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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

German KLIMOVSKY: "Flagman" may become the symbol for the whole generation"

The brand-managers of "Flagman" vodka tell about the construction of the brand based on the man's psycho type of consuming. The man with tears in his eyes is placed on the advertising billboard under the slogan "Man's story". Everybody paid attention to him and he attracted his own special group of the customers. The thrilling story is full of details usual for the brand manager's work in Russia.

Branding cookings

The author from Ukraine, the editor of the site about marketing tells the story of the four brand construction models: USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Young & Rubicams BrandAsset Valuator (BAV), BrandDynamics by Millward Brown, Brand Essence by The Decision Shop.

The people search for beliefs and the brands help them.

Top findings from new Young & Rubicam research into consumer attitudes to brands (BAV, 2000): quality and reliability no longer key factors in brand choice; belief brands will be the ones that succeed; brands are the new religion; consumers start resisting the latest in technology; Coca-Cola continues to be the strongest brand in Europe.


The rough roar of the "Cannes Lines" 2001

The unpleasant tendency is that the primitivism and tough humor have got the highest appreciation of the jury. Among other tendencies are the long films and the documentaries. But still the advertisements based on the brand's mission, the advertisements of mood and the construction of joking mythology win. It is possible that the participant price for the next year will be higher than today.

Flowers delivery throughout Ukraine and the whole world

The festival in Kiev takes place for the second time but there have been very few works sent. That's why the competitors for the interesting winners were the advertisements seen in the streets.

Margarita VASILYEVA, Andrei NADEIN
The attraction "2-Logvin-2"

The brothers Andrey and Sergey Logvin make a talented creative duet. Sergey is the copywriter: "Light slogans are the result of a hard work". Andrey is the art-director: "If you feel the drive it reveals in every situation". Passion and talent can not be unnoticeable: in summer 2001 the president Putin has awarded Andrey with the state prize of Russia.

Advertising in Czech

Big advertising with European traditions lives in Czech Republic. The automobiles Skoda and Tatra, kitchens Koryna, sanitary engineering Jika, glass wear and crystal wear Bohemia, beer Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar, Becherovka from Karlovy Vary, the Czech brands have crossed the state borders and are sold all over Europe. The article is the trip into the Czech advertising.


The winners of the Czech Effie 2000

The reviews of the selected advertising campaigns:

Is your ketchup capable to do it? (product: Heinz)
Snacks Krupetto understand the teenager's soul
Ford Transit - only direct mail
The quick start of the supermarket Albert
Go, Father Frost, go! (product: mobile operator "go!")
Ceska Pojist'ovna: to keep the leadership in insuarance
"The Isles of life"- the marketing on the mercy's service

80 years of Citroen: the life full of adventures

The article tells the long story of the Citroen brand development started from the first cars constructed by Andre Citroen and finished with the models of the year 2000. On his way Citroen has used the advertisements of different styles but every time it was interesting and up-to-date. What will be next?

Jacques Segela: "The crazy idea to call the model Picasso"

The creator of the many messages for Citroen and for the Picasso campaign tells about his views on advertising and agitates to give up stereotypes: "Our brains look like a parachute they work only when they are open".


The reprise as the instrument of mythological advertising

The tradition of the oral advertising is not included in books. However it is one of the affective means in Russia since the beginning of the fair barkers. The author, professional copywriter, tells the story of the cafe Green Crest advertising.


E-business in advertising

In the USA the half of the outside and printed advertising is about the web-sites. The author suggests searching for the prevailing motives and the ways that were used in order to attract the spoilt customer.


The diversion brand analyzes

The suggested method helps the readers to test the level of their brand security and also the quality of work made by the invited specialists. The main rule is that the brand protection should be a highly complex process! In the article you'll find the examples of mistakes made by the specialists and during the trials.


The positioning on the radio stations

When you choose the radio stations while positioning you should take the ones with the auditorium characteristics close to your target audience. So that the advertising campaign is more effective. The author tells how the researchers can be helpful in these situations.

Comcon. The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Comcon. The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Gallup Media. The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.


There are reviews on books devoted to advertising and marketing

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Brand and property.
The round table of the magazine Advertising ideas Yes!

The owners, brand managers and consultants in the field of marketing and law discuss the questions of creating and selling brands. In live conversation we find brightly reflected problems, which are common for todays Russia: understanding of the brand value, means of its valuation and the relationship between the owner and the manager.

How much for that Brand in the Window?

There are many transaction points to the impressive equity that the brand can build, but at once we come across the evident question how those brand values were reached by the bidders. How to measure the brand value? How do you know if youve got a good deal or a bad one.? There are many answers, but none of them is fully satisfactory.

How to measure loyalty?

Is it possible to measure loyalty to the brand? Trying to answer this question the author takes into account different models of comprehension by the consumer groups: Lisrel Model (Boecht & Halleman, Institut fur Demoscopie Allenbach), Conviction Model (Frappa & Saint Paul, SOFRES), his own model related to the banks.


The conference: Brands. Russian legislation and worlds practice

The owners of the most famous brands of the Russian market and the representatives of state organizations discussed the situation in the sphere of protection the brand owners rights.

Vladimir KISMERESHKIN: The enterprise managers felt the taste to the creating brands

The president of the Russian advertising council says that in the coming 5-10 years there will be a mass construction of Russian brands and the advertising industry will grow very rapidly. The western agencies will not be able to work as successfully as the Russian ones. Taking in to the account the scale of the Russian markets well rely on ourselves first of all.

