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YES! 4/04

YES! 4/04


Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Eugenia GROMOVA, Marina GERASIMOVA. Psychological portrait of the citizens in Moscow and St Petersburg
The marketing data of the research company COMCON-SPb that were gathered in Moscow and St Petersburg allowed to produce psychological portraits of citizens in these two cities. The article would be useful to brand-managers and marketers.


Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Lamtar – pioneer among fat-free agencies
The agency Lamtar guided by Philippe Boutie was founded in 1996 and has declared its low-calorie content at once: “We are a fat-free agency, only creativity and no wasted money!” It is interesting to see how this small agency managed to gain big clients.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Bob Helsinki – advertising punks from Finland
Philosophic manifesto of this agency begins with the words “what, if?’ and it behaves bold and independent in all the situations indeed. This small agency under the name Bob is the center of creative brains of our northern neighbours. The article introduces their creative ideas and some case studies.

Ilya MIRSKIY. Open!Design: third way of development
Open!Design is a successful creative laboratory in Moscow. There are two persons in its head – Sergei Kuzhavsky and Stas Jitzky. Instead of becoming a large agency they created two innovative ways of development: marketing consultancy and product design.

Ilya MIRSKIY. “Marinin&Dolgoborodov” want to become center of attraction
This creative small agency wishes to become center of attraction for all the other small and proud studios in order to create a large holding that can compete with network giants.

Ilya MIRSKIY. Great reduces tension
St Petersburg advertising agency Great has its own unique style. The agency is really good at metaphoric language and its works are always witty, ironical and up-to-date, bringing the social tensions reduction.


Vladimir ZABAVSKIY. EFFIE – mirror of advertising
This is an interview with the heads of the American EFFIE. The interlocutors are: the president Bruce Mayers, PR representative Mary Churchill and the assistant of the executive director of the American marketing association Eric Stoppenbah. What is it American EFFIE today? How does it reflect the latest market tendencies? The article gives answers to these questions.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Best American EFFIE campaigns
There are four best campaigns that we considered really interesting. Among them are: Boost Mobile (teenage brand of cellular network), Michelob Ultra (beer that is being promoted in a new segment for the Russian market – “low-carbohydrate beer”), Hammer (a touching advertising for a big car).

Yulia BURLAKOVA. Polish and Czech Effie campaigns
The editorial of the magazine helps the readers to get acquainted with the advertising experience of the nearest neighbors: Poland and Czech. Among the Czech brands are Hellman’s Yofresh, Tiramisu Vitana and Kit Kat and Polish campaigns are for Debowe Mocne, Lukas Bank, Crunchips and Toyota Corolla.


Andrey NADEIN. Cannes Lions: global market of agencies
Last Cannes Lions results analytic review. The article covers the main tendencies that were highlighted during the festival. Prominent clients’ interest towards creativity has increased. The strongest advertisements not only promote brands but mould their relationships with the customers. The author of the article also invites the readers to penetrate into the treasury of the advertising methods and unveil the sources of bright ideas.


Oleg OTCHEPKOV, Sergey ARKADIEV How the brand “Teplov and Suhov” filled the market with emotions
The creators of a b2b campaign tell how they transformed their old and boring brand into a vivid and human one. This helped to raise the sales of the client and to destroy stereotypes of b2b communications of a construction firm.

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