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Advertising Ideas
Stories in short
Andrei Nadein, Ksenia Buksha. Marketing communication. New approach
Our new column under the name Zaraza (Viral) is about interactive and contagious ads.

Ekaterina Souchkova, Ksenia Buksha. Golden Watch Winners
We have selected 16 campaigns from among the finalists and winners of the Golden Watch awards held as part of the Golden Drum festival in Slovenia in 2005. They deserve our unremitting attention.

Altoidia Sours: I feel pain; therefore I exist
A history of the Altoidia tribe, the people who feel no pain
Dont give your vote to others
How Bulgarian ad designers wooed young people to voting stations.
Zoznam: find your God
An Internet search engine cannot replace reality, but it can make it more exciting and mysterious.
Thanks, MTV!
MTV Romania is now a genuine local brand with crowds of loyal followers.
Indulona: hands like people
Doorknobs and trolley handles in malls were upholstered in a soft, velvety fabric with a cream logo.
The amazing adventures of Bob and Dave, the emissaries of Budweiser/Budvar, in the Czech Republic
Budweiser Budvar wins kudos as the Czechs most favorite brand.
Caledonian School: intellectual graffiti
A new ad medium downtown graffiti - invented unexpectedly during a campaign.
Diena newspaper: over 40 slogans
The slogans employed a sophisticated word play, and the audience loved it.
Monopol: advertising for art
The magazine harnessed pop art and modern design concepts to make a splash.
Drink, drive & join!
How to convince all Latvians that drinking & driving is no longer cool.
Momax: its furniture and its not Swedish!
An ad campaign in IKEAs face.
Prague: no time to sleep
Thats why the characters in commercials have puffy eyes.
Toblerone: a bike on triangular wheels
Unusual product shape inspired creative commercials
Butterfly babes: touch me not!
Austrian ad designers show what it feels like to be a child suffering from a crippling skin disease.
Message in a bottle
The Teresa Maksova Fund raised money for training orphanage staff.
Speeding kills
A campaign that targets both speeders and their families.

Andrei Nadein. HHCL United: together we stand
At first HHCL work seems extremely minimalistic and shockingly natural, but a closer look reveals some complexities. A strong communication strategy lurks behind this outward extravaganza. The London-based HHCL United (www.hhclredcell.com) is a new breed of ad agency that makes small teams synergize to make a powerful, explosive impact.

Ksenia Buksha. Brazil, the land of ads
Brazil, formerly known as the land of coffee and football, has gone haywire over advertising. Brazilians have suddenly fallen passionately in love with ads and commercials. Commercial actors are as popular in Brazil as pop divas and football heroes. The author has found five things about Brazilian advertising that are different from the rest of the world: festiveness, love for sappy detail, documentary precision, rich storylines and childishness.

Ksenia Buksha. Heroes of Our Air Time
Where do you go to recruit a star for your commercial? You can find them in the big wide world outside, the way they recruited historical characters for the now-classic Imperial Bank commercials, or you can conjure them up for every commercial individually. The author offers her own classification of commercial personae: advisor, maniac, savior, and so on. Whatever part they play, the characters of TV commercials must always be striking, idiosyncratic and memorable, but most importantly, they must firmly identify with the product

Elena Petrova. What Kind of Person is your Brand?
Here are a few tricky questions for the brand manager or whoever owns and markets the brand. What is your brands personality? What is the image that comes to consumers mind when they begin to see more in your brand than just a name for a familiar quality product? We can offer an easy behavioral profiling methodology that can be used to predict both human behavior, and the behavior of a brand in an information-packed environment.

Aliona Andreeva. Advertising Designer Fashion Brands
Advertising for fashionable clothing is considered to be the domain of glossy magazines, sexy models, trendy photographers and designers. But why do top fashion designers of worldwide fame need to advertise at all? And how do they do it? Lets try and find out
This is all the more interesting since consumer advertising for anything, from cars and telecommunications to beer and potato chips, has been of late aggressively borrowing know-how from show business, religion, politics and the fashion industry.

Alexander Salangin. The monologues of censored footage
Alexander Salangin discusses the commercial for the beer brand Baltika 3.

Alexander Shevelevich. Savage: a masterpiece or a growth aberration?
Alexander Shevelevich discusses the Savage commercial.

Elena Petrova. Bagbier beer: a lame idea that accomplished the impossible
Elena Petrova discusses the Bagbier beer campaign.

Andrei Nadein. Fakta: a Success that Wont Quit
Andrei Nadein discusses the Fakta chain store campaign.

YES! 6/05

Advertising Ideas
Stories in short
Andrei Sokolov. Is it Going to Work?
Is your ad going to work? If you know how to answer this one, you can save yourself some serious money. This story is about some of the tools market watch firms use to test advertisements. Lets look at Millward Brown, a highly reputable market researcher headquartered in Chicago, but operating worldwide. More on Millward Brown at www.millwardbrown.com.

