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YES! 3/04

YES! 3/04


Advertising Ideas
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Yulia BURLAKOVA. Winners of the EURO EFFIE festival
In the magazine youll find case studies of the four most effective campaigns according to the Euro Effie 2003 jury. The brands are the following: Doritos, Durex, Absolut, Free Lander.


Margarita VASILIEVA. Media innovation
New media is a very progressive kind of brand communication, because it gives us an opportunity to get more effect for less money. How to create a new media? There are four main methods: game around the area of consumers living, game around consumers slang, game around brand features and creation of visual aids around the product.

Svetlana OLOVYANNIKOVA. Company Askod: to innovate with the common sense
Marketing director of the company selling computers tells about the main strategy of her firm. The main point is common sense. The ideas are the following: It is much more difficult to form the market than to sell it, Weve got the opportunity to hear our customers directly and not through the marketing reports. It sounds clear and sensible.


Ilya MIRSKIY. Idea!2004: on the way to new forms
This is a report of our correspondent from the Russian advertising festival Idea. The festival was renewed, it has changed its place (now it is held in Sochi) and the choice of a scandalous Grand Prix intrigued the participants of this years competition.


Andrey NADEIN, Ilya MIRSKIY. Innovation or how to destroy borders in packaging
What is an innovation? First, its a strategic idea that leads the company onto a new level of its development, creating new market categories. How to achieve this strategic idea then? Are there any methods that push you ahead? These are the questions on which the authors try to answer in the article which is devoted to the innovation pachage.


And now a few words from Bob Garfield
Bob Garfield is a famous advertising critic, essayist and journalist. For many years he is working as a columnist in the Advertising Age weekly. He criticizes and praises modern advertising. Besides, he is sure that his judgments are always true to life and this made him a scandalous and frightening person in the world of marketing. His book And now a few words from me gathered his thoughts about the advertising process in the last years


COMCON: how to test a positioning concept
The researchers from Comcon tell the readers how to test concepts of brand positioning using quantitative and qualitative methods. It is important that the article gives advice on how to write textual concepts of positioning.
Andrey NADEIN. NeedScope always guides your brands face
If marketing is just satisfying needs, why is it so hard to get it right? Because the needs that really drive consumers are deeply routed and so hidden, that often the consumer cant even recognise them. The world's most successful brands have one thing in common a strong relationship with their consumers. The key to developing a strong brand lies in its ability to identify and satisfy consumers needs. The NeedScope System method helps in this work.

Ilya GAMOV. Strategy of leadership for FMCG campaigns
Brand-manager of a large Russian company gives a detailed analysis of the most successful strategy for an FMCG brand, that is willing to be a leader.

Yuliya BURLAKOVA. Social leverages in branding
Brand managers are struggling in search of strong positioning. The author tells how the usage of social motives that are important to your target group help brands to become good friends to their consumers. And defeat their competitors on the market.


Sergey LOBANOV. The bank UralSib: financial vitamins benefit
The author is a practitioner who is in charge of the PR department in one of the Russian largest banks. The article tells how an innovative and bold idea to create fruit mini-offices helped the bank to promote its services.

Dmitriy MAKAROV. InterStep: accurate ideas and pure metaphors
The creator of the advertising campaign for mobile phone accessories tells how a metaphor helped to revive the brand of this specific product.

Denis POSTUPNOY. Vormil: find a living thing inside yourself
The creator of the campaign for a delicate medicine that cures and prevents intestinal worms explains how the agency managed to overcome inferiority complex of the population and problems with the products placement. Instead of a boring advertising they created a really interesting site, a game, an interactive advertising in the subway and many other things.

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