Oleg TINKOFF: I have always known how to sell more expensive than others

All the human shortcomings can be improved which cannot be said about the lack of energy. Oleg Tinkoff never suffered from the lack of energy. In the age of 35 he has created several brands: the net of the shops Technoshock, popular beer Tinkoff and frozen food Darya. The total benefit of his business makes several tens of million. Darya is the brand winner at Best Brand / EFFIE in 2000.

Darya and her family

The brand manager and the PR manager tell the story of the brands Darya promotion on the Russian market and share with the future plans. This is the first time when the detailed picture of this brand is given in the Russian press.

Konstantin SAMOILOV: It is necessary to listen to the consumer but not to be led by him

An interview with the marketing director of the Transmark company (SAB) about the strategy of the beer Golden Barrel (Zolotaya Bochka) one of the most successful Russian brands, the brand winner at Best Brand / EFFIE in 2000. He tells about the peculiarities of the positioning on the beers market and about the necessary quolities for the brand-managers.

The campaign Golden Barrel (Zolotaya Bochka) in 1999: the factors of success

This is the complete understanding of the consumer, the skill to be in the required place with the required product, concentration of media efforts, the exactly found emotional territory of the brand.

BeeLine: want to be a leader become him!

Savinov: the caramel country is known by its package

Visa Alphamobil the first brand of credit cards in Russia


Direct Design: from design to branding.

The studio owners Leonid Feygin and Dmitriy Peryshkov tell how they created the brands for the coffee, flour and womens packages and about funny campaign which was held a year before the presidents elections. It was the beginning for the presidents image makers.

The Russian festival of low budget advertising Idea!: Please eat whole seeds

The author of the article read this note in the couch on the way to the festival. The festival showed great achievements of local advertisers in design, packaging, low budget TV advertising and also placed an important problem very few Russian businessmen understand the importance of brand creation.

Itil the power of national tradition

Grand Prix of the festival Idea! insurance of civil responsibility of the drivers. The hero of the advertising a cheap old Russian car with the seven signs of smashed Mercedes. The campaign was a success.

Effective advertising causes arguments

Congratulate yourself and the others will congratulate you.

The two advertising campaigns (a fashionable boutique Julia Dima, a car dealer Swed Mobil) commented upon by the psychologist of the magazine Elena Petrova. The case studies will de helpful to the advertisers.


Advertising as visual aids for studying brands

People do not like to study at any age. They are against straining the brands and learning information. Thats why they prefer to play the sea battle and they greatly appreciate when the teachers tell anecdotes. Therefore good advertising is based on the principles of good teaching. This original view is in the base of the article written by a professional copywright and teacher.

The story of a low budget exhibition or how to spend less

The article written by the consultant of the business tasks solving is devoted to exhibitions. Youll get to know how to make an advantage of a disadvantage.

Michael SAPOZNIKOV: There shouldnt be any trifles while shooting

The director of the production studio DTV-MA where a lot of commercials have been shot tells about the technology of video production. As an example he takes the shooting of the famous commercial Rondo with the worker in the building cradle.


The continuation of the chocolate
story or an offer that cant be refused of

There are three conditions of Internet-marketing profit : effective acquirement of clients, creation of valuable offer, ability to hold the profit. In this article youll find how to make a valuable and brilliant offer to the client.


Vadim Uskov
Five mistakes in the brand defend

The specialist in this field tells about five typical mistakes: ignoring of the defense, strange name, non-securable name, lack of the defending strategy, too small umbrella.


Comcon The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Comcon The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Gallup The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Semen Gorelik
Business engineering and company's mission

One of the most doubtful and mysterious documents is "The company's mission". The author gives a technological and systematic approach to the problem from the business engineering point of view. The article dwells on the following questions: "Mission is the attribute of an open system", "Mission is the result of company's positioning", "Mission is the compromise of market and company's interests" and also suggests a cliche of mission's construction.


Yuliya Burlakova
Middle class: it should always exist

The research "The life style of middle class" (the joint project of the company "Comcon-2" and the magazine "Expert"), held in 2000, excited the marketing community of Russia. The number of Russian middle class according to the research is about 4 million people (8% of the country's grown-up population). The article tells about the most urgent results for advertising and gives the summary of the discussion.

Evgenya Gromova, Marina Gerasimova (COMCON-Research International)
"Phantomisme" in advertising as the phenomenon of comprehension"

For the authors the term "phantomisme" means that the target group takes the content of one brand's advertising for another. In these cases there is a shift of stimulating motives and advertising works on the opponents. You will find the concrete examples of "phantomisme" and analyses of their reasons.


Andrey Nadein
Is the contest Brand of the year a Russian variant of Effie?

The contest organizers plan to make out of it in 2001 the Russian Effie, declaring in their official documentation the same goals, for example, promote advertising through its proven effectiveness. However the Brand of the year is not as open as its American or European prototypes: the description of marketing strategies made by the participants is not revealed to the professional media. In the article you will find interesting information about the winners and the most impressive conference speeches.

Igor Krylov
Branding in Russia is growing up rapidly

These are the comments on the contest Brand of the year, made by one of the jury members. The author underlines the deep work of some Russian brands, speaking about future plans of using a united research method. The Grand Prix was given to the Russian brand of sweets Savinov, Nestle company.

