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Advertising Ideas
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Andrey Nadein
Interbrand: how to create the key factors of a brand

A first hand story about branding from Interbrand, the largest brand-consulting company in the world and also about rating formation of The 100 Top Brands published annually in Business Week.

Tony Allen: You cant predict future, you can create it

An interview with the head of Londons department of Interbrand

Stories about Interbrand works:

Ketchup EZ Squirt has raised the sales of the whole company off-hand
3 Com: dialectics of success
Maya Angelou Life Mosaic: poesy as a part of the product
BMW: Driving Excellence
Toothpaste Crest has become more noticeable
Branding for Not-For-Profit

Andrey Nadein
Pret A Manger: the dinner is ready!

Brand Pret A Manger evokes admiration. It combines a passion for good meals, hardworking personal and a high trust of the consumers. Pret A Manger is one of the heroes of the book Uncommon Practice, published by Interbrand

Margarita Vasilieva
Is it far from Tallinn? Estonia wants to become a brand

To make a brand out of a new product is a difficult task, but traditional. However to make a brand out of a country is rather an unusual thing! The British office of consulting company Interbrand should be proud of its new work the project of a new attractive image of Estonia.

Margarita Vasilieva
LEK is a blue giant of St. Petersburg

A story of color usage in the creation of a strong brand individuality for the construction corporation.

Michail Dymshiz, Michail Riymin
Cedar balm: effective simplicity

It took an unknown toothpaste only several years to become one of the most popular on the Russian market and to leave behind some of their really famous competitors. The turning point in the brand development was a trivial establishment of the premium price for the product.


Yulia Burlakova
To be kind is profitable even in Russia

This is a story about the first appearance of social branding in Russia. The author gives three reasons why social branding is possible in our country: we consider ourselves a spiritual nation, there is an informational hunger for positive events in the country, middle class is becoming stronger, brands could substitute religious blanks. The author also gives advice how to built a program of social marketing.

Yulia Burlakova
Vinnap: lets shock the competitors with a motor race

Even on a high competitive beer market social activity of the brand is able to raise the sales and give powerful publicity. This is a story of the beer brand Comrade Bender in Novosibirsk.

Margarita Vasilieva
We say brand but mean mission!

Brands with mission give confidence to people. The process of creating a mission is the following: going from the particular to the general we reveal the true reasons of crazy ideas and strange purchases. The article explains how to find a principle to distinguish a real mission from a fake made under the fashion pressure. This is the principle of social transmission. It was used as a base to create a new mission for Pentax authors work.


Gleb Arhangelskiy
From consumers satisfaction to values realization

The article is addressed to those who are tired of insane race for a selfish, unpredictable, willful creature the onsumer. The author explains that property men understand their own values better and better use them in the firm organizational structure.


Ilya Mirskiy
Telephones Samsung: expensive pleasure as a lifestyle

Case study about the winner of the contest Best Brand/ EFFIE 2002.


Ilya Mirskiy
Moscow Festival 2002: if there is no big idea, it should be invented

Survey of the events and winners at the 12th Moscow International Advertising Festival

Andrey Nadein
Golden Drum festival of ideas, stars and friendship

A report from the festival and also analysis of the works-winners. The works from the Eastern Europe show how to escape the most common advertising methods.


Campaigns-winners at the Golden Watch competition, which takes place during the Golden Drum festival:

XNET: on television through the budgets eye
Electro World: wait a minute, here comes a toast!
Mdecines Sans Frontires: we also need branding
Mobitel: Kolja in a hurricane of news
You Are What You Wear: Czechs against fakes
Carlov bridge: begging beautifully for money
Costa Crociere: strive for cruise addiction!
IKEA catalogue inspiration with a delivery
Internet in Slovakia: filling in the gaps


Oleg Otshepkov, Georgiy Konyaev
How to do well to your friend

Elena Petrova, magazines editor of psychology, comments on the advertising campaign of an automobile shop. The main conclusion is that the car fellowship is infantile in Russia and it could be a good starting point for advertising.


Ilya Mirskiy
The object of adoration or the super task of childrens advertising

Kids love animated characters like M&Ms or rabbit Quicky; older children prefer games, teenagers react to commercials with a bit older and cooler guys. The article gives a technological recipe of how to create advertising for children, based on the different brand-managers opinions.

Oleg Smirnov
A decent man needs card index

The author tells how to use a card index in your creative work.

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