Ekaterina Soutchkova. Golden Drum 05: Summers End in Portorose
This is a report from the Golden Drum festival held on Slovenias Adriatic coast in October. Find out all about the winners, sensations and highlights of the pageant. The report has turned out extra big and informative this year. In the second part, titled Creative Academy, we discuss the trends shaping the future of the advertising industry today.

Ekaterina Soutchkova. Welcome to Volkswagen Fox!
Build a hotel in order to promote a car, even if its a Volkswagen Fox? What an idea! But Volkswagen did it. The new hotels interiors were created by young designers from all over the world. Named after the car, Hotel Fox opened in downtown Copenhagen last April. Its a regular hotel, and anyone can make a reservation. There are no two identical rooms in it, but the rates are quite affordable.


Ekaterina Soutchkova. D&AD Awards: a Million Dollar Pencil
The Design & Art Directors (D&AD) Awards festival has been dubbed Yellow Pencil because it awards its winners giant pencils for prizes. Who were the lucky winners this year? Read about nine of the winners, the ones whose cases we thought were the most illuminating: Levis, Renault Modus, RunLondon, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, and some others.

Ksenia Buksha. Euro Effie 2005: Creativity Fertilizing the Media
The award ceremony for the winners of the Euro Effie 2005 ad campaign competition was held at the Plaza Hotel Theatre in downtown Brussels on 29 September 2005. This time, the agency of the year title went to Grey Europe (Middle East & Africa), which has amassed the most wins.

Adidas: Nothings Impossible
Mercedes Benz CLS: a Limo as a Tool of Seduction
Ariel: Colorful & Elegant
Mercedes-Benz: A-Class Patriots
Nivea: One Simple Tale
Olympus: Cameras of Color
Pampers: Babes of Consequence
Audi: the Cars the Star
Canon: Yours for the (Picture) Taking
Dove: Looking Great!
HLX: Take a Flying Cab!
Synoptik: the Older, the Better

Maksim Pisarev. Lada Kalina: a New Point in an Old Argument
Maksim Pisarev discusses the Lada Kalina commercial.

Igor Golubentsev. As Your Live, So You Shall Play
Igor Golubentsev discusses Sony Playstation commercials

Denis Postupnoi. Chernigovskoe Beer, or Boxing, Politics and Forgotten Marketing
Denis Postupnoi discusses the Chernigovskoe Beer commercial.

Vitaly Kokoshko. Vadik is Glad, and as Relevant, Enterprising and Debonair as Ever!
Vitaly Kokoshko discusses MTS Jeans commercials.


Elena Sukhova. ChipNGo chips: Catch em, Chip em, Eat em!
For an unknown reason, dark humor rarely occurs in Russian advertising. Unlike their colleagues in the West, Russian ad agencies hardly ever use this tool, but maybe they should change their mind. When the work has talent, the client has guts, and the marketing is dead on target, the chances of success are giddily high. Find out about the ad campaign for ChipNGo from the creative director of Almakor, the agency that designed it.

YES! 5/05

Advertising Ideas

Andrei Nadein. Mother: Magicians from Biscuit House
Mother is an agency that once shook Britains advertising industry. Only now, eight years on, one can truly appreciate Mothers favorite creative ideas and operating concepts. Our writer met with Mothers Creative Director Mark Waites in London hear about the agencys modus operandi straight from the horses mouth.

Ksenia Buksha: The World Wrapped as a Present
Landor Associates is an international leader in branding and design consulting, running 20 offices in 16 countries, and listing many blue chips like BP, FedEx, Land Rover, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Smirnoff and Walkers Snack Foods among its clients. Landor is a division of Young & Rubicam, Inc., which, in its turn, is a member of WPP Group. But enough genealogy. The best testimony of Landors excellence are case studies from its bulging portfolio.


Ksenia Buksha. Hate Something; Change Something
Cannes Lions may have to cancel its categories: it no longer makes sense to classify material between TV commercials, ad campaigns and interactive advertising. Moreover, it is no longer clear who the prize should go to: the creator? Art director? Advertiser? Or consumer? In a modern world, advertising is all about teamwork. Statements like the whole world is but a TV commercial cannot be too far behind. Read all about Cannes Lions 2005 prize winners.


Andrei Nadein. The Mainsprings of Viral Marketing
You can always choose whether to pay for your advertising, or make others advertise for you for free. There are ads people hate and ads people love to see. We are talking about a phenomenon known as viral marketing or viral awards. Lets look at the driving forces of this phenomenon and its many incarnations. This story will teach you the basics of ad virus manufacturing and how these viruses are mailed.