Andre Direx, the head of Pentax European Sales Department: Brands are like children

Brands remind us alive creatures: they appear to life, live and go to infinity. In this special interview for our magazine Mr. Direx tells interesting stories about brand repositioning of M&Ms, Twix, Fortis, Pentax during their life period.

Andrey Nadein
Propaganda" for the proper brand-management

This is the interview with the manager and the creative director of the advertising agency "Propaganda/Ogilvy&Mather" (Moscow). They tell the story of advertising for chocolate Tarragona, car salon Orange, Georgian wine Tavadze, Italian furniture Natuzzi. In the article there are principles of agency's work: management of brand but not only of advertising strategy, advertising is built like confrontation to cultural stereotypes, the introducing of brand like personality, advertising shouldn't retell the brief between brief and advertising idea must be creative leap.


Andrey Nadein
Advertising like an attraction

The famous expression: advertising should sell but not entertain is wrong. A great number of effective advertising strategies is based on the consumers' involvement into the game around a brand. The article gives a lot of mediums of advertising game: advertising riddle, actions with things, surprises and tricks, scandal in society, involvement of a consumer into creativity, ardour of competition. In the end the author makes a conclusion: if you want to create game advertising, play yourselves.

Alexey Hashkovsky
Would you rub yourself with emery paper?

The survey of the methods used in advertising of OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. The main aim of such advertising according to the author is to persuade the consumer that there is a link: problembrand and to create a habit. This advertising is far to be ideal from the moral point of view (it is proved by good examples), but there is a demand for it. That's why it gives way to advertising creativity.


Yulya Burlakova
Don't annoy ladies!

Is political correctness important in Russian advertising? The author tries to investigate a question whether the usage of traditional male advertising from one hand and progressive female advertising from the other influences the level of sales. Elena Zdravomyslova, the co-manager of the Gender Research Center of The European University in Saint-Petersburg and Natalya Troyan with Ludmila Bogomolova from the research company O+K (Saint-Petersburg) took part in the discussion.

Elena Petrova
Advertising and sexuality: a trivial thing or new opportunities

The author, a specialist in psychology of advertising, analyses the evident and not evident means of using sexual theme in advertising: breaking of social taboo, agitation of unconscious positive feelings, use of colour, texture and algorithms of sexual experience. The article suggests an interesting hypothesis about sexual characteristics of a product and also of the advertising message. Different combinations of these elements lead to different communication scripts.

Igor Groshev
Masculine discourse in advertising

Male is the main figure in traditional advertising discourse: he is either the principal character or advertising is turned to him. Besides the man in advertising finds himself in an ambiguous situation: he suffers from hunger (and the woman saves him), from cold or bacteria, which produces unpleasant smell, from dandruff, so on. The author thinks that this vulnerability underlines the priority of male figure and the subordinate function of woman in advertising.

Margarita Vasilieva
Male, Female, Infant advertising

We speak on different languages, says a capricious young lady who was waiting for a refined compliment from her admirer but instead she heard: Your legs look just like pens! It is true that men and women express their thoughts and feelings in different ways unless from the linguistic point of view. And you should remember this not only before a romantic meeting but during advertising creativity, too. The author dwells in a very detailed way on the particularities of advertising text for different groups: men, women, children.


Margarita Vasilieva
Let's study advertising and listen the drum

Golden Drum in Slovenia a pleasant and multi-field festival: you can watch interesting advertising, listen to the stories about advertising companies of New Europe and useful lectures of masters who speak clear English. It is a detailed report of the festival illustrated by the winner works.

Dmitriy Boreisha: Future is for naive advertising

Dmitriy Arkatovsky: Word at the front

These noticeable advertisers from Saint-Petersburg are joined together because they both don't agree with several traditional views on advertising. The articles give examples, which illustrate their position.


Nicolay Bunkin
The most successful agent for the history of humanity

It is a thrilling story about product placement of the famous brands (Omega, BMW, Ericsson, Martini, Smirnoff, Visa, Heineken, Avis rental cars, L'Oreal) in the films about James Bond.

Alexander Bankin
Call-centers as the branding instrument

The call-centres spread into all economic spheres of developed countries during the last quarter of the century. Their services are used by 80% of American companies. The author refers to the works of Garth Hallberg, the international director of the differential marketing in Ogilvy&Mather and on the examples of using call-centres in Moscow in the programmes of consumers' loyalty increasing.


Alexander Kozlenko
The meaning of name in Internet

If the name is so important why the brand names in Internet are so bad? Most of recently appeared brand names are simply awful! The author gives a lot of examples of successful and failed brand names on the Internet sites. And also gives nine rule how to create a successful name.


Mihail Dymshiz
Size does matter: the larger the size, the higher the meaning

Today more than half of television time, devoted to advertising, is occupied by the commercials shorter than 20 seconds. The author proves that the use of short commercials is the typical mistake of Russian businessmen while promoting a brand.

COMCON-Media "R-TGI: radio audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg"
COMCON-Media "R-TGI: press audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg"
Gallup Media "TV Index: TV audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg"


There are reviews on books and magazines devoted to advertising and marketing.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Evgeniya Gromova,Marina Gerasimova (COMCON-Research International)
The usage of projecting methods when determining brand positioning

To create a brand with the qualities that make you dream about it, you should know the most emotional impulses and desires of the consumer. These reactions can't be revealed through the direct questioning of the respondents. To achieve results you should use projecting methods: the consumer is asked to imagine a brand as government, as building in a small town, as a member of family. You can also use comics, role play, questions to the third person, word associations, unfinished sentences, placing.

