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Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Semen Gorelik
Business engineering and company's mission

One of the most doubtful and mysterious documents is "The company's mission". The author gives a technological and systematic approach to the problem from the business engineering point of view. The article dwells on the following questions: "Mission is the attribute of an open system", "Mission is the result of company's positioning", "Mission is the compromise of market and company's interests" and also suggests a cliche of mission's construction.


Yuliya Burlakova
Middle class: it should always exist

The research "The life style of middle class" (the joint project of the company "Comcon-2" and the magazine "Expert"), held in 2000, excited the marketing community of Russia. The number of Russian middle class according to the research is about 4 million people (8% of the country's grown-up population). The article tells about the most urgent results for advertising and gives the summary of the discussion.

Evgenya Gromova, Marina Gerasimova (COMCON-Research International)
"Phantomisme" in advertising as the phenomenon of comprehension"

For the authors the term "phantomisme" means that the target group takes the content of one brand's advertising for another. In these cases there is a shift of stimulating motives and advertising works on the opponents. You will find the concrete examples of "phantomisme" and analyses of their reasons.


Andrey Nadein
Is the contest Brand of the year a Russian variant of Effie?

The contest organizers plan to make out of it in 2001 the Russian Effie, declaring in their official documentation the same goals, for example, promote advertising through its proven effectiveness. However the Brand of the year is not as open as its American or European prototypes: the description of marketing strategies made by the participants is not revealed to the professional media. In the article you will find interesting information about the winners and the most impressive conference speeches.

Igor Krylov
Branding in Russia is growing up rapidly

These are the comments on the contest Brand of the year, made by one of the jury members. The author underlines the deep work of some Russian brands, speaking about future plans of using a united research method. The Grand Prix was given to the Russian brand of sweets Savinov, Nestle company.

Andre Direx, the head of Pentax European Sales Department: Brands are like children

Brands remind us alive creatures: they appear to life, live and go to infinity. In this special interview for our magazine Mr. Direx tells interesting stories about brand repositioning of M&Ms, Twix, Fortis, Pentax during their life period.

Andrey Nadein
Propaganda" for the proper brand-management

This is the interview with the manager and the creative director of the advertising agency "Propaganda/Ogilvy&Mather" (Moscow). They tell the story of advertising for chocolate Tarragona, car salon Orange, Georgian wine Tavadze, Italian furniture Natuzzi. In the article there are principles of agency's work: management of brand but not only of advertising strategy, advertising is built like confrontation to cultural stereotypes, the introducing of brand like personality, advertising shouldn't retell the brief between brief and advertising idea must be creative leap.


Andrey Nadein
Advertising like an attraction

The famous expression: advertising should sell but not entertain is wrong. A great number of effective advertising strategies is based on the consumers' involvement into the game around a brand. The article gives a lot of mediums of advertising game: advertising riddle, actions with things, surprises and tricks, scandal in society, involvement of a consumer into creativity, ardour of competition. In the end the author makes a conclusion: if you want to create game advertising, play yourselves.

Alexey Hashkovsky
Would you rub yourself with emery paper?

The survey of the methods used in advertising of OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. The main aim of such advertising according to the author is to persuade the consumer that there is a link: problembrand and to create a habit. This advertising is far to be ideal from the moral point of view (it is proved by good examples), but there is a demand for it. That's why it gives way to advertising creativity.


Yulya Burlakova
Don't annoy ladies!

Is political correctness important in Russian advertising? The author tries to investigate a question whether the usage of traditional male advertising from one hand and progressive female advertising from the other influences the level of sales. Elena Zdravomyslova, the co-manager of the Gender Research Center of The European University in Saint-Petersburg and Natalya Troyan with Ludmila Bogomolova from the research company O+K (Saint-Petersburg) took part in the discussion.

Elena Petrova
Advertising and sexuality: a trivial thing or new opportunities

The author, a specialist in psychology of advertising, analyses the evident and not evident means of using sexual theme in advertising: breaking of social taboo, agitation of unconscious positive feelings, use of colour, texture and algorithms of sexual experience. The article suggests an interesting hypothesis about sexual characteristics of a product and also of the advertising message. Different combinations of these elements lead to different communication scripts.

Igor Groshev
Masculine discourse in advertising

Male is the main figure in traditional advertising discourse: he is either the principal character or advertising is turned to him. Besides the man in advertising finds himself in an ambiguous situation: he suffers from hunger (and the woman saves him), from cold or bacteria, which produces unpleasant smell, from dandruff, so on. The author thinks that this vulnerability underlines the priority of male figure and the subordinate function of woman in advertising.

Margarita Vasilieva
Male, Female, Infant advertising

We speak on different languages, says a capricious young lady who was waiting for a refined compliment from her admirer but instead she heard: Your legs look just like pens! It is true that men and women express their thoughts and feelings in different ways unless from the linguistic point of view. And you should remember this not only before a romantic meeting but during advertising creativity, too. The author dwells in a very detailed way on the particularities of advertising text for different groups: men, women, children.


Margarita Vasilieva
Let's study advertising and listen the drum

Golden Drum in Slovenia a pleasant and multi-field festival: you can watch interesting advertising, listen to the stories about advertising companies of New Europe and useful lectures of masters who speak clear English. It is a detailed report of the festival illustrated by the winner works.

Dmitriy Boreisha: Future is for naive advertising

Dmitriy Arkatovsky: Word at the front

These noticeable advertisers from Saint-Petersburg are joined together because they both don't agree with several traditional views on advertising. The articles give examples, which illustrate their position.


Nicolay Bunkin
The most successful agent for the history of humanity

It is a thrilling story about product placement of the famous brands (Omega, BMW, Ericsson, Martini, Smirnoff, Visa, Heineken, Avis rental cars, L'Oreal) in the films about James Bond.

Alexander Bankin
Call-centers as the branding instrument

The call-centres spread into all economic spheres of developed countries during the last quarter of the century. Their services are used by 80% of American companies. The author refers to the works of Garth Hallberg, the international director of the differential marketing in Ogilvy&Mather and on the examples of using call-centres in Moscow in the programmes of consumers' loyalty increasing.


Alexander Kozlenko
The meaning of name in Internet

If the name is so important why the brand names in Internet are so bad? Most of recently appeared brand names are simply awful! The author gives a lot of examples of successful and failed brand names on the Internet sites. And also gives nine rule how to create a successful name.


Mihail Dymshiz
Size does matter: the larger the size, the higher the meaning

Today more than half of television time, devoted to advertising, is occupied by the commercials shorter than 20 seconds. The author proves that the use of short commercials is the typical mistake of Russian businessmen while promoting a brand.

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