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YES! 1/04

YES! 1/04


Advertising Ideas
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Andrey NADEIN. Brand Dynamics methodology of aiming brand for the better future
How to predict brands future? Best is to use one of the smartest methodologies proved by experience. For instance, Brand Dynamics method that is being used in practice by the Russian research company A/R/M/I Marketing (Millward Brown). The article gives a detailed description of the methodological tools such as Brand Dynamics Pyramid, Brand Signature, Voltage.


Yulya BURLAKOVA. Russian winner in Cannes
A man with the surname Tikhomoroff took 38 lions from Cannes, 11 of them are golden. In number of awards he is the first after legendary Joe Pytka. Its time for the country to know its hero. The article represents creative achievements of Joao Tikhomiroff, Brazilian director who impresses the whole world.

Yulya BURLAKOVA. Golden Drum festival: the tenth beat on bad advertising
In 2003 Russia got two Golden Sticks, one Silver Stick and one Golden Watch Prize in the category best advertising campaign. One of the noticed tendencies of the festival is Media is creativity. The number of participants has enlarged geographically and in the coming year we will see a new modified festival, said its president Yuriy Apih.


Campaigns-winners of the Golden Watch competition (part of the Golden Drum festival):
Gazeta Sporturilor: sports team of journalists
Live Fiat!
Dogs life remains
Animals in the city
Die fast!
Toyota Yaris: side does matter
Beer IZZY: secret of a good party in the bottle
Jeep: break free!
Media1 proved creative placement
Kazina dance school: how to mark effectively a territory in 50 meters

IPA Effectiviness Awards 2002: the most effective marketing campaigns of the UK
The contest has slightly changed the rules: not only creative agencies could apply for entries but all the other market participants as well. Youll find a survey of some of the winners case studies in the magazine.
How frogs, lizards and a silly word helped to raise the market share of Budweiser
Marmite: either love it or hate it!
Halifax: advertising of a bank as an advertising of a shop with some entertaining elements
The "white stuff" made for Dairy Council brand
Bread Hovis: newly packed healthy benefit
Olivio/Bertolli: join the "Club 18 - 130"
The Economist: its important to sell brand and not the coming issue
Sainsbury's: successful recipe for a supermarket
Tesco: profitable carrot
Shame is against drinking on the road
Hastings Hotels: advertising called tourists into provinces
Manchester Evening News: how a newspaper found a job


Rustam Salimzyanov: Join the game SHEMOTOHIM
What does it mean SHEMOTOHIM or THEYMOTOTHEM? This question interested a lot of passersbys when they saw posters with strange phrases. At last it turned out to be a Russian version of the campaign for Motorola that promoted a new model of the cellular phone trying to attract young people by motocodes.


Alan ROSENSPAN. Thinking like a direct-marketologist
The author is the president of Alan Rosenspan&Associates (the USA), consultant in the sphere of direct-marketing and winner of a number of prestigious festivals. He tells about the omissions and things neglected in Lester Wundermans book Being Direct. The author tells the readers what should be learnt to gain direct-marketologist thinking. Examples of real direct marketing projects, that the author held himself, are really interesting.


Ilya MYRSKIY. Brand of the year/EFFIE: arm yourself with creativity next time!
The main results are: the number of applicants increased, the level of participant requests became much better but creative solutions are still weak. Grand Prix in the category New Name was given to the brand of dairy products NEO (Wimm-Bill-Dann), SAMSUNG won the prize in the nomination Image Change, NESCAFE was awarded in the nomination Reputation and Confidence.
You will also find some case-studies of the campaigns that seemed to be interesting to the editorial:
Nesafe: a brilliant beginning of an arctic day
Beer Golden Barrel: new life in a new package
iRU: best friend is a laptop


Igor MANN. Marketing future: be ready
Written by a famous analyst in Russia the eight stages of his prognosis start with the statement Marketing influences six senses, mention the Growing role of creativity and finally finish with an optimistic Marketing wont die.

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How to prepare adjusting entries: step-by-step guide.