Margarita Vasiliyeva
Did we create a good brand name?

When creating a brand, we create expenses for advertising. Particularly during the first stage the process of introducing a brand in the market. The unsuccessful name 'gives an opportunity' to spend 300-400 thousand dollars more than needed in the local market and 3000-4000 thousand dollars in the national market. The author gives criteria of good name, analyses famous Russian brands and advises what to do with an unsuccessful name.

Kiril Burdey, Oleg Dembo ("O+K: marketing + consulting")
How to choose the right name for your brand

In the conditions of modern, overflown with information market, when the customer feels the constant pressure of advertising, it is only the name that can play a decisive role in the success or failure of a brand. The article tells about methods which help to reduce the risk of the wrong name which can weaken brand position in the market.

Vadim Uskov
Juridical reefs of branding

All the efforts to create a brand name can be wrecked on juridical reefs. The author gives a detailed description of restrictions and demands which the law puts on the brand: the usage of state symbols; generalization of brands; the usage of the generally accepted terms and symbols; indication of aspect; features; function and valor of goods; usage of time and place of production and sale; confusion of the customer; contradiction to social interests.


Mihail Grienfield
NLP and the company's mission

Recently, in Russia it has become popular to have mission of the firm. Businessmen consider mission as a slogan, financial problem, part of corporate image and so on. And only few consider mission as a resource of management. On the base of NLP the author tells about the function of mission: "the strategical concordance of staff, managers, constitutors lead to minimization of transactional expenses". There are also examples of documentation forms with the firm's mission expressed.

Elena Markushina
10 "don't" of successful business
The market gives us the Rules of the Game. We either follow the Rules or we get out of the Game. The author, a consultant with great experience tells on 10 Rules of the Game that restrict "don't": you can't copy the techniques of organization and business management, you can't involve new people without analyzing their personal motivation, you can't ignore the demands of technical equipment and so on.

Dr. Danica Purg
The Effective Manager in Turbulent Times

The author of the article - Dean and Director IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia. Success in business we reach in integrality, - on the enterprise level, in teams, and at individual levels. It is about the individuals leaders that author concentrates on in this article. There are also practical recommendations how to manage your time effectively and what to do if you are workaholic.

Alexander Erofeev
The best is the enemy of good or Algorithms of making decisions when choosing the advertising conception

A well-spread joke among managers of advertising agencies is: "If you want to ruin a good advertising you should test it". It is true that scientific approach makes creative decisions mediocre. From the other side without examining the advertising with the client there is no guarantee that it is right. The article tells how to solve this problem on the organizational level and not to spoil the creative principal.


Andrey Nadein
Background of the Cannes festival: the knowledge to win

The president of the advertising group "Maxima", Vladimir Evstafiev says in his interview: "The advertising that got awards in Cannes can be related to the style of 'new primitivism'. The creative director of Young & Rubicam Moscow, the member of the jury Press and Poster in 2000, Vadim Zabavsky tells how the names are made in Cannes. The modern tendencies in world's advertising are also shown in the articles.

Margarita Vasilieva
New Moment Ideas Cumpus: Ideas are all around us

A good idea needs the following environment: free, friendly, light, full of impressions, unpredictable with games and competitions... In two words, it is the environment which was created by Dragan Sakan in a tiny city of Piran, when the advertising brotherhood was gathered on "advertising rally" under the name Ideas Cumpus. The impressions of participants, interviews, all these you will find in the article.

Igor Arih
We are the best agency in Slovenia

The advertising agency Arih was organized 2 years ago, but has already received several international awards. The article describes how the Slovenian brands of the bear Smile, water Zala, advertising for Mercedes and for the newspaper Slovenian News were created.


Vladimir Zabavsky
Consept-board. God, save Maggy!

The author, creative director of Young & Rubicam Moscow tells about the technologies of presentations, which is called concept-boards. Using this technology you can create easy and original ideas even if you don't know how to draw. You need only piles of old magazines, scissors, glue and black cardboard.

Andrey Nadein
Agency Rose disrupts stereotypes

In 1995 this agency drew public attention taking a nonstandard decision in advertising of medicine against stress: in one of the busy streets of Moscow they installed a mannequin which was going to jump down from the first floor level. The inscription was very short: Stop. Take Stresstabs. The article tells how the agency used the principal of Disruption and Dimensional Branding.


Arken Kagarov
The packaging life is short. We'll make it beautiful

The art-director of the studio IMA-design tells the principal of making a label, packaging, logo and several brand names. The article also shows the packaging as part of advertising campaign.

Igor Kachalov, Marc Yakupov
How to create an effective label

The consulting firm gives a detailed description of creating a brand concept using the example of mineral water Crystal gulp from choosing the name to packaging. The authors show how with the help of testing they find the way to the consumer's heart. You will also find the results of research in Russia about the rising role of packaging as the medium of brand communication.


Alexander Hvatov
Merchandising as an element of campaign promotional mix

This is an example of using the merchandising technologies in alcohol production in Latvia. Statistical conclusion of work: sales of vodkas Bravo increased from 5% till 21% during six months. The author says what knowledge and skills a Russian merchandiser should possess and what he should do.

