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Advertising Ideas
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Evgeniya Gromova,Marina Gerasimova (COMCON-Research International)
The usage of projecting methods when determining brand positioning

To create a brand with the qualities that make you dream about it, you should know the most emotional impulses and desires of the consumer. These reactions can't be revealed through the direct questioning of the respondents. To achieve results you should use projecting methods: the consumer is asked to imagine a brand as government, as building in a small town, as a member of family. You can also use comics, role play, questions to the third person, word associations, unfinished sentences, placing.

Margarita Vasiliyeva
Did we create a good brand name?

When creating a brand, we create expenses for advertising. Particularly during the first stage the process of introducing a brand in the market. The unsuccessful name 'gives an opportunity' to spend 300-400 thousand dollars more than needed in the local market and 3000-4000 thousand dollars in the national market. The author gives criteria of good name, analyses famous Russian brands and advises what to do with an unsuccessful name.

Kiril Burdey, Oleg Dembo ("O+K: marketing + consulting")
How to choose the right name for your brand

In the conditions of modern, overflown with information market, when the customer feels the constant pressure of advertising, it is only the name that can play a decisive role in the success or failure of a brand. The article tells about methods which help to reduce the risk of the wrong name which can weaken brand position in the market.

Vadim Uskov
Juridical reefs of branding

All the efforts to create a brand name can be wrecked on juridical reefs. The author gives a detailed description of restrictions and demands which the law puts on the brand: the usage of state symbols; generalization of brands; the usage of the generally accepted terms and symbols; indication of aspect; features; function and valor of goods; usage of time and place of production and sale; confusion of the customer; contradiction to social interests.


Mihail Grienfield
NLP and the company's mission

Recently, in Russia it has become popular to have mission of the firm. Businessmen consider mission as a slogan, financial problem, part of corporate image and so on. And only few consider mission as a resource of management. On the base of NLP the author tells about the function of mission: "the strategical concordance of staff, managers, constitutors lead to minimization of transactional expenses". There are also examples of documentation forms with the firm's mission expressed.

Elena Markushina
10 "don't" of successful business
The market gives us the Rules of the Game. We either follow the Rules or we get out of the Game. The author, a consultant with great experience tells on 10 Rules of the Game that restrict "don't": you can't copy the techniques of organization and business management, you can't involve new people without analyzing their personal motivation, you can't ignore the demands of technical equipment and so on.

Dr. Danica Purg
The Effective Manager in Turbulent Times

The author of the article - Dean and Director IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia. Success in business we reach in integrality, - on the enterprise level, in teams, and at individual levels. It is about the individuals leaders that author concentrates on in this article. There are also practical recommendations how to manage your time effectively and what to do if you are workaholic.

Alexander Erofeev
The best is the enemy of good or Algorithms of making decisions when choosing the advertising conception

A well-spread joke among managers of advertising agencies is: "If you want to ruin a good advertising you should test it". It is true that scientific approach makes creative decisions mediocre. From the other side without examining the advertising with the client there is no guarantee that it is right. The article tells how to solve this problem on the organizational level and not to spoil the creative principal.


Andrey Nadein
Background of the Cannes festival: the knowledge to win

The president of the advertising group "Maxima", Vladimir Evstafiev says in his interview: "The advertising that got awards in Cannes can be related to the style of 'new primitivism'. The creative director of Young & Rubicam Moscow, the member of the jury Press and Poster in 2000, Vadim Zabavsky tells how the names are made in Cannes. The modern tendencies in world's advertising are also shown in the articles.

Margarita Vasilieva
New Moment Ideas Cumpus: Ideas are all around us

A good idea needs the following environment: free, friendly, light, full of impressions, unpredictable with games and competitions... In two words, it is the environment which was created by Dragan Sakan in a tiny city of Piran, when the advertising brotherhood was gathered on "advertising rally" under the name Ideas Cumpus. The impressions of participants, interviews, all these you will find in the article.

Igor Arih
We are the best agency in Slovenia

The advertising agency Arih was organized 2 years ago, but has already received several international awards. The article describes how the Slovenian brands of the bear Smile, water Zala, advertising for Mercedes and for the newspaper Slovenian News were created.


Vladimir Zabavsky
Consept-board. God, save Maggy!

The author, creative director of Young & Rubicam Moscow tells about the technologies of presentations, which is called concept-boards. Using this technology you can create easy and original ideas even if you don't know how to draw. You need only piles of old magazines, scissors, glue and black cardboard.

Andrey Nadein
Agency Rose disrupts stereotypes

In 1995 this agency drew public attention taking a nonstandard decision in advertising of medicine against stress: in one of the busy streets of Moscow they installed a mannequin which was going to jump down from the first floor level. The inscription was very short: Stop. Take Stresstabs. The article tells how the agency used the principal of Disruption and Dimensional Branding.


Arken Kagarov
The packaging life is short. We'll make it beautiful

The art-director of the studio IMA-design tells the principal of making a label, packaging, logo and several brand names. The article also shows the packaging as part of advertising campaign.

Igor Kachalov, Marc Yakupov
How to create an effective label

The consulting firm gives a detailed description of creating a brand concept using the example of mineral water Crystal gulp from choosing the name to packaging. The authors show how with the help of testing they find the way to the consumer's heart. You will also find the results of research in Russia about the rising role of packaging as the medium of brand communication.


Alexander Hvatov
Merchandising as an element of campaign promotional mix

This is an example of using the merchandising technologies in alcohol production in Latvia. Statistical conclusion of work: sales of vodkas Bravo increased from 5% till 21% during six months. The author says what knowledge and skills a Russian merchandiser should possess and what he should do.

Denis Veyko
The particularities of national merchandising

The special attention is given to the description of different technologies of merchandising (boards, sampling, advertising on trolleys, audio advertising and so on) from the practical point of view. The author also describes typical mistakes of merchandisers. Analyzing the reasons of mistakes he says that merchandising in Russia is situated between the departments of marketing and sales.


Ekaterina Eroshkina
The principals of making media-mix

When you make a complex media-plan you can't rely on the information of media research, you should know the general laws of media. The article tells about media-mix approach and a more vivid approach of account planning. The author speaks about low-budget planning and common mistakes of media planners.

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