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YES! 1/01

YES! 1/01


Kirill Burdey
Oleg Dembo
Line extension: strategy of success or a way to nowhere?

Line extension - the release of different types of goods under one brand is a well-spread practice not only in Russia but also in the world. This strategy has a lot of obvious advantages and not obvious disadvantages. The authors analyze the strategy of the following brands: Valio, "My family", "Nuri princess (Candy, Gita, Java)" and the reasons for the success of line extension strategy. But on the whole the researchers recommend to reduce line extension to minimum.

Creative club

The apple jam of the Moscow Advertising Festival

This report about the main advertising festival of Russia tells about the most interesting lectures, seminars and the review of the prizewinner works.

Doctor Krylov gives diagnoses of Moscow Advertising Festival

The tenth Moscow international festival helped to reveal two serious diseases that has been making this main Russian festival suffer for two years. The first one is the donation of the main prizes to the invited international juries. The second - rising neglection to native works within each year.

Margarita Vasilieva
Epica Ewards: The one who sees two steps ahead,

The author is the member of the Epica Awards jury. After having looked six thousand advertising works in four days it is possible to feel the tendencies of European advertising fashion... What's new in the European advertising now? Documentary films, sentimentality, game connected with the serious approach to life, competition and the search of new forms are in fashion. A lot of advertising is devoted to the different types of communication and energetic old ladies will soon exclude charming pretty women.

Margarita Vasilieva
The fig leaf of European advertising

Now advertiser has got an opportunity to receive a fig leaf as an honorable prize. Where? In Lisbon on the international contest of erotic advertising which is named accordingly - Leaf. New festival deals with commercial eroticism, which is so essential to human existence, a prelude to procreation.

Public relations

Radislav Gandapas
Press conference: marching together

In this article you'll find the nine steps that you should make preparing to the press conference. The material is written in an exciting tone, contains a lot of examples and important remarks that are impossible to invent. At the end of the article there are 15 questions for the self-preparation test.

Media planning

Ekaterina Eroshkina: Media director of a large advertising agency
Media research on radio: what do real people have?

The author - media director of a large advertising agency tells about the peculiarities of radio advertising comprehension, levels of its effectiveness. The source for analyses is the materials of foreign researches.

Radio audience - the new way of measuring

Radio as a source of advertising is underestimated because of the information lack (we don't have full knowledge about radio listeners, their preferences in life and on radio). The author tells about new methods of radio investigations, which combine diaries and telephone questionnaires.

The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.


The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.


The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.



Semen Gorelik
Business-engineering: modern approach to management

Russian enterprises have to overcome illusions and prejudices in the field of management. For example, it is necessary to understand that not only products but companies as well can be competitive. The author suggests an interesting business-model of a company that makes the process of management "transparent".


Jacques Bille: AACC Vice President
The most effective advertising campaigns of Europe in 2000

The material is dedicated to the Euro Effie competition. The aim of the Euro Effie competition is to award advertising that builds brands across frontier. It is needed to find a successful campaigns that have been proven successful in three or more European countries. Each of the advertising stories tells about the situation on the market, creative solution, media strategy and results.

Energy Drink Red Bull gives you wings
Absolut: the art of pyramid construction
Care Line of the OMO washing powder
Sony Playstation: the victory of image over the technical superiority
Libero diapers: Up and Go!
Winterthur Insurance Company: the philosophy of risk
IBM taught the world to make e-business
Kilroy travels international: shocking positioning
Letsbuyit.com perspectives of e-business
Pringles Chips: fun and taste in the same box
Play Tex lingerie: woman on the move
Air France: a small plane against cliche
MasterCard: intelligent about money
IWC watches: ironical threat


How to sell idea?

Even experienced advertisers can face the problem of juridical advertising presenting, so to say advertising ideas. There are reasons because this creative is not the part of author's rights. Then how to protect the product which is not protected by the state? The author gives a detailed description of making an agreement, coordination of the technical task and the process of giving the work to the client affirmed by his signature.

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