Denis Veyko
The particularities of national merchandising

The special attention is given to the description of different technologies of merchandising (boards, sampling, advertising on trolleys, audio advertising and so on) from the practical point of view. The author also describes typical mistakes of merchandisers. Analyzing the reasons of mistakes he says that merchandising in Russia is situated between the departments of marketing and sales.


Ekaterina Eroshkina
The principals of making media-mix

When you make a complex media-plan you can't rely on the information of media research, you should know the general laws of media. The article tells about media-mix approach and a more vivid approach of account planning. The author speaks about low-budget planning and common mistakes of media planners.

COMCON-Media R-TGI: radio audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
COMCON-Media R-TGI: press audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Gallop Media TV Index: TV audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg


There are reviews on soft, books and magazines devoted to advertising and marketing.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Ylya Seina (COMCON-Research International)
The attitude to advertising in Russia

When you make a market research for advertising strategy it is necessary to take population's attitude towards advertising into account. How does the unpredictable Russian soul react to advertising? More and more Russians consume advertised products and about one thirds are brand-oriented. It is possible to allocate three groups which show the attitude towards advertising: negativists (34%), rationalists(27%) and ad eaters(39%). Today most potential Russian consumers are rationalists. The attitude towards advertising depends on age, education, region and ability to buy advertised products.

Kiril Burdey, Oleg Dembo (O+K: marketing + consulting)
How to make a research brief?

Research brief defines the real use or uselessness of a research. The article gives a detailed description of brief content. Typical mistakes that are usually made in research brief are also commented on.


Oleg Korolev
The advertising campaign for Java Gold Light

The brand manager of British American Tobacco Russia tells about branding technologies using the example of the advertising campaign for Java Gold Light. The main brand musclesare: international quality standards, belief in future, patriotism and "Russian character". The advertising campaign is a series of posters with the slogan: Backward hit is a joking answer to America. The images are: huge packet of Java Gold flying above New-York (Statue of Liberty is amazed), American cosmonaut on Mars sees the packet of Russian cigarettes, etc. The last poster shows how the flying packet of Java blows up Merlin Monro's skirt the rights for the real movie star photo had to be bought.

Olga Guseva
Cars in American advertising

The modern automobile market in the USA can be divided into several groups: Small cars, Large sedans, Hatchbacks, coupes, Luxury sedans, family sedans, upscale sedans, Convertibles, Sport/sporty cars, Wagons, Pickups, Minivans, Full-time all-wheel drive, Sport utility vehicles. The author gives typical examples of press advertising and describes motivation for advertising in every class.


Denis Veyko
The American advertising agency from inside

The author of the article tells how the Trinity Communications, a Boston-based, creative, full-service integrated marketing communications (IMC) firm works. During the eight years Trinity turned into an independent, strong firm with good dynamic of development. The slogan of the agency is Creative communications that sell. The article contains unique information about management structure, project flow and even expenses of the firm in 1999.

Large Archive of creative advertising

Yes! receives German magazine Lurzer's Int'l Archive. It was founded in 1984 by Walter Lurzer, who in Germany is regarded as something like the Pope of Advertising. Idea of Lurzer's Int'l Archive a compilation of remarkable campaigns from all over the world, grouped into product categories in such a way that they can be filed for future reference. The Internet site of the magazine (www.luerzersarchive.com) which contains more than 10 thousand works is also introduced in the article.

Ron Lawner, creative director of Arnold Communications: I'm a fairly hands-on guy

Ron Lawner is the man behind the extremely successful VW Beetle campaign which won the Grand Prix in Cannes two years ago. He tells about the creation of the New Beetle campaign and what motives stand behind the advertising announcements. It is typical for Lurzer's Int'l Archive interviews.

Margarita Vasilyeva
Advertising in French

A cat with a mouse in her teeth ran gracefully in daytime, near crowds of people in front of the main entrance of Notre Dame. The multilingual crowd cheered the swift huntress but the cat's appearance showed clearly that she caught mice not for food but for publicity. The principles of French advertising are practically the same: it is not very functional but provokes interest and makes mood.

Peter Bear
Can an art-director be perfect?

The dream to have a perfect art-director is known to all that work in the field of professional advertising. The success of an agency and the rate of an advertiser depend on him. Art-director should present only bright and attractive advertising and make the advantage of the product clear. The article is devoted to the demands for an art-director.


Elena Petrova, Andrey Nadein
Who are you? A mobile phone or a tiny animal?

When the viewer sees an advertising poster he can't always determine why he likes it. But advertiser who claims to be professional should understand what is going on in the head of the viewer, how to manipulate his thoughts and feelings so that they turn into the right direction. In the first part of the article the authors (a psychologist and a copywriter) tell the readers four main scenarios of comprehension of advertising. In the second part - the main principles of poster analysys.

Mihail Dymshiz
The expert system VAAL which values the verbal elements of communication

Sometimes unrealized processes of advertising comprehension turn to be stronger than realized. Sound effects of speech are parts of unrealized verbal communication. They are analyzed by expert system VAAL, which is the topic of the article.


Vadim Uskov
The photo through the eyes of a lawyer

Professional lawyer tells the cases of burglary in the sphere of authors' rights. This article is devoted to photographs. How to protect the right for a photo? How can advertiser avoid embarrassing situations? Read the article.

