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YES! 5/04

YES! 5/04


Advertising Ideas
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IPA Effectiveness Awards is an exhibition of ideas with commercial power. Institute of the practitioners of advertising is holding the contest for more than twenty years. The participants should show that their advertising campaign is a profitable investment. One serious alternation was made in 2004 not only IPA members could take part in the competition but all comers. Youll find the most interesting campaigns in the magazine:
Campaign against smoking: cigarettes with fat
Direct Line: nice red phone
The Guardian: stout nonconformists
Honda faithful friend, variation for 85 details
Bounty napkins for strong housemaids
Lynx pulse: dancing stuff
Police is the thing you were dreaming about
Refined tempter Virgin Mobile
Volkswagen 150 bhp Golf GTI: dont forget its a diesel
Energy breakfasts Weetabix

Elena PETROVA. Apollo: an effective intrigue
An intrigue was developing in the informational background of the Latvian capital for about a month. Everybody knew that on the 31st October something would happen At the appointed time in the middle of the day the most popular Rigas Internet portal collapsed. In several minutes it reappeared in a new edition safe and sound. This was a bit of a shock for the users and the beginning of the repositioning campaign for the brand Apollo

German EFFIE
German market is fatigued. Nevertheless Germans dont stop to take interesting marketing decisions. This years winners are those who used daring means of communication. Find the most interesting campaigns:
Beer Krombacher: African forests guard
Financial Times in Germany: learn what is going to be important
dia Markt: sly cowboy against high prices
Ketchup Heinz: spicy feast inside your mouth
Mobile O2: the power of name
Bank Deca: granting of wishes
GQ: magazine for real gentlemen


Andrey NADEIN. Adpack: wrapped creativity
Is there a chance of making simple technology for advertising creation? Once decided that the mystery of creation is incomprehensible we are still searching for an instrument that can help people to stir creative skills up. Adpack creative cards pack invented by Rudy Labordus from Australia.

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA, Andrey NADEIN. Eleventh Golden Drum: media is ahead
Festival report: a detailed story about the lectures and workshops, analysis of the festival works and tendencies. The main tendency is striving of the creativity towards invention of new media.


Vladimir VAINER. Index Brand: who is the most cause-related here?
The first Russian festival of the effective cause-related and marketing campaigns took place in 2004. All the winners demonstrated one principle: lets help people together! Youll find two useful stories:
MTS: SMS is the most mobile sponsorship
Rosbank: And Ill give my five kopeks


Vladimir LENSHIN. Fish shaped like a rabbit or Party totally improved
What do you need to make party a success? Budget is not decisive. You can spend modestly and make it overwhelmingly brilliant. Or spend huge sums and your guests will be bored, tired and anxious to leave. People are willing not to eat and drink but to feel festive atmosphere. The author of the article reveals the secrets of its creation.


Erics STENDZENIEKS. My late night story
What is creativity and how to find your own way? An essay by the creative director of the Pigas agency Zoom!


Vitaliy ILINSKIY. Perfection formula
By the example of a press advertisement the author showed how to correct mistakes in the ad decisions, how to reinforce good decisions and how to extract methods and formulas from successful decisions that the creators themselves havent taken into account


Ludmila BOGOMOLOVA. Creativity purpose or medium?
What is creativity? And why do people idealize it? Especially the ones who work in the advertising agencies. Maybe, these discussions are a bit worn out, but still each year there are new materials that cant be left without any notice. The author analyses typical advertisers mistakes.


Ilya OLENEV, Alexander SALANGIN. Sokol beer or new heroes of alternative culture
Advertising campaign for the beer Sokol was discussed among the professionals a lot. It is interesting for its new concept. Elena Petrova comments on it suggesting that we should understand the mechanics of the process


Mahira KARIMOVA. Media strategy of a new brand promotion
Media strategy is a complex of events held by mass media to achieve communicational goals of the advertising campaign. Media strategy creation, what is it? What models do we have? How to create a media plan for a new brand?

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