Ksenia Buksha. Heroes of Our Commercial Time
Where do you go to recruit a star for your commercial? You can find them in the big wide world outside, the way they recruited historical characters for the now-classic Imperial Bank commercials, or you can conjure them up for every commercial individually. The author offers her own classification of commercial personae: advisor, maniac, savior, and so on. Whatever part they play, the characters of TV commercials must always be striking, idiosyncratic and memorable, but most importantly, they must firmly identify with the product.


Ekaterina Soutchkova. D&AD Awards: a Million Dollar Pencil
The Design & Art Directors (D&AD) Awards festival has been dubbed Yellow Pencil because it awards its winners giant pencils for prizes. Who were the lucky winners this year? Read about nine of the winning cases, the ones we thought were most illuminating: Levis, Renault Modus, RunLondon, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, and some others.


Konstantin Platonov. BEERka Beer Nibbles
We discuss advertising for BEERka snacks.

Yaroslav Kutcherov. BigBon Chips: A Mismatch Made in Hell
We discuss advertising for BigBon potato chips.

Dmitri Kozlov. TELE 2: Stop Paying and Enjoy
We discuss the ad campaign for cellular operator TELE 2.

Elena Petrova: T Beer: First Strike
We discuss the ad campaign for T beer.


Yuri Davydov. Provocative Marketing: The Dury Go Berserk in Moscow
Consumers no longer react to slogans; they are blind to the most colorful billboards and deaf to the loudest jingles. The director and owner of ad holding R&I Group explains what brought him into provocative marketing.

Eriks Stendzenieks. Thieves vs. ATM Cards
While we are on the subject of provocative marketing, the Riga, Latvia-based ZOOM! Agency has created a revolutionary new advertising concept for the financial services market with commercials starring pickpockets who give plastic card holders valuable tips on how not to let their card get stolen.

YES! 4/05

Advertising Ideas
Evgenia Gromova & Marina Gerasimova. Consumer Personalities & Branding
The story lets the reader in on an innovative methodology developed by St. Petersburg-based market watcher COMCON that links consumer behavior to human psychology and shows how to position products, services and brands to engage every consumer type at its value level. This methodology has been successfully in action for a few years, representing a new take on branding.

Dragoslav Oraev. The Four-Word Definition of Brand
Amid a multitude of brand definitions, one is hard put to find a single one that is fully operational. Having summed up the gist of existing definitions, the author has come up with his own, original one, consisting of just four words.

Ilya Mirsky. If Your Wish is a Fish Great Catch at the Kiev Fest
A review of winners and jury members comments from the Kiev International Advertising Festival.

Ekaterina Souchkova & Andrei Nadein. EuroBest: The Spoils of an Online Competition
At EuroBest, bids are judged and prizes awarded online. Read 15 case studies from the last festival.

Volkswagen Golf: a toy for big boys
Stella Artois: the art of charging a premium
INPES: defending non-smokers
Proximus: chat away
SIEMENS: your phone has no time to lose charge
Koff beer: the bar is always open
Visual Opticians: are you ready for better eyesight?
Friends.se: words that hurt
ADIDAS: the sports freaks
Kilroy Travels: got to make it!
The Economist: the best-recognized brand in England
GUINNESS: Merry Christmas!
Candida dental floss: good culture
Robijn Color: a taxi in lieu of washer
Yahoo! Found it for you.

Ilya Mirsky. EFFIE (Germany) winners
According to its jury, the latest EFFIE competition has revealed a few disappointing trends such as slashed advertising budgets, reluctance to take risks and, consequently, a propensity to stick to tried and tested methods. But a few creative ad campaigns did make it to the show, after all:

eBay: playing with hearts
Charmin Bear: a trusted confidante
Media Markt: the mother of all go-getters
Hornbach: new kings of domestic chores
Insurance Alliance: a premium for prosperity
Leibniz cookies: mission more than possible
E-Plus: synonymous with positive emotion.

Ekaterina Souchkova. EFFIE (France) winners
The winners of EFFIE France one again treated us to a series of vibrant, memorable and very well structured campaigns. These nine French case studies show how a simple idea can be fabulously successful. None of the briefs are more than one phrase long, and some are merely one word.

Volkswagen Golf: selling well
Ligne Roset: from the human body to furniture
Orange: talk more, now
McDonalds: devils snare
ING Direct: the orange revolution in fashion
How to make people crave a seat
France Galop: now for the race
Boursin Cuisine: cooking with a cheese platter
Batirenover.com: renovation is just a mouse-click away.

Ilya Mirsky. EFFIE (Czech Republic) winners
Czech companies have a lot in common with their Russian counterparts, operating in much the same environment: an emerging market, growing consumption, reviving old, traditional brands. The only difference is that the Czechs are more willing to share their marketing achievements, not afraid of being ironic, and really treasure their loyal customers.

