaste Crest has become more noticeable
Branding for Not-For-Profit

Andrey Nadein
Pret A Manger: the dinner is ready!

Brand Pret A Manger evokes admiration. It combines a passion for good meals, hardworking personal and a high trust of the consumers. Pret A Manger is one of the heroes of the book Uncommon Practice, published by Interbrand

Margarita Vasilieva
Is it far from Tallinn? Estonia wants to become a brand

To make a brand out of a new product is a difficult task, but traditional. However to make a brand out of a country is rather an unusual thing! The British office of consulting company Interbrand should be proud of its new work the project of a new attractive image of Estonia.

Margarita Vasilieva
LEK is a blue giant of St. Petersburg

A story of color usage in the creation of a strong brand individuality for the construction corporation.

Michail Dymshiz, Michail Riymin
Cedar balm: effective simplicity

It took an unknown toothpaste only several years to become one of the most popular on the Russian market and to leave behind some of their really famous competitors. The turning point in the brand development was a trivial establishment of the premium price for the product.


Yulia Burlakova
To be kind is profitable even in Russia

This is a story about the first appearance of social branding in Russia. The author gives three reasons why social branding is possible in our country: we consider ourselves a spiritual nation, there is an informational hunger for positive events in the country, middle class is becoming stronger, brands could substitute religious blanks. The author also gives advice how to built a program of social marketing.

Yulia Burlakova
Vinnap: lets shock the competitors with a motor race

Even on a high competitive beer market social activity of the brand is able to raise the sales and give powerful publicity. This is a story of the beer brand Comrade Bender in Novosibirsk.

Margarita Vasilieva
We say brand but mean mission!

Brands with mission give confidence to people. The process of creating a mission is the following: going from the particular to the general we reveal the true reasons of crazy ideas and strange purchases. The article explains how to find a principle to distinguish a real mission from a fake made under the fashion pressure. This is the principle of social transmission. It was used as a base to create a new mission for Pentax authors work.


Gleb Arhangelskiy
From consumers satisfaction to values realization

The article is addressed to those who are tired of insane race for a selfish, unpredictable, willful creature the onsumer. The author explains that property men understand their own values better and better use them in the firm organizational structure.


Ilya Mirskiy
Telephones Samsung: expensive pleasure as a lifestyle

Case study about the winner of the contest Best Brand/ EFFIE 2002.


Ilya Mirskiy
Moscow Festival 2002: if there is no big idea, it should be invented

Survey of the events and winners at the 12th Moscow International Advertising Festival

Andrey Nadein
Golden Drum festival of ideas, stars and friendship

A report from the festival and also analysis of the works-winners. The works from the Eastern Europe show how to escape the most common advertising methods.


Campaigns-winners at the Golden Watch competition, which takes place during the Golden Drum festival:

XNET: on television through the budgets eye
Electro World: wait a minute, here comes a toast!
Mdecines Sans Frontires: we also need branding
Mobitel: Kolja in a hurricane of news
You Are What You Wear: Czechs against fakes
Carlov bridge: begging beautifully for money
Costa Crociere: strive for cruise addiction!
IKEA catalogue inspiration with a delivery
Internet in Slovakia: filling in the gaps


Oleg Otshepkov, Georgiy Konyaev
How to do well to your friend

Elena Petrova, magazines editor of psychology, comments on the advertising campaign of an automobile shop. The main conclusion is that the car fellowship is infantile in Russia and it could be a good starting point for advertising.


Ilya Mirskiy
The object of adoration or the super task of childrens advertising

Kids love animated characters like M&Ms or rabbit Quicky; older children prefer games, teenagers react to commercials with a bit older and cooler guys. The article gives a technological recipe of how to create advertising for children, based on the different brand-managers opinions.

Oleg Smirnov
A decent man needs card index

The author tells how to use a card index in your creative work.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Andrey Nadein
Best Brand / EFFIE 2002 Let the creativity pass!

Grand Prix in the nomination New Name was given to the advertising campaign of the beer PIT , the scenarios are written by their own brand-manager Ilya Serov. In the article youll find the survey of the winners and festival tendencies.

Two advertising campaigns winners of the contest Best Brand/ EFFIE 2002:

The beer PIT: a kind myth with a slight taste of nonsense

The advertising campaign of the beer PIT is a good example showing how to differentiate even on a highly competitive market.

Fast-food restaurant Rostics: developing loyalty to the family values

In the base of the campaign there was an interactive event involvement of the large groups of consumers into action.