Vera Mordvinova, Valeriy Mordvinov
Domain name and brand name are one thing

Even now web-sites can exercise not only advertising function but bring real profit. The authors tell the ways to secure domain names and give examples from the judicial practice of the Russian Federation.


Gallop Media TV Index: TV audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
COMCON-Media R-TGI: radio audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
COMCON-Media R-TGI: press audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Andrey Sokolov
Na Nevskom: the portrait of wealthy audience in St. Petersburg

Popular illustrative review Na Nevskom (In Nevsky) an edition of a new type. It has full-colored interesting contents and it is absolutely free. Such editions tend to appear all over the world saying that information is becoming free. In Russia this type of edition is profitable if it has its own audience. The article tells about the lifestyle of wealthy audience of St. Petersburg on which the magazine is targeted.


There are reviews on Internet sites, books and magazines devoted to advertising and marketing.

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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Dmitry Krasovsky
"Beer's advertising in 1999: "Drink the body"

The market of beer is a good example of the main advertising changes in Russia. The market grows rapidly and one of the latest reasons for this is turning from strong alcoholic drinks (vodka) to lighter ones which encourage communication (beer). Competition between firms brings new elements to advertising. The image of man's body, the emphasis of instinctive, unconscious sides of person's nature and emotions are widely used in advertising 1999. In the commentary to the article you will find an advertising survey of the leading beer brands in Russia: Baltika, Holsten, Zolotaya Bochka, Efes Pilsner, Stary Melnik, Bochkarev.

Ludmila Bogomolova
"Beauty for moderate price. Marketing strategies on the cosmetics market"

The author analyses the state of advertising and marketing campaign of Russian cosmetic manufacture and offers some rules to promote cosmetic goods into the market. Three main ways of cosmetic positioning are discussed: "natural", "practical" and "directed towards fast effects".


Elena Markushina
"10 "dont's" of successful business"

Taking examples from real life the author gives 10 rules of successful business: don't use someone's experience without thinking, don't ignore personal motivation of your colleagues, don't disregard the improvement of upgrade technique, don't organize your firm completely according to books, don't overestimate your abilities, don't put aside schedule planning and so on. The author also describes how to reorganize a job placement firm and make a recruits' company.

Sergey Kirukov
"Culture Transfer Management: Three sources and three constituent parts"

The article is a kind of parody (see "Three sources and three constituent parts" of Marxism) which tells about a new conception of promotion products into the market. The idea of CT-management is rather simple: one system transfers its cultural values onto another one and tries to control this process. Another system accepts these values (if it is able to or if it wants to). People, money, goods, technologies, ideas are transferred in the market conditions. While CT-management takes the role of a system regulator which helps to accept new ideas, new goods, new services, new symbols and so on.

Marina Bakanova, Michael Grinfield
"The peculiarities of strategic PR"

The first part of the article tells about PR-strategy of the City Hall in Helsinki. The authors give a list of PR subjects and the ways to attract money to the city. The second part is devoted to thoughts and offers about PR-strategy of St.-Petersburg.

Vladimir Ilyin
"Target group a new middle class"

Consumer behavior of a new Russian middle class is examined in the article. It consists of brainy men, mostly employees and workoholics. They fall under advertising influence, their process of consuming goods is meaningful, they make and keep cultural and money barriers between their class and other ones, they prefer not to think while resting and invest money into their children's education. This new class is important part of the Russian market.The study of their life style and behavior can be very useful to the marketing strategy and advertising campaign.

Igor Kachalov
"Seven reasons for reduction of advertising effectiveness or How to advertise in today's conditions"

The author says that general reduction of advertising effectiveness is a big problem nowadays. The reasons are: information outburst, great influence of traditional media, growth of consumer experience, new non-commercial sources of information, increase of advertising prices and reduction of profit margin, quick reduction of advertising effect after campaign. Is it possible to resist these tendencies? How to raise the effective use of marketing budget? There are some ways out: to work with packing as the main tool of communication, to make design for points of selling, to train staff, to send things directly into consumer homes. And the latest tendency is in transition from commission form of payment to the one for the results of communication.


Evgenya Gromova, Maria Gerasimova
"Packing as a symbol of your lifestyle"

The problem of the article is: how to make packing? The authors' example is based on different attitudes of St. Petersburg and Moscow citizens towards the cigarette packs' colors. For example, the red and gold colors are really prestigious in Moscow but they are considered to be vulgar in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg citizens prefer gold in combination with black or dark-blue because they are more moderate and think it is good taste.

Valeriy Fatkullin
"Brief for working out of packing and its design"

Original and good packing is needed for successful promotion. This packing should be made according to following stages: color, shape, size, graphics and material. The article examines a concrete task for working out a packing of one of the consumer goods. It is bottled water for drinking.


Ilya Gamov
"Justified experiments"

The company "Aleko" (a chain of shops selling home electronics) in 1999 made a series of advertising experiments based on marketing calculations. At first they made a parody of the World's Hockey Championship which had 250 billboards in Saint-Petersburg (slogan "Under Governor's control"). All of them works for "Aleko", which had 30 billboards (slogan "Under Husband's control"). The public interest was attracted and level of brand awareness became two times higher. Then the readers will find information about the discount card "Club of Aleko friends" and about advertising cooperation with other brands. Experiences show that it is effective to choose partners with low level of mutual complement. This causes a question: "Why is Aleko mentioned?" and it makes the consumers absorb the information with greater attention and to transfer their positive associations from a more famous brand to a less famous one.