Rotaflex R Super: warm & quiet
Dynamik: free-format insurance
ECO-COM: you sort; we process
Old Hunters: always with you

David Avakian. IDALGO: About Wine, Packaging, and Bold Experimenting
Discussing IDALGO wine packaging

Vladimir Korovkin. Zlatopramen Beer: Four to Bolivar
Discussing Zlatopramen beer advertising

Oleg Paraliush. Stella Artois Beer: Is there Perfection in Advertising?
Discussing Stella Artois advertising

Elena Petrova. Beeline: Bye-Bye Comfort; Hello Action
Discussing the ad campaign of cellular operator Beeline


Vitaly Ilyinsky. Sorry for the Delay
The author lifts the lid off of one of creators favorite tricks, called delay or defeated expectation, displayed every year by Cannes winners, and practiced day-to-day by commercial creators.

Ekaterina Krasnoborodko. Fosters: New Laws for an Easier Life
Before it went on television, the Fosters ad campaign was launched on the Web, offering new, exciting Fosters Laws to replace the dreary Laws of Life. The fresh and witty concept really worked. Discussing the campaign is our psychology editor Elena Petrova.

Marketing and advertising book reviews

YES! 3/05

Advertising Ideas
Stories in short
Ilya MIRSKIY. A Compendium of Delusions: Ten Russian Advertising Myths Exploded
A poll conducted earlier this year by Leo Burnett exposed a number of false myths, having circulation in Russias advertising business, about consumers and how they feel about advertising. These myths are grouped under two headlines: Russians are dumb and simple-minded, and Russians are crushed by their dreadful life. The story looks at the 10 most widespread myths in case studies, exploring their origins and proving them wrong.

Andrey NADEIN. How to be Creative in Brand Policymaking
For a brand manager or strategic planner, the hardest thing is to transform strategy into a creative product. Its all too easy for a mundane product like Orbit gum to tout its whitening effect: its strictly tangible positioning clearly shows whether the creative idea matches the strategy or not. But things get tough when the brand appeals to the emotional realm. Here, the creator faces an almost 50/50 chance of hit or miss. But the worst can happen when the strategists are themselves unsure how they want to present their brand. In this article, the top 9 Russian branding heavyweights share their views and methods.


Ksenia BUKSHA. Euro EFFIE 2004 winners
The prizes go to those campaigns only that have been the most successful in at least three EU countries. The case studies of those campaigns are not to be overlooked: they have a wealth of important lessons to teach.

Canon: professionals advertise; amateurs buy
Coca-Cola got away again
Accenture: hi, Im your idea!
Daz: a soap opera for big-time laundry
Dove: more silk than skin
Evian: the symbol of youth
Magnum: seven deadly sins
Volkswagen Polo: a smart little thingy
Toyota: all the shades of gray
MasterCard: all you can buy

Olga VOLKOVA. Peugeot 607: Back to Animal Instincts
The French ad agency BETC EURO RSCG always has something fresh and unexpected in store. The article looks at the Peugeot 607 campaign, the prize-winner of New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards, Mobius Awards, Eurobest D&AD Awards.


Timofei BOKAREV. Epica Interactive: the Game Strategy
Timofei Bokarev is an acclaimed Russian expert on Internet advertising who sat on the jury in the Interactive category of last years Epica Awards 2004. The article presents the 2004 Epica Awards winners.

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Golden Hammer winners
The Golden Hammer advertising festival in Riga, Latvia, became a worldwide highlight last year. Read about 11 success stories from the Golden Hammer 2004 portfolio.

MTV: made in Romania
The Association Against AIDS: use your brain!
Veteco: when your dog hits on you
Connex: dont be alone, send an SMS
RIMI superstores: free toilet paper
Falck Security: Masha & the Bears
Golden Gym: tattooed postcards
Sazka bookies: bets in real time
Diesel beer: men never cry
Saku beer: macho the Estonian way
Culture Ministry: not required reading

Margarita VASILIEVA. The Man Behind the Tripod
The Russian photographer Igor Sakharov photographs manually, but thats not the point. Sakharov, who recently taught a master class at a European photography festival in Italy, impressed the international photographic community so much that GITZO, a renowned photographic supplies manufacturer, designed a special tripod named Igor Sakharov. The article throws light on some of the techniques practiced by this great advertising photographer.

Ksenia BUKSHA. Young Guns: Make Way for the Young!
The mission of Young Guns, the international competition for young creators, is to put the spotlight on the up and coming advertising industry leaders. The article shows how the competition works and profiles its most original winners.