Ilya Mirskiy
Brands in literature are getting stronger

If a literary name is developing according to the brand laws, it can live for a long period of time. This is an interview with Aleksey Gordin, the executive director of the publishing house Azbooka, about the promotion technologies for writers and books.

Olga Guseva
British Airways: modern classical branding

A story about Core Values a well-known brand (British, Insightful Innovation, Quality Reassurance) and its reflection in advertising.


New approach in marketing based on the social motives. This is a story about an unknown in Russia powerful tool of branding. You are welcome to read the articles that give a step-by-step explanation of the methodology.

Ron Irwin
Can Branding Save the World?

Cause Related Marketing has come into life since the first local shop placed a donation box near its cashier desk. Today different corporation begin to understand that they need to help the society the forces of which give them goods. Besides this process is profitable for both sides. Jerrys, Avon and Patagonia are all engaged in cause related or values led marketing. Is it a justifiable marketing endeavor or just a desire to be good?

Yulia Burlakova
Cone is a professional in Cause Branding

Cone Inc. (Omnicom Group) one of the largest American companies specializing in programmes on Cause Branding. They have developed competitive market positions for brands such as Rockport, Salomon, 3M. Their programmes for ConAgra, Avon, Gillette, JCPenney helped to strengthen brand individuality and to rise the consumers loyalty.
ConAgra Foods ConAgras Feeding Children Better
A first hand story about successful action created by Cone Inc.


Margarita Vasilieva
Without prejudices or advertising in English

The bright tissue of British advertising with the following features: social (non-commercial), taking routes in the royal family, sociability and sexuality, a kind of absurdity, the ability to shock and humor.

Hamish Pringle: Advertising nowadays must take into account the ethical and spiritual aspects of brands

An interview with the general director of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), author of the book Brand Spirit. And also the review of a new book Brand Manners, written together with William Gordon.


Institute of Practitioners in Advertising things to learn!

A story how the largest professional UK Corporation is working and how IPA Effectiveness Awards is organized.

Description of 14 advertising winner-campaigns of the contest IPA Effectiveness Awards:

Tesco: How Every Little Help was a big help to Tesco
Scoot.com: the power of purple. How bold advertising helped to build a successful dot.com business
Stella Artois: reassuringly profitable beer
Glenmorangie: premium-price for calmness
Bluewater: blue color and curiosity
Orange Just Talk: dont pay odd !
Solvite: flight to stratosphere as an advertising argument
No More Nails: How advertising helped No More Nails to get lots more sales
Crown Paints: what a difference advertising makes
Lurpak: changing the nations taste
Terrys Chocolate Orange: a big, bright, orange future
Detergent Surf: sell with entertainment!
Shops Co-op: turning back the tide: a Co-operative success story
Reading and Literacy: how advertising mobilized parents to help to improve the reading ability of their children

Alexander Shevelevich
Tough campaign as a form of pedestrian training

Advertising group has made a rather risky experiment of teaching a goat to cross the street under the green light and to wait under the red. The film goat turned to be very effective but aroused a passionate argument does it hurt the citizens feelings or not?


Ilya Mirsky, Andrey Nadein
Package works 365 days a year

Analytical editorial survey dedicated to the effective package giving practical advice and recommendations. The article is a result of more than 15 conversations with Russian and foreign specialists. The material is illustrated with examples and stories.

Evgenia Salamatova
Package: switch on the color!

Color is a multi-functional tool while creating a package. It can tell about the product, make an atmosphere around the brand, attract desires. The article gives the principles of active color usage in packages.


Oriflame cosmetics: longing of the top models towards natural beauty

The opinions around this new advertising campaign in Russia are totally different : from detest to complete delight. The campaign is analyzed by the magazine psychologist Elena Petrova who mentions a lot of interesting things on the irrational level.


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The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

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Reviews on books on advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Philippe Alexandrov
bloody episodes of Russian brandbuilding

Here they are: informational (favorite modulus for any case), shocking (jokes and taboo transgressions), sexual, borrowed film images, film directors ( the commercial is short by a well-known person), self-made (the advertising is created by the advertiser himself).

Evgeniya Gromova, Marina Gerasimova
The experience of using the Brand Sight Gallery method

Often the respondents answer the direct questions insincerely, they are led by social norms. According to the Brand Sight Gallery method they choose pictures that match the brand. This helps to see the real relation to the brand. As an example the authors take the juice market in Russia.


How to make a good application for the Brand of the Year\EFFIE?

