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YES! 4/03

YES! 4/03


Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Konstantin SAMOILOV. Building category leadership through proactive advertising investment
The article represents advertising as a strategic instrument of leadership in a product category. As the foundation of his analysis the author takes characteristics of the Russian market during the last several years obtained while working with the research marketing agency Business Analytics and the media agency Media Direction, BBDO.


Margarita VASILIEVA, Andrey NADEIN. Brand is the heart of business
A special project of the magazine, a series of interviews with the Russian brand owners: Korkunov, Wild Orchid, Green Mama, ADD, Azbooka, LEK, Pragmatika. All these brands are full of energy and have a number of common features. First of all they create the customers future instead of asking them to build it up for themselves. Secondly, the creators are owners who stand behind the brands. And the last one considers the brand a living business idea that consolidates the personal together. Advertising expresses this idea only. The owners speak about their comprehension of a brand.

Yuriy MIHEEV. Brand and company leaders
Brands behaviour is influenced strongly by the ideas of companys first figures, their conceptions of the future, their values and responsibilities. The author is a professional managing consultant who gives recommendations on how to create a correct vision of a brand.


Yuliya BURLAKOVA. TBWA Hunt Laskaris: an almighty agency from Africa
A South-African agency TBWA Hunt Laskaris manages to improve not only the business of its clients but the whole country as well. The article tells about the TBWA method of Connection Cycle that helps to produce integrated brand communications with the consumers. You will also find some agencys case studies.
Standard Bank: action plan for the targeted people
Sea Harvest: experts love for fish
Nandos: obsession for chicken
"World championship of cricket": provocation in favour of the nation

German EFFIE. A survey of the most interesting festival works that won the prizes at the latest EFFIE in Germany:
Audi: a new offer
Hornbach: there is always something to do
Frosch: get peace of mind
MINI: is it love?
IKEA in Germany: Swedish solution
TV company ZDF: the second sees better
Whisky Ballantines Finest: just the thing!
Deutsche Postbank: state pension alternative
VISA: get a visa into the future
EnBW: use energy intelligently

Czech EFFIE. A survey of the best works made by Czech advertisers in 2003 awarded at the EFFIE festival:
Peugeot 307: not only a number
Rama Creme Bonjour: gripping appetite
Volkswagen: in addition to sauna
Velkopopvicky Kozel: beer as a reward
Ceske pojistovna: "Somebody has, somebody hasnt"
Bila pastelka: sale of white pencils
Oskar: silnt plz

Eriks STENDZENIEKS. Provocation in favour of disabled
The agency ZOOM! (Latvia) took up a very difficult task to reclaim the owners of expensive cars not to park at the places for disabled people. Eriks Stendzenieks, the creative director of the agency, tells about the advertising action.


Samvel AVETISIAN. Beer Tinkoff: mans attribute and womans favourite
Its one of the most scandalous campaigns in Russia during the last year. Moral adepts evoked interest not only to a dissolute commercial but the brand itself. The scandal was naturally planned as the campaign ran smoothly enough. Elena Petrova, psychological editor of the magazine, comments on the campaign.

Olga ZUBKOVA. Finance magazine: how does money make money? Ask me!
Another scandal from the Finance magazine. Advertising arose such a discussion that Moscow authorities decided to ban the posters. What is on the poster: a euro is fucking a dollar and a headline: magazine is about making money. The creators were right: due to the scandal this new edition became widely talked about and recognizable.


Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Make Buzz!
Buzz is one of a few things people rely on. Whom do you believe most: a colorful advertising notice or your best friend? The article analyses methods of making your brand talked about giving some examples.


Vadim USKOV. Solodov, Bystrov, Ivanov and other brand ambassadors
Since the time of ancient Greek craftsmen who stamped their works with their names, people believe in magical strength of brands with concrete personal names behind that could be possibly responsible for products quality. However not all the surnames could be protected by legislative laws of the brand names.

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The working capital ratio is Working Capital Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities. . How to Bitcoin to USD Exchange | Beaxy.com