Olga VOLKOVA. Marketing that Smells Good
Smell is a powerful tool in manipulating human behavior. A recent concept, fragrant marketing has gained increasing circulation in the past few years, harnessing olfactory sensations to make advertising more effective. How can fragrances be used in different media? How to choose the right fragrance and avoid alienating the consumer? Read all about it


Oleg YEVSTAFIEV and Olga IVANOVA. Comparing Media Planning Concepts: Effective Frequency and the Recency Theory
Having emerged in the mid-90s, the recency theory revolutionized media planning and deeply divided the professional advertising community. The proponents of effective frequency and recency acolytes crossed swords in many a bitter argument over what works best for sales. But, as usual, the truth seems to lie somewhere in between. This article explores both theories, citing examples and matching the results.


Andrei AMLINSKIY. The Story of a Failure, or the National Specifics of Advertising
Reviewing the advertising for Tsygansky (Gypsy) ketchup.

Oleg LAPSHIN. The Chipsons: New Street Songs
Reviewing the advertising for the Chipsons potato chips.

Vlad MAKAROV. Tonus Juice: a Few Handy Tips, or How to Have Your Way
Reviewing the ad campaign for Tonus juice.

Alexei VEREKETA. Kotex: Red on White
Reviewing the ad campaign for Kotex panty liners.


Book reviews on advertising and marketing

YES! 2/05

Advertising Ideas
About Advertising Ideas magazine

Margarita Vasilieva

Epica Awards 2004: As You Draw, So You Shall Live
What makes Epica Awards so great? It gives you a birds eye view of western advertising, so you can really scope out the goings-on. This year, our western colleagues have come up with lots of animation videos, long texts and tall tales while keeping their costs low. They crammed it all into low-budget formats, but its great stuff nonetheless! Read about new trends in modern advertising.


Ekaterina Soutchkova

Media Awards: Finalists and Winners
The finalists of Media Awards, held as part of Golden Drum 2004, really turned heads this time with their creative choice of new media. Read about how comic books, oranges, odors and messages in a bottle work: 18 stories and each one teaches a lesson.

Jacobs: the coffee fans Streetcar Named Desire
Vzajemci.com: if you want more
Staropramen: follow the yellow line!
Sazka: giant benches
Caritas: wanna feel retarded?
Perfetti Turkey: ever kissed a dog?
Caledonian School: whats the English for it?
Head & Shoulders: have you ever seen a heated billboard?
If: you found a wallet
Childhood dreams destroyed by landmines
AdEaters Night in Bratislava
Avon: orange peels as advertising medium
Pepsi Twist: do interrupt! Its rude.
Red Cross: out with the old stuff!
Seznamka.cz: message in a bottle
Novy Prostor: blondes keep away!
Dr. Treu: advice that begins at the gas station
Viagra: the bar is rising


Alexey Orlov

Business-to-Business Research
Orlov, a consultant with COMCON opinion pollster, explains how research can help solve distribution and supply problems.

Andrey Nadein

B2B Advertising: A World That Makes Its Own Rules
We are all into B2B advertising, whether we know it or not. So what can you add to the arsenal you are already using? The author explores a range of B2B communication policies: from direct mail and grapevine telegraph to cups of tea and loyal customer activity.

Alla Demidova

Corporate Paper Nurtures Loyal Customer
The advertising chief of August, a company supplying agricultural pesticides, shares her successful experience of a B2B publication.


Ksenia Buksha

Storyline in Advertising
A strong communication takes more than mere knowledge of typical plotlines used in advertising. The copywriter or brand manager may benefit from an alternative take on script writing

Ksenia Buksha

Spinning Tall Tales
This article is an attempt to bring two worlds together. A review of Hollywood scriptwriter Robert McKees celebrated book Story, exploring the principles of building a workable storyline with case studies from hands-on advertising.

Andrey Nadein

The Story of Polti and Propp
Aristotle worked on storylines, which he called fabulae. The article explores two systems that were perhaps the greatest influences on the study of story-telling: 36 dramatic situations (George Polti) and 31 character actions (Vladimir Propp).


Vitaliy Ilyinsky

How to Make a Good Commercial Bad and Good Again
The author of this column shows how a strong solution can be devised through the use of two techniques: exaggeration and irony.


Alexey Andreev

Playing the Devils Advocate, or the Brain, the Nuts, the Stomach and Crowd Scenes
Discussing Nuts bars commercials.

Natalia Smelova

Dream Week at IKEA: Free Dreams with Every Purchase
Discussing IKEA advertising: IKEA: Things & Dreams

Alexander Salangin

Unchecked Wit Petrosian Style
Discussing Skeleton dairy product commercials

Dmitriy Makarov

That Song was Right: Old Company Goes to a New Place
Discussing Tide commercials

Andrey Nadein

Total Caring, or the Untapped Resource of Russian Advertising
Discussing advertisements for Total gas stations


Tatiana Chepurna and Alexander Ushkovsky

Fighting Competition with a Fire Extinguisher
What do beer and fire extinguishers have in common? Switch on your imagination, and youll see they were practically made for each other. On a serious note, we think its a clever marketing move to launch a short-lived product to put a spotlight on the main brand. Tatiana Chepurna and Alexander Ushkovsky tell the story of Fire Extinguisher beer.