As the Russian and European practice shows, the chance for winning Brand of the Year\EFFIE seriously depends on the knowledge of giving information about the brand marketing promotion. The article gives recommendations for filling up the application forms for the contest organization, the jury members and the winners.

Ketchup Picador shows a way to win mans heart

As an example of good application the description of advertising campaign for ketchup Picador. It is has been really well-done and it influenced the jury helping to receive the prestigious award first at the Brand of the Year\EFFIE contest.

Elena Vasilieva (Petrosoyuz) : We fit the international experience to the Russian reality

The brands portfolio of Petrosoyuz includes: ketchups Khan and Picador, soft butter From a farm, series of other products: Housewifes dream and My family. Practically all the brands are the leaders in their fields. The marketing director of the company Petrosoyuz tells about their marketing strategy.


EFFIE the most prestigious advertising contest in Czech

These are the presentations of some advertising campaigns which became winners at the Czech EFFIE in 2001:

VOLVO S/V 40: standard outfit for the same money
Majordomus: emotionally about serious
Peugeot: 7 days a year
Go: charged in a cash machine

EFFIE France 2001: sensible effectivness

Works-winners are gracious, sexual and full of humour. In general, they serve to support and renew the image of stable brands:

Decathlon: escape from braking
Nestle: dessert struggle for sweet life
Spontex: AC/DC gloves
Peugeot 206 : cabriolet-coupe a toy-car
Hextril: headache of tooth mixture
Le Parisien: the younger the reader the richer the newspaper
ING Direct: orange contra advertising has explained the service
Scoot: scout jokes as an advertising argument
TGV: super speedy trains in a rush for the market

German EFFIE 2001: the market belongs to those who think in a new way

In the stories of German EFFIE emotions are also prevailing: advertising of ice-cream, coffee, cars, travel agencies and newspapers the winners which destroy the myth of pragmatic Germans who are not elegant in advertising.

It's time to confess, Cremissimo!
Coffee "Melitta": Big feelings suit a big brand
Smart: Big advertising for a small car
VWSharan : For family values
TUI: Youve deserved it!
DIE WELT: The world belongs to those who think in a new way


How small Toro-Pyshky made grown-ups cry of joy

After the beginning of a national campaign this commercials have become favorites of the public and now you can here the quotations from them in the streets. The brand name is a word-game of pyshka (doughnut) and a person in a hurry. The advertising was made in an ironical style with a slogan : Peace, Friendship, Toro-Pyshky which is a copywriter joke.

How Lickspittle, Pig-headed, Greedy pers and Sneak have eaten a share of the ice-cream market

It has turned out that the customers were waiting for all these bad characters. Both children and adults. And this campaign with a new brand My friends has satisfied the necessity. The psychological editor of the magazine Elena Petrova comments on this situation.


Margarita Vasilieva
Cannes Lions summon to play the life is so short!

This year the Cannes festival was marked by game advertising and absence of text in the works-winners. The author is for the first tendency and against the second. Advertising without a text is more international and amusing but it fulfills its main task worse it promotes the brand worse. Because the main energy of brand is a word, its the vehicle of individuality. The reason of the absence of Russian works the author explains by the lack of informational culture.

Philippe Alexandrov Emotional tone of the articles creatiff.ru from the non-indifferent writers

Creatiff.ru is the most popular advertising forum in Russia, its a kind of expert council where most of the noticeable Russian advertising campaigns are judged upon.


Olga Guseva
Automobile advertising the mirror of soul

Automobiles are wonderful products for advertisers. The consumers put so many emotions in them that it is not necessary to invent something, you should only look carefully and see what is going on inside the customers. The author invites to go through the motivations and emotions in the automobile advertising presented on the pages of American magazines.

Georgiy Minaev
Russian consumer as a fence

The article is about advertising typical for the post-soviet Russia in which the customers motivation is based on the desire to find profit at somebody elses expense. In such actions the customer is a cunning pers who has cheated the seller or another customer.


Vadim Uskov
Marketing wars by the lawyers hands

Most of Russian brand-wars are led with the help of brand-virus. Its like influenza virus which is able to gain weight out of advertising budgets of the competitors. The author gives an example of a specific multi-virus the tooth paste Cedar balm which has used the achievements of its three previous competitors and has occupied a niche on the market due to its strong strategy.


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Reviews on books on advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Alexander Yerofeev
A juggler on the trapeze or the Notes about the values needed to a successful brand-manager

The author, having a good practical experience, names the following values: the ability to make decisions in the situations of limited powers, the ability to manage with people who are not your subordinates, a good knowledge of consumers psychology, passion and capability to understand a brand emotionally, good skills in financial planning in the situation of limited resources, economical mind, initiative and business undertakings.