The creative directors about festivals

The creative directors of the large Russian advertising agencies share their views on good advertising (on the whole they agree with each other), on the advertising which gets awards (some of them think that this advertising is not always effective) and on judicial principles.

Andrey Nadein
"Moscow Advertising Festival: the triumph of series'

The editor of the magazine "Advertising ideas Yes!" talks about most interesting works of the festival in 1999 and shares his thoughts on the topic of judging. The review of the works that won gives an opportunity to say that the main tendency of modern advertising is series. It proves the living ability of advertising idea. As for judging, the point is clear: those who compete for prizes should not be in the jury. For more detailed information see the sites www.advertology.ru and www.festival.ru.

Margarita Vasiliyeva
"Epica 99: where is European advertising going?

The Epica Awards are judged by the European advertising trade press: 30 magazines from 23 countries were
present in the jury 1999. The author, member of the Epica jury, tells the readers about the procedure of judging, mentions some arguments of the jury which analyzed more than 6000 works. The author thinks there are six main types of modern advertising: touching advertising, pathetic, funny, with jokes about nationalities, advertising metaphor, adventure for viewers, social advertising. The author thinks that "advertising for a grand-prize can be shot from hands and in natural light. The main thing is to have a bit of philosophy and solemn style. It won't be bad to have some talent which can help to awake feelings in the hard souls of the viewers." After the article two of the most experienced and competent members of the jury comment the changes in European advertising of the recent years.

Olga Guseva
"American advertising. Looking through magazines"

The article contains a brief review of advertising printed in American magazines. The author gives examples of graceful, spectaculars, beautiful and emotional advertising decisions made in a so called "American style".

Artemiy Lebedev: "There is no real Artemiy Lebedev"

An interview with a very popular person in Russian Internet. He says that "Artemiy Lebedev" is a brand name of a whole group of people and tells us about the work of web-studio. You can get acquainted with their works, self advertising and commercial sites.


Margarita Vasilieva
"Those don't make mistakes who..."

Sometimes the advertising text authors forget about linguistic traps which are waiting for them in the valleys of phonetics, in the wood lexis and on the paths of syntax. The author, a professional copywriter offers to make mistakes correction in the advertising texts. There are many funny and instructive examples.

Andrey Nadein, Elena Petrova
"New principles of visual advertising editing"

The authors describe two new principles of visual and sense editing elements in advertising which have become very popular lately. The first one: to show a piece of real life shot by a lucky photographer. New sense comes out of familiar things. Second: to destroy the limits of billboards including the surroundings into advertising. These principles are connected with changes in people's mentality.

Andrey Ulianovskiy
"The mysteries of moving triangles"

The author of the book "The Myth-design in advertising" gives non-standard usages of the prism-vision appliance.


Vadim Uskov
"Mimicry and mimicreators"

The word "mimicry" means a widely spread phenomenon of falsification of well-known brands. The article gives a classification of the phenomenon and tells what laws can provide protection from falsification.

Vera Mordvinova, Valeriy Mordvinov
"Domain name and brand name are one thing"

Even now web-sites can exercise not only advertising function but bring real profit. The authors tell the ways to secure domain names and give examples from the judicial practice of the Russian Federation.

YES! 4/99

Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Evgenya Gromova, Maria Gerasimova
The clues for choosing the right brand name or advertising slogan can be revealed by means of psychosemantical fields

The authors affirm that it is important to use language clichs which were previously reflected in the customers mind. Only then the new name or slogan hits the target and is authentically taken by the focus-group members. The psychosemantical clues of advertising conception should also guarantee absence of negative emotions. The brand name of the tee Beseda (A chat) and the advertising text can be taken as an example of the perfectly chosen clue.

Michael Dymshits
Generation of the brandname

The article is devoted to the technological aspects of the brandnames making. The author describes the work order he realizes in practice. He gives a detailed description of linguistic and juridical criteria, of contents richness. The article is interesting for giving the instructions how to use the computer program which is applied to the soundsemantical assessment of the names variants.

Margarita Vasilieva
Brandname, where do you come from?

My friend a copywriter. He had a cat. The cats name wasnt Tom, Spot or a Pussycat. His name was Pager. This made everybody admire both the cat and the copywriter this is the beginning of a very serious article written by a professional copywriter and namewriter who divides brandnames into 12 types. The story is rich in easy-memorized samples and witty opinions.

Valentin Pertsiya
29 means of name formation

The author speaks about the methodology of the brandname creation made by Nametrade company and gives 29 ways how to create new names using Russian and foreign variants.

Evgenya Gromova, Maria Gerasimova
Packing as a symbol of your lifestyle

The problem of the article is: how to make packing? The authors example is based on different attitudes of St. Petersburg and Moscow citizens towards the cigarette packs colors. For example, the red and gold colors are really prestigious in Moscow but they are considered to be vulgar in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg citizens prefer gold in combination with black or dark-blue because they are more moderate and think it is good taste.


Kiril Bourdey, Oleg Dembo
How to order a marketing research without self-burglary

The article describes the typical mistakes while ordering, making and analyzing researches in Russia. They include: absence of the real need in a research, absence of action standard, concealment of the real purpose of research, solution of the second-rate problems, lack of communication with the researcher, change of purposes during the work, low quality of the tested samples, etc.


