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YES! 3/03

YES! 3/03


Advertising Ideas
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Yulia BURLAKOVA Brands are old myths about the essence
The agency Young&Rubicam offered a new method of brand valuation called Y&Rchetype created according to Carl Jungs archetypes. The methods aim is the Brand Meaning Management. Analysis is made with the help of Methods map, divided into the zones corresponding to 13 archetypes, which are located on the following axes: Thought-Emotion and Substance-Energy. The method allows to discuss the brand essence with consumers and creative staff on an intuitive level.

Elena PETROVA. Why does a brand-manager need to know about archetypes?
Usage of mythical patterns gives to chaotic experiences recognizable and predictable traits. Add a familiar image to a brand and the engine for taking decisions is ready for work.

The Added Value: comprehension of branding capabilities is the most important.
An interview with one of the The Added Values chiefs, David Nichols, who said: If you want to create brand that works you should penetrate into its emotional personality. We try to understand people from other countries, their politics and culture better. We use the trend corridor of Tokyo Los-Angeles New-York London as well: so the tendency is that if a new thing appears in Tokyo then it appears in Los-Angeles, New-York and London and only after that in Sydney or Moscow.


Alexander SHEVELEVICH. A game of balls in provocation.
A case-study of the advertising campaign for a billiards club. The authors tried to overcome stereotypes. As a result the spot reminds of an amateur film with some spied scenes accentuating men walking with their hands in the trousers pockets. The spot evoked a lot of discussions and is commented by Elena Petrova, the magazines editor of psychology.

Lev KOSTCHEEV. How to blow up the market? Become an investigator!
The advertising campaign for the Ekaterinburg cellular network company got an award at the Idea 2003 festival. It is a good example of using consumers as allies in brand promotion. The operator had provided free testing of the network. It helped to create a positive image of the company which takes care of its services quality and is attentive to the users.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. ICA (Sweden): advertising is more interesting then a series
Swedish brand ICA (retail shops selling food and necessities) suffered from brands obscurity. But meticulous strategy and unexpected advertising campaign made the brand wholesome, lifted the sales and Sweden couldnt take the eyes from the TV screens. Advertising series took off the stress and made parody on advertising itself.


Andrey NADEIN. Lurzer's TV Archive: latest spots from all over the world
A survey of the content of the international magazine Lrzer's TV Archive. Youll find stories about commercials, revealing modern tendencies in advertising, interviews with famous directors. A DVD disc with a collection of commercials is attached to the magazine. Read a detailed story of the 4th issue 2002 and the translation of an interview with a famous film director Frank Budgen.

Andrey NADEIN. Advertising of a new kind at the Cannes Lions Festival.
This year the festival was held for the 50th time. The main features remain, they are the game and entertainments. All the talks about renovations were not fulfilled. The author thinks that this anniversary could be considered to be a turning point for the Cannes Lions. The author puts a question: which work gets an award at the festivals. Fresh idea? New approach? New method? Good performance? And admits that giving prizes for the outward appearances and not for the ideas behind them became more ubiquitous.

Margarita VASILIEVA. Ivan Zacharias: Documentary is very important in advertising
This is an interview with a famous advertising film director. Zachariass works got prizes at the Golden Drum festival, in Cannes, D&AD. Among his works are the spots for Stella Artois Beer, a long commercial for Absolut vodka styled like old Indian films, the low-cut Levis jeans, Land Rover Freelander and a spot for the Royal Marines. Zacharias is strongly attracted by documentary in advertising and always edits his spots himself

Ilya MIRSKIY The pure idea is all mighty. A story about the seventh festival Idea 2003 of low-budget advertising in Novosibirsk. One of the most prominent participant worth of a Grand Prix was a girl freelancer from Minsk, whose work was highly appreciated. And the only reason for not winning a Grand Prix was its category of social branding.


Evgeniy MACHNEEV. How to earn on charity or why is there a monument to the brick in Vologda? Charity is a powerful marketing step. But it needs to be taken correctly. Attract the interest of the press with the action, conciliate the target group and establish relations with the government. One of the effective means is to engage the journalists into participation. The author of the article invented a strange action he created a buzz about a project of a monument to the brick in Vologda. It wasnt true but it entailed lots of publications.


Yulia BURLAKOVA. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobe.
The book Emotional Branding is characterized by its anthropocentric views stating that a human being is above everything. Many of Gobes cases are stories about relationships with clients. The authors analysis is made on four basics: Relationships, Sensorial experiences, Imagination and Vision. These are also the names of the chapters.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. My manners are my treasure.
The story of Hamish Pringles book Brand Manners. Pringle offers a special scheme named The brand manners book of life, the aim of which is to combine the companys energies at the moment of meeting the client. According to its scheme there are four levels of relationships: spiritual, political, emotional and rational. As a result of the method realization the consumers life simplifies and the companys staff takes pleasures in working with the brand.


Andrey NADEIN. Metaphor.
Branding has links with science, psychology, art We can even advance into the sphere of more basic ideas of existence and philosophy. This article is the first in the series of conversations-essays on the topics provoked by contemporary advertising. These will be interviews with people not connected with advertising. In this issue we speak about metaphor with the Russian poet Arkadiy Dragomoschenko. Metaphor as a tool of worlds perceiving is a very important function of advertising. The article is given with the examples of metaphor usage in advertising.

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