Ben Wood: A good idea is a simple idea
An interview with the head of a Pariss office of The Added Value company

The Added Value: The brands are growing, the business is growing

The article tells about the experience and the working methods of the global marketing agency The Added Value. Their stories demonstrate how they help companies to create insight-driven growth for their brands and business. Among the stories are: Levis Engineering Jeans, champagne POP, Internet-bank Egg, ice-cream Solero, beer Golden Barrel and Pilsener Urquell.

Yaroslav Kucherov (Adventa Lowe): The Russian market is becoming more differential

The director of one of one of the largest Russian advertising agencies tells about the process of re-positioning of the beer Klinskoe, Sibirskay korona, the juice Niko, the deodorant Rexona and other agencys works.

The likes and dislikes of TV viewers

Some of the TV commercials become the leaders of lists devoted to likes and dislikes at the same time. Is this the most effective advertising? A researcher, psychologist and a brand-manager are trying to answer the question.


Andrey Nadein
What does the contest of effective advertising EFFIE teach us?

The contest Effie gives valuable material for the advertising analysts. In 2001 about 40 descriptions of successful campaigns were published in our magazine. Analyzing the reasons for success we pointed out a series of strategies of modern branding: to come out in time, to concentrate on the target auditorium, to understand brand in the modern way, "change the product" and "save money". In the article these strategies are given with the examples that prove effectiveness.

Euro EFFIE 2001: emotions are effective!

The winners are joined by their manner of giving argumentations. The advertising doesnt appeal to rationality but constructs emotional connections with a product or service. Besides, the advertising that has proved its effectiveness turns out to be more human and kinder than many other winners of creative festivals.

Mastercard: money is nothing!
Nivea Sun Spray: the revolution in packaging
Tele2: speak as much as you wish!
Accenture: consulting needs brands also
Alldays: stick and forget
Coral Black Velvet: washing is in fashion
Nicorette: strangle the cigarette
VW Sharan Safari: back to the harmony


Restaurant Tinkoff: the way to be yourself

Dom-Laverna: a new glance at the old idea

Two advertising companies with the provocative elements. Comments of the magazine's psychologist Elena Petrova.


Margarita Vasilyeva
Epica Awards 2001 the victory over the budget

According to the authors observations, the European advertising is advancing from aggression to kindness (it has become less bloody even in such a horrifying category as social advertising); from computer wonders to skilful acting and from large budgets to a true asceticism.

Andrey Amlinsky: You cant be a hyper-moralist in advertising

An interview with the creative director of the agency BBDO Moscow about the prohibitions in advertising. By the way, it is Andrey, who has invented a new verb for the Russian language in the commercial for the chocolate bar Snickers Snickersni!

ACT: creative people against terrorism

The ACT (Advertising Community Together) initiative was launched by AdForum.com in collaboration with the International Red Cross after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The magazine presents the most interesting works that are sent from all parts of the world.


Yuliya Burlakova, Olga Goolina
Aggression haut-couture

The advertising for computers shops is always technically complicated, the advertising for household goods shows happy families. As for the advertising for the boutiques de haut-couture, it is usually a mixture of aggression and decadence. Why is it so? A psychologist, a fashion designer and an advertiser are trying to answer the question.

Andrey Nadein
The technique of an advertising explosion

The author suggests memorizing of a simple scheme for creation a perfectly working advertisement instead of a great number of other models. People having usied this method could start creating effective advertising after a short period of time, or at least they were able to name the bad and good examples of advertising. So, to create an advertising explosion you need three things: expected massage, unexpected decision and focus on a brand.


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The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg


Reviews on books on advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Gleb Arhangelsky
Time management for representatives of extreme
professions: brand-managers and top-managers

Without the technology of working with time the brand manager will either fail himself in a year (especially if he is working at a Russian non-structural and non-planned enterprise) or fail the project. The article is devoted to the practice of time management.

Elena Petrova
The problems of brand introducing into the life of an organization

Brand exists in two worlds at once: in the outside market where it conquers the hearts of consumers and inside of the company. In both cases the brand must have a support because different unexpected powers can oppose the introducing of a brand. The specialist in innovation consulting tells how to introduce a brand into the corporal culture of an organisation.


Michael Podushko
The ways of searching new product's ideas

In the situation of tense competition on the market the question "How to find an idea for a new product?" becomes rather urgent. The article is written by a specialist in the market researches who tells the readers the modern ways of answering the question using the method Locator by Research International company.