YES! 1/05

Advertising Ideas
About Advertising Ideas magazine

Brand of the Year/EFFIE 2004: follow the line!

In 2004 the amount of people wanted to get prestigious prizes has increased. There were 284 participants, for 84 campaigns more than the previous year. The bigger the market, the stronger is the desire to measure the marketing muscles of one another.

8 vegetables: a new name on the juice market

The brand 8 vegetables was born literally before our very eyes, declaring Vegetables are drinkable! and graciously formed the niche of vegetable juices that hadnt existed before in Russia.

Tuborg Green beer: threat for the bottle openers and friend to the youth

Way to consumers heart lies through the innovation. Thats why Tuborg company released beer with a wonder-cork. This was the beginning of war against bottle openers.

These are the winners and finalists of the Golden Watch competition that was a part of the Golden Drum 2004 festival:

Hypo: for luck
Amnesty International against violence upon women
Centrum.cz: go where they understand you
EIM: we are picky!
Heyah! hello from the mobile operator
Heyah: fashion campaign
Lithuania the brightest country of the New Europe
Oskar: tell what you think
Oskar: territory occupation
Prigat Activ: extra energy
Radio Energy: two thousands stars in the Zurich streets
Toyota Avensis: quality experience
Snowflakes Vizir Christmas campaign

Creative Business Idea at brand service

CBI (Creative Business Idea) is the creative method of the BETS EURO RSCG agency. This method determines and predicts the main values of the market in connection with the brands message. Here you can read several descriptions of the idea:

Guinness beer: conquer young people!
Hallmark Flowers: dont hide your feelings
Deans Milk Chug: drink milk, be healthy!
Egg: reality show Housewives from hell
Room Service: colourful transformation of your house


Personal branding one more leverage of brand development

Not only a company but also a person can become a strong brand. Creation of the personal branding methodology has changed the role of a person in business. You can not only achieve success but become a real brand yourself.

Ads seller: professional level

The author has a large experience in presswork, gives lectures and seminars on how to form an advertising selling department in a company. She asks herself a question: what are the features of a successful ads opportunities seller?


Lurzers Archive: vectors of the advertising photography

An exciting book with lots of pictures 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide published by the Lurzers Archive magazine used as a base to analyze vectors of the modern advertising photography.

Painted money

There is a means that helps to decrease advertising spends and simplify the communication with the customers. This is a drawing: To built a house is easy just paint and live in.


Sergey ZUEV
Ovip Lokos: effective textual method
Analysis of the Sokol beer advertising.

National pride with a vile energy

Analysis of the Smirnov vodka advertising with the slogan Russian character.

Safe position in advertising is dangerous

Analysis of two advertising campaigns for VneshTorgBank and ImpeksBank.

Konstantin SHIPOV
White Bear from beer alcoholics to cute bears
White Bear beer advertising analysis.


Idea lights windows

Using the example of self-advertising of the agency from Dnepropetrovsk, the author shows how to strengthen a successful decision.


Desire reconstruction

It is rather ungrateful to analyze the usage of sexual motives in advertising since everybody knows that sex will never harm the sales. But still lets try to do it on the advertisements for alcoholic beer drinks Redds (Real natural pleasure) and Tekiza (Its not sex but love).


Igor ZUKEVICH MTC: how to gain loyalty in one day

The authors used advertising aikido: the action cost nearly nothing achieving the enormous effect. The game find your part attracted all the young people in Minsk. Elena Petrova, the psychological editor of the magazine, comments on the campaign.

YES! 5/04

Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


IPA Effectiveness Awards is an exhibition of ideas with commercial power. Institute of the practitioners of advertising is holding the contest for more than twenty years. The participants should show that their advertising campaign is a profitable investment. One serious alternation was made in 2004 not only IPA members could take part in the competition but all comers. Youll find the most interesting campaigns in the magazine:
Campaign against smoking: cigarettes with fat
Direct Line: nice red phone
The Guardian: stout nonconformists
Honda faithful friend, variation for 85 details
Bounty napkins for strong housemaids
Lynx pulse: dancing stuff
Police is the thing you were dreaming about
Refined tempter Virgin Mobile
Volkswagen 150 bhp Golf GTI: dont forget its a diesel
Energy breakfasts Weetabix

Elena PETROVA. Apollo: an effective intrigue
An intrigue was developing in the informational background of the Latvian capital for about a month. Everybody knew that on the 31st October something would happen At the appointed time in the middle of the day the most popular Rigas Internet portal collapsed. In several minutes it reappeared in a new edition safe and sound. This was a bit of a shock for the users and the beginning of the repositioning campaign for the brand Apollo

