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YES! 3/02

YES! 3/02


Advertising Ideas
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Philippe Alexandrov
bloody episodes of Russian brandbuilding

Here they are: informational (favorite modulus for any case), shocking (jokes and taboo transgressions), sexual, borrowed film images, film directors ( the commercial is short by a well-known person), self-made (the advertising is created by the advertiser himself).

Evgeniya Gromova, Marina Gerasimova
The experience of using the Brand Sight Gallery method

Often the respondents answer the direct questions insincerely, they are led by social norms. According to the Brand Sight Gallery method they choose pictures that match the brand. This helps to see the real relation to the brand. As an example the authors take the juice market in Russia.


How to make a good application for the Brand of the Year\EFFIE?

As the Russian and European practice shows, the chance for winning Brand of the Year\EFFIE seriously depends on the knowledge of giving information about the brand marketing promotion. The article gives recommendations for filling up the application forms for the contest organization, the jury members and the winners.

Ketchup Picador shows a way to win mans heart

As an example of good application the description of advertising campaign for ketchup Picador. It is has been really well-done and it influenced the jury helping to receive the prestigious award first at the Brand of the Year\EFFIE contest.

Elena Vasilieva (Petrosoyuz) : We fit the international experience to the Russian reality

The brands portfolio of Petrosoyuz includes: ketchups Khan and Picador, soft butter From a farm, series of other products: Housewifes dream and My family. Practically all the brands are the leaders in their fields. The marketing director of the company Petrosoyuz tells about their marketing strategy.


EFFIE the most prestigious advertising contest in Czech

These are the presentations of some advertising campaigns which became winners at the Czech EFFIE in 2001:

VOLVO S/V 40: standard outfit for the same money
Majordomus: emotionally about serious
Peugeot: 7 days a year
Go: charged in a cash machine

EFFIE France 2001: sensible effectivness

Works-winners are gracious, sexual and full of humour. In general, they serve to support and renew the image of stable brands:

Decathlon: escape from braking
Nestle: dessert struggle for sweet life
Spontex: AC/DC gloves
Peugeot 206 : cabriolet-coupe a toy-car
Hextril: headache of tooth mixture
Le Parisien: the younger the reader the richer the newspaper
ING Direct: orange contra advertising has explained the service
Scoot: scout jokes as an advertising argument
TGV: super speedy trains in a rush for the market

German EFFIE 2001: the market belongs to those who think in a new way

In the stories of German EFFIE emotions are also prevailing: advertising of ice-cream, coffee, cars, travel agencies and newspapers the winners which destroy the myth of pragmatic Germans who are not elegant in advertising.

It's time to confess, Cremissimo!
Coffee "Melitta": Big feelings suit a big brand
Smart: Big advertising for a small car
VWSharan : For family values
TUI: Youve deserved it!
DIE WELT: The world belongs to those who think in a new way


How small Toro-Pyshky made grown-ups cry of joy

After the beginning of a national campaign this commercials have become favorites of the public and now you can here the quotations from them in the streets. The brand name is a word-game of pyshka (doughnut) and a person in a hurry. The advertising was made in an ironical style with a slogan : Peace, Friendship, Toro-Pyshky which is a copywriter joke.

How Lickspittle, Pig-headed, Greedy pers and Sneak have eaten a share of the ice-cream market

It has turned out that the customers were waiting for all these bad characters. Both children and adults. And this campaign with a new brand My friends has satisfied the necessity. The psychological editor of the magazine Elena Petrova comments on this situation.


Margarita Vasilieva
Cannes Lions summon to play the life is so short!

This year the Cannes festival was marked by game advertising and absence of text in the works-winners. The author is for the first tendency and against the second. Advertising without a text is more international and amusing but it fulfills its main task worse it promotes the brand worse. Because the main energy of brand is a word, its the vehicle of individuality. The reason of the absence of Russian works the author explains by the lack of informational culture.

Philippe Alexandrov Emotional tone of the articles creatiff.ru from the non-indifferent writers

Creatiff.ru is the most popular advertising forum in Russia, its a kind of expert council where most of the noticeable Russian advertising campaigns are judged upon.


Olga Guseva
Automobile advertising the mirror of soul

Automobiles are wonderful products for advertisers. The consumers put so many emotions in them that it is not necessary to invent something, you should only look carefully and see what is going on inside the customers. The author invites to go through the motivations and emotions in the automobile advertising presented on the pages of American magazines.

Georgiy Minaev
Russian consumer as a fence

The article is about advertising typical for the post-soviet Russia in which the customers motivation is based on the desire to find profit at somebody elses expense. In such actions the customer is a cunning pers who has cheated the seller or another customer.


Vadim Uskov
Marketing wars by the lawyers hands

Most of Russian brand-wars are led with the help of brand-virus. Its like influenza virus which is able to gain weight out of advertising budgets of the competitors. The author gives an example of a specific multi-virus the tooth paste Cedar balm which has used the achievements of its three previous competitors and has occupied a niche on the market due to its strong strategy.


Gallup media
The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg


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