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YES! 2/01

YES! 2/01


Advertising as an instrument of positioning

An exciting conversation between twelve brand managers and specialists of branding on the reality in Russia. The raised questions are: what positioning is, problems of organization while positioning, advertising as an instrument of positioning. Samvel Avetisyan ("Darya"): "If the positioning of the product is well done it doesn't need sales efforts because it is very close to its consumer. If the positioning of the product is wrong then the sales department has to work hard and the result of the campaign fails". Svetlana Kondyreva ("Nevskaya cosmetics"): "The brand manager of today should know the technology for offering a new product". Margarita Vassilieva (copywrighter): "Advertising is a visual aid for studying the brand. Normal advertising is integrate from positioning, in other cases for what is it needed?"

Advertising campaigns

The EFFIE awards has appeared in Russia

The "Best brand" competition which has been held annually since 1997 awards the most successful works in the field of creating and promotion of brands on the Russian market. In 2001 the contest will be held under the EFFIE brand. This is an interview with Maria Hohlova, the president of "Best brand".

EFFIE - successful project of the American Marketing Association

Introduced by the New York American Marketing Association in 1968, EFFIE has since become recognized by agencies and advertisers as the pre-eminent award in the advertising industry. Nowadays national contests EFFIE are held in 70 countries of the world.

Mary Lee Keane: "EFFIE is a contest in which every client wishes luck to its advertising agency"

EFFIE France 2000: effective advertising in French

The magazine presents nine accounts of the most successful advertising campaigns of France in 2000:

Eurostar: how to go out of a tunnel on full speed?
Spontex Swing: the way to wash yourself from the competitors
Leclerc: how to transform an old receipt into a money?
Manix: a witty presentation of a taboo product
Citroen: how to make a successful move with a car?
How to return young people to the army?
"Road warning" for young drivers
Badoit: how to play La Fountain's fables?
ING Direct: how to speak about money in a new way?

Creative club

Jean-Marie Dru
"Method disruption helps to create brand-leaders"

Today Jean-Marie Dru is the president and CEO of TBWA'international. In 1996 he published the book "Disruption: Overturning conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace", in which he proposed a radical new thinking about brand building. In the interview to our magazine he tells the essence of disruption method, gives many examples of disruption and advice how to persuade Russian advertisers not to be afraid when they are not like others: "It is necessary just to make them understand that they lose money. To achieve success in advertising you should be different. In the other way you help your competitor".

Disruption methodology in examples and illustrations

Disruption is about uncovering the culturally embedded biases and conventions that shape standard approaches to business thinking and get in the way of clear, creative thinking. It's about shattering those biases and conventions and setting creativity free to forge a radical new vision of a product, brand, or service. It's about spearheading change rather than reacting to it. In the article you will find three steps of the method (Convention, Disruption, Vision), which form disruption format. There are also four examples of disruption format for the brands: Virgin Megastore, TAG Heuer, Danone, Sony PlayStation.

Advertising workshop

Sergey Gaiday
How to organize a meeting with a wonder for your consumer

The article of a famous Ukrainian creator is devoted to the small advertising forms - the important part of direct marketing communications. The methods of small advertising forms can be divided into two main groups - methods in the work with parameters and methods of connection. For example the product that you sell can be replaced by a smaller copy or by one part. You can add to the product a new sense, a game for the client or make "vice a versa".

Georgiy Minaev
Awful Advertising

The article reveals in details the idea that "bad" intentionally unprofessionally done advertising can be more effective than a well done. But to achieve a good result you should keep several conditions that are given in the articles. If you do everything correctly the consumer gets involved into the game under the form of "bad" advertising and besides perceives advertising message.


"Recipe of packaging" from Mildberry Field

The interview with the management of the advertising agency Mildberry Field, that specializes on the development of brand components including packaging. One of the agency's works is the development of the brand - cereal "Bystrov".

Public relations

Georgiy Pochepzov
Yeltsin's and Putin's images: the ways of forming

Professor Pochepzov is a famous analyst in the field of political technologies, propaganda and PR. The article analyses the ways of Yeltsin's and Putin's image forming. On the whole the situation with Yeltsin is connected with the replacement of negative atmosphere on the politician. The coming of a new personage on the political scene (Putin) allows seeing the phenomenon of a "blank" which can exercise the desires of the public. That's why it was formed as a contrary to Yeltsin's.


Olga Guseva
Chocolate story how to attract new customers with the help of Internet

The author tells about the main business-models in Internet, gives the example of counting of the price for acquiring new clients for the firm producing chocolate cakes.

Inna Semak
Audience of Internet shops


Maxim Filipov
Internet without information or how to gain interconnection with the site


Sergey Timofeev
Internet shop: is it easy to make a permanent client out of the new passer by?


Timofey Bokarev
Principles of media planning in Internet


Media planning

Ekaterina Eroshkina: Media director of a large advertising agency
Media research on press: what do real people have?

The author - media director of a large advertising agency tells about the peculiarities of press advertising comprehension, levels of its effectiveness. The source for analyses is the materials of foreign researches.

The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.


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