German EFFIE
German market is fatigued. Nevertheless Germans dont stop to take interesting marketing decisions. This years winners are those who used daring means of communication. Find the most interesting campaigns:
Beer Krombacher: African forests guard
Financial Times in Germany: learn what is going to be important
dia Markt: sly cowboy against high prices
Ketchup Heinz: spicy feast inside your mouth
Mobile O2: the power of name
Bank Deca: granting of wishes
GQ: magazine for real gentlemen


Andrey NADEIN. Adpack: wrapped creativity
Is there a chance of making simple technology for advertising creation? Once decided that the mystery of creation is incomprehensible we are still searching for an instrument that can help people to stir creative skills up. Adpack creative cards pack invented by Rudy Labordus from Australia.

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA, Andrey NADEIN. Eleventh Golden Drum: media is ahead
Festival report: a detailed story about the lectures and workshops, analysis of the festival works and tendencies. The main tendency is striving of the creativity towards invention of new media.


Vladimir VAINER. Index Brand: who is the most cause-related here?
The first Russian festival of the effective cause-related and marketing campaigns took place in 2004. All the winners demonstrated one principle: lets help people together! Youll find two useful stories:
MTS: SMS is the most mobile sponsorship
Rosbank: And Ill give my five kopeks


Vladimir LENSHIN. Fish shaped like a rabbit or Party totally improved
What do you need to make party a success? Budget is not decisive. You can spend modestly and make it overwhelmingly brilliant. Or spend huge sums and your guests will be bored, tired and anxious to leave. People are willing not to eat and drink but to feel festive atmosphere. The author of the article reveals the secrets of its creation.


Erics STENDZENIEKS. My late night story
What is creativity and how to find your own way? An essay by the creative director of the Pigas agency Zoom!


Vitaliy ILINSKIY. Perfection formula
By the example of a press advertisement the author showed how to correct mistakes in the ad decisions, how to reinforce good decisions and how to extract methods and formulas from successful decisions that the creators themselves havent taken into account


Ludmila BOGOMOLOVA. Creativity purpose or medium?
What is creativity? And why do people idealize it? Especially the ones who work in the advertising agencies. Maybe, these discussions are a bit worn out, but still each year there are new materials that cant be left without any notice. The author analyses typical advertisers mistakes.


Ilya OLENEV, Alexander SALANGIN. Sokol beer or new heroes of alternative culture
Advertising campaign for the beer Sokol was discussed among the professionals a lot. It is interesting for its new concept. Elena Petrova comments on it suggesting that we should understand the mechanics of the process


Mahira KARIMOVA. Media strategy of a new brand promotion
Media strategy is a complex of events held by mass media to achieve communicational goals of the advertising campaign. Media strategy creation, what is it? What models do we have? How to create a media plan for a new brand?

Reviews on books about advertising and marketing

YES! 4/04

Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Eugenia GROMOVA, Marina GERASIMOVA. Psychological portrait of the citizens in Moscow and St Petersburg
The marketing data of the research company COMCON-SPb that were gathered in Moscow and St Petersburg allowed to produce psychological portraits of citizens in these two cities. The article would be useful to brand-managers and marketers.


Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Lamtar pioneer among fat-free agencies
The agency Lamtar guided by Philippe Boutie was founded in 1996 and has declared its low-calorie content at once: We are a fat-free agency, only creativity and no wasted money! It is interesting to see how this small agency managed to gain big clients.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Bob Helsinki advertising punks from Finland
Philosophic manifesto of this agency begins with the words what, if? and it behaves bold and independent in all the situations indeed. This small agency under the name Bob is the center of creative brains of our northern neighbours. The article introduces their creative ideas and some case studies.

Ilya MIRSKIY. Open!Design: third way of development
Open!Design is a successful creative laboratory in Moscow. There are two persons in its head Sergei Kuzhavsky and Stas Jitzky. Instead of becoming a large agency they created two innovative ways of development: marketing consultancy and product design.

Ilya MIRSKIY. Marinin&Dolgoborodov want to become center of attraction
This creative small agency wishes to become center of attraction for all the other small and proud studios in order to create a large holding that can compete with network giants.

Ilya MIRSKIY. Great reduces tension
St Petersburg advertising agency Great has its own unique style. The agency is really good at metaphoric language and its works are always witty, ironical and up-to-date, bringing the social tensions reduction.


Vladimir ZABAVSKIY. EFFIE mirror of advertising
This is an interview with the heads of the American EFFIE. The interlocutors are: the president Bruce Mayers, PR representative Mary Churchill and the assistant of the executive director of the American marketing association Eric Stoppenbah. What is it American EFFIE today? How does it reflect the latest market tendencies? The article gives answers to these questions.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Best American EFFIE campaigns
There are four best campaigns that we considered really interesting. Among them are: Boost Mobile (teenage brand of cellular network), Michelob Ultra (beer that is being promoted in a new segment for the Russian market low-carbohydrate beer), Hammer (a touching advertising for a big car).