Samvel Avetisyan
The myth in branding as the theory of creation

With the victory of industrial revolution the brand was given magic features. The author, a talented Russian brand manager, advises to study the works on mythology including "Myth's dialectics" by Alexey Losev while working on brand creation.


Best Brand / EFFIE in Russia tells new names

The contest is unique but it is far away from ideal. This is the jury's point of view. The review of the contest is made by one of the jury members Igor Krulov, who says: "The brands are becoming more expensive and the umbrellas wider".

"Klinskoe" beer for lively cheerful companies

An interview with Vacheslav Kuzmenko, brand manager of the beer "Klinskoe", which has got Gran Prix at Best Brand / EFFIE in 2001 in the nomination "Image change". The success is evident, due to the precise promotion and playable advertising the unknown bear became the favorite youth brand in a very short period of time.

Beer "Solodov": how the East came to the West

The fast introducing into the market gave the brand an opportunity to get the first award at Best Brand / EFFIE in the section "Beer". The article tells the advertising strategy of this new beer.


Evgenia Gromova, Marina Gerasimova
Advertising influence on the brand identification (from the qualitative research experience of the beer's market)

Beer advertising is a powerful instrument of motivation to taste the product. And usually in this advertising there are hidden failures. In the article you will find the advice based on the beer's market research during the last several years. Among the typical brand failures are the following: the concept of advertising doesn't correspond the image of 'ideal' product, the consumers don't want to identificate themselves with the advertising hero.


Ilya Mirsky
The Moscow Advertising festival shows a trick

The article gives the review of the event and the winners, interviews with the jury members and experts. With the author you'll find yourself in the largest advertising forum in Russia and will learn a lot.

Search for ideas in the air

The weekly New Moment Ideas Campus (Slovenia) in 2001 was held under the motto Nothing is created unless it is dreamt first. As before all the efforts of organizers were to stimulate the creativity in the conscious and subconscious of participants. This year Ideas Campus will be held in August 2328 under the motto Think like Leonardo!. More detailed information on the site www.newmoment-ideascampus.com.

Margarita Vasilieva
Concert for the drum with the orchestra

A report from the advertising festival of New Europe Golden Drum: people, events, winners and tendencies. The author thinks that advertising has become kinder, more transparent in form and less expensive. Russian advertising agencies have got only "silver" this year. The works of the winners illustrate the article.

The description of nine effective advertising campaigns including those, which got the prizes at the Golden Drum:

Tatra banka: smart are with us
OXY: pimples are out of date
Xnet: cybercarrot and honey on-line
Radio B1: point into lightposter
Electrolux: banana is the best billboard
Ace: shake the unique
Social advertising has changed the Czech
IKEA: high prices make happy
Visir: watch out the snow whiteness!

The bold protest and attract attention

The advertising that involves absurd elements and parody is well memorized. The advertising campaign of automobile tyres with the slogan "Stop driving on bold" and "Take the snow-drift (in Russian take the nose) under control" used the word game. Comments of the our magazine's psychologist Elena Petrova.


Andrey Nadein
What does the contest of effective advertising EFFIE teach us?

The contest Effie gives valuable material for the advertising analysts. In 2001 about 40 descriptions of successful campaigns were published in our magazine. Analyzing the reasons for success we pointed out a series of strategies of modern branding: to come out in time, to concentrate on the target auditorium, to understand brand in the modern way, "change the product" and "save money". In the article these strategies are given with the examples that proved effectiveness.


Margarita Vasilieva
Five circles of brand identity

If you want to be noticed in a crowd you should have a bright identity. The same is on the market. The consultant in construction and promotion of brands tells how the identity of a brand is formed. The story is accompanied by the examples from the world's practice and the practice of the author. The readers will follow the circles of identity structure: belief, mission and slogan, surface features, lexis and behavior, style of advertising.

Yulia Burlakova
Low advertising: don't be snobs, it is interesting

Folklore is not only improper songs and graffiti. Sometimes the folk's conscious intrudes into the advertising creation. And it is interesting. The author has connected the methods of 'folk" advertising together giving superb examples.

Sergey Pronin
Creative perception or how to learn to look at the world differently in 30 minutes

Sergey Pronin is only 21 but he has already published the book "Advertising illustration: the power of a glance". The book appeared with the review of Hristo Kaftantdgiev. In the text the readers will find the reflection of famous creative methods. But we think that "inventing of a bicycle" is useful, you can invent something else also.


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