Fedor Pantsirov
A large campaign for a small shop

A detailed story about the advertising campaign for a small Lithuanian shop. The author explains how he managed to build an image which combined low prices, convenient location and attention to the clients at a very short time.

Denis Sizov
Promotion in the shops

An article about samplings, product tasting and demonstration. The author describes two of his promotion actions, speaks about preparatory principles, and gives advice how to choose staff and place for promotion.


The creative directors about festivals

The creative directors of the large Russian advertising agencies share their views on good advertising (on the whole they agree with each other), on the advertising which gets awards (some of them think that this advertising is not always effective) and on judicial principles.

Alexander Leenetsky
Golden Drum 99

A detailed commentary on the festival The Golden Drum in New Europe which took place in Portoroz (Slovenia) in 1999. The author regrets that Russia submitted so few works.

Margerita Vasilieva
Finish Advertising from Paltemaa Huttunen Santala TBWA

This agency is the third in size and the first in creativity in Finland. They received many Cannes lions and Epicas pyramids. Clear and transparent advertising ideas for Valio and Nokian tyres: how were they created? Read the article.

Andrey Nadein
The Advertising Formula in Kiev

This is a commentary on the festival The Advertising Formula which was held in Kiev (Ukraine) in September 1999. Feel the spirit of Ukrainian advertising!

Sergey Gaiday
Even air in advertising is a resource

An exciting interview with a Ukrainian creator. Sergey the creative director of The Marketing Technologies Office flies from Kiev to St. Petersburg managing to create political advertising in both cities, to write direct-mails, to shoot a super low-budget advertising film with the studio Cinegraph in Odessa and even to give a seminar on the Ninjas fiting skills in advertising.

Margerita Vasilieva
How McCann Erickson manages the brands

The managers and creators of the McCann Erickson advertising agency answer the questions of our creative editor. Mattew Stern: Even traditional western image advertising acquires functional features in Russia. One of their latest works is serial advertising for vodka Flagman (about the principles).

Elena Petrova

The psychologist offers main points of a new aesthetics which sells. Aesthetics-2 as a separate discipline will make the discussion of the difficult creative topics more effective and will give a starting point to new creative technologies.


Vladimir Konkov
Regulate words in lines

The doctor of the philological sciences, the professor of the St. Petersburg University tells the readers how the intonation and sense in an advertisement differ as a result of wrong line division.

Sergey Gaiday
The effective resource usage in an advertising campaign

The author describes nine types of resources for an advertising campaign. For each type he gives an example of a witty solved advertising problem.

Margarita Vasilieva
Those dont make mistakes who...

Sometimes the advertising text authors forget about linguistic traps which are waiting for them in the valleys of phonetics, in the wood lexis and on the paths of syntax. The author, a professional copywriter offers to make mistakes correction in the advertising texts. There are many funny and instructive examples.


Georgiy Pocheptsov
Rumours, anecdotes and soap operas as the voice of people

The author doctor of the philological sciences, the professor of the Kievsky University. The origin of simple communication units is examined in the article. For example, a rumour can be imagined consisting of two parts: bright character + bright action. The author also names the rules of introducing the rumours.


Arcadiy Moranis
Links to the Internet the strongest instrument

You can manage the searching process in the Internet by leaving references (marks) on users way and making him come to your pages. The author is a specialist in the Internet sphere.


Larisa Bogdanova
Huge advertising makes people turn heads

The fewer posters you have, the more surprising they should be. The size and imagination these are two main points of success. The author speaks about large-sized outdoor advertising, gives interesting samples of its usage.

Andrey Ulianovskiy
The mysteries of moving triangles

The author of the book The Myth-design in advertising gives non-standard usages of the prism-vision appliance.


Vadim Uskov
Almost legal advertising

The sequence of the topic started in the latest issue. There is a special law About advertising. And because of vague prohibitions and unclear definitions there are border zones between law breaking and legal behavior. The author gives several types of these zones and what advertising they cover.


Advertising Ideas
Advertising Ideas
"Advertising Ideas" - magazine about creative branding.

Since 1996

2000 circulation , 1500 subscribers.

Region: CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc.). ~ 40% of subscribers - Moscow (bigger) and S-Petersburg (less).

120 pages, full-color, quarterly.

Year subscription price 80$

Advertising Ideas
Advertising Ideas
"Advertising Ideas" - magazine about creative branding.
Since 1996
2000 circulation , 1500 subscribers.
Region: CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc.). ~ 40% of subscribers - Moscow (bigger) and S-Petersburg (less).
120 pages, full-color, quarterly.
Year subscription price 80$

Advertising Ideas
"Advertising Ideas" magazine it's the essential quarterly for advertising and marketing professionals.
It's been published since 1996. "Advertising Ideas" is devoted to developments in branding and creativity. The publication focus is centered on creative trends in brand building and the search for new ideas in advertising.

The magazine also includes international and Russian case studies and information on the Russian market. Authors of the magazine mostly Russian and foreign analysts and experts.
It's possible to find brief contents of the 1999-2002 issues in English.

"Advertising Ideas" has a current print run of 2000 copies offering 136 full color pages 4 times a year.

Subscription rate is 99 USD. The magazine is available only through subscription.

Region: CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc.).
"Advertising Ideas" is member of the Epica Awards Jury.

Post address: "Advertising Ideas", post box 63, Saint-Petersburg, 191025, Russia

Phone/fax: +7-812-3253595.

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