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Polish and Czech Effie campaigns
The editorial of the magazine helps the readers to get acquainted with the advertising experience of the nearest neighbors: Poland and Czech. Among the Czech brands are Hellmans Yofresh, Tiramisu Vitana and Kit Kat and Polish campaigns are for Debowe Mocne, Lukas Bank, Crunchips and Toyota Corolla.


Andrey NADEIN. Cannes Lions: global market of agencies
Last Cannes Lions results analytic review. The article covers the main tendencies that were highlighted during the festival. Prominent clients interest towards creativity has increased. The strongest advertisements not only promote brands but mould their relationships with the customers. The author of the article also invites the readers to penetrate into the treasury of the advertising methods and unveil the sources of bright ideas.


Oleg OTCHEPKOV, Sergey ARKADIEV How the brand Teplov and Suhov filled the market with emotions
The creators of a b2b campaign tell how they transformed their old and boring brand into a vivid and human one. This helped to raise the sales of the client and to destroy stereotypes of b2b communications of a construction firm.

YES! 3/04

Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Winners of the EURO EFFIE festival
In the magazine youll find case studies of the four most effective campaigns according to the Euro Effie 2003 jury. The brands are the following: Doritos, Durex, Absolut, Free Lander.


Margarita VASILIEVA. Media innovation
New media is a very progressive kind of brand communication, because it gives us an opportunity to get more effect for less money. How to create a new media? There are four main methods: game around the area of consumers living, game around consumers slang, game around brand features and creation of visual aids around the product.

Svetlana OLOVYANNIKOVA. Company Askod: to innovate with the common sense
Marketing director of the company selling computers tells about the main strategy of her firm. The main point is common sense. The ideas are the following: It is much more difficult to form the market than to sell it, Weve got the opportunity to hear our customers directly and not through the marketing reports. It sounds clear and sensible.


Ilya MIRSKIY. Idea!2004: on the way to new forms
This is a report of our correspondent from the Russian advertising festival Idea. The festival was renewed, it has changed its place (now it is held in Sochi) and the choice of a scandalous Grand Prix intrigued the participants of this years competition.


Andrey NADEIN, Ilya MIRSKIY. Innovation or how to destroy borders in packaging
What is an innovation? First, its a strategic idea that leads the company onto a new level of its development, creating new market categories. How to achieve this strategic idea then? Are there any methods that push you ahead? These are the questions on which the authors try to answer in the article which is devoted to the innovation pachage.


And now a few words from Bob Garfield
Bob Garfield is a famous advertising critic, essayist and journalist. For many years he is working as a columnist in the Advertising Age weekly. He criticizes and praises modern advertising. Besides, he is sure that his judgments are always true to life and this made him a scandalous and frightening person in the world of marketing. His book And now a few words from me gathered his thoughts about the advertising process in the last years


COMCON: how to test a positioning concept
The researchers from Comcon tell the readers how to test concepts of brand positioning using quantitative and qualitative methods. It is important that the article gives advice on how to write textual concepts of positioning.
Andrey NADEIN. NeedScope always guides your brands face
If marketing is just satisfying needs, why is it so hard to get it right? Because the needs that really drive consumers are deeply routed and so hidden, that often the consumer cant even recognise them. The world's most successful brands have one thing in common a strong relationship with their consumers. The key to developing a strong brand lies in its ability to identify and satisfy consumers needs. The NeedScope System method helps in this work.

Ilya GAMOV. Strategy of leadership for FMCG campaigns
Brand-manager of a large Russian company gives a detailed analysis of the most successful strategy for an FMCG brand, that is willing to be a leader.

Yuliya BURLAKOVA. Social leverages in branding
Brand managers are struggling in search of strong positioning. The author tells how the usage of social motives that are important to your target group help brands to become good friends to their consumers. And defeat their competitors on the market.


Sergey LOBANOV. The bank UralSib: financial vitamins benefit
The author is a practitioner who is in charge of the PR department in one of the Russian largest banks. The article tells how an innovative and bold idea to create fruit mini-offices helped the bank to promote its services.

Dmitriy MAKAROV. InterStep: accurate ideas and pure metaphors
The creator of the advertising campaign for mobile phone accessories tells how a metaphor helped to revive the brand of this specific product.

Denis POSTUPNOY. Vormil: find a living thing inside yourself
The creator of the campaign for a delicate medicine that cures and prevents intestinal worms explains how the agency managed to overcome inferiority complex of the population and problems with the products placement. Instead of a boring advertising they created a really interesting site, a game, an interactive advertising in the subway and many other things.

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