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YES! 1/02

YES! 1/02


Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Gleb Arhangelsky
Time management for representatives of extreme
professions: brand-managers and top-managers

Without the technology of working with time the brand manager will either fail himself in a year (especially if he is working at a Russian non-structural and non-planned enterprise) or fail the project. The article is devoted to the practice of time management.

Elena Petrova
The problems of brand introducing into the life of an organization

Brand exists in two worlds at once: in the outside market where it conquers the hearts of consumers and inside of the company. In both cases the brand must have a support because different unexpected powers can oppose the introducing of a brand. The specialist in innovation consulting tells how to introduce a brand into the corporal culture of an organisation.


Michael Podushko
The ways of searching new product's ideas

In the situation of tense competition on the market the question "How to find an idea for a new product?" becomes rather urgent. The article is written by a specialist in the market researches who tells the readers the modern ways of answering the question using the method Locator by Research International company.

Samvel Avetisyan
The myth in branding as the theory of creation

With the victory of industrial revolution the brand was given magic features. The author, a talented Russian brand manager, advises to study the works on mythology including "Myth's dialectics" by Alexey Losev while working on brand creation.


«Best Brand / EFFIE» in Russia tells new names

The contest is unique but it is far away from ideal. This is the jury's point of view. The review of the contest is made by one of the jury members Igor Krulov, who says: "The brands are becoming more expensive and the umbrellas wider".

"Klinskoe" – beer for lively cheerful companies

An interview with Vacheslav Kuzmenko, brand manager of the beer "Klinskoe", which has got Gran Prix at «Best Brand / EFFIE» in 2001 in the nomination "Image change". The success is evident, due to the precise promotion and playable advertising the unknown bear became the favorite youth brand in a very short period of time.

Beer "Solodov": how the East came to the West

The fast introducing into the market gave the brand an opportunity to get the first award at «Best Brand / EFFIE» in the section "Beer". The article tells the advertising strategy of this new beer.


Evgenia Gromova, Marina Gerasimova
Advertising influence on the brand identification (from the qualitative research experience of the beer's market)

Beer advertising is a powerful instrument of motivation to taste the product. And usually in this advertising there are hidden failures. In the article you will find the advice based on the beer's market research during the last several years. Among the typical brand failures are the following: the concept of advertising doesn't correspond the image of 'ideal' product, the consumers don't want to identificate themselves with the advertising hero.


Ilya Mirsky
The Moscow Advertising festival shows a trick

The article gives the review of the event and the winners, interviews with the jury members and experts. With the author you'll find yourself in the largest advertising forum in Russia and will learn a lot.

Search for ideas in the air

The weekly New Moment Ideas Campus (Slovenia) in 2001 was held under the motto «Nothing is created unless it is dreamt first». As before all the efforts of organizers were to stimulate the creativity in the conscious and subconscious of participants. This year Ideas Campus will be held in August 23–28 under the motto «Think like Leonardo!». More detailed information on the site www.newmoment-ideascampus.com.

Margarita Vasilieva
Concert for the drum with the orchestra

A report from the advertising festival of New Europe Golden Drum: people, events, winners and tendencies. The author thinks that advertising has become kinder, more transparent in form and less expensive. Russian advertising agencies have got only "silver" this year. The works of the winners illustrate the article.

The description of nine effective advertising campaigns including those, which got the prizes at the Golden Drum:

Tatra banka: smart are with us
OXY: pimples are out of date
Xnet: cybercarrot and honey on-line
Radio B1: point into lightposter
Electrolux: banana is the best billboard
Ace: shake the unique
Social advertising has changed the Czech
IKEA: high prices make happy
Visir: watch out the snow whiteness!

The bold protest and attract attention

The advertising that involves absurd elements and parody is well memorized. The advertising campaign of automobile tyres with the slogan "Stop driving on bold" and "Take the snow-drift (in Russian take the nose) under control" used the word game. Comments of the our magazine's psychologist Elena Petrova.


Andrey Nadein
What does the contest of effective advertising EFFIE teach us?

The contest Effie gives valuable material for the advertising analysts. In 2001 about 40 descriptions of successful campaigns were published in our magazine. Analyzing the reasons for success we pointed out a series of strategies of modern branding: to come out in time, to concentrate on the target auditorium, to understand brand in the modern way, "change the product" and "save money". In the article these strategies are given with the examples that proved effectiveness.


Margarita Vasilieva
Five circles of brand identity

If you want to be noticed in a crowd you should have a bright identity. The same is on the market. The consultant in construction and promotion of brands tells how the identity of a brand is formed. The story is accompanied by the examples from the world's practice and the practice of the author. The readers will follow the circles of identity structure: belief, mission and slogan, surface features, lexis and behavior, style of advertising.

Yulia Burlakova
Low advertising: don't be snobs, it is interesting

Folklore is not only improper songs and graffiti. Sometimes the folk's conscious intrudes into the advertising creation. And it is interesting. The author has connected the methods of 'folk" advertising together giving superb examples.

Sergey Pronin
Creative perception or how to learn to look at the world differently in 30 minutes

Sergey Pronin is only 21 but he has already published the book "Advertising illustration: the power of a glance". The book appeared with the review of Hristo Kaftantdgiev. In the text the readers will find the reflection of famous creative methods. But we think that "inventing of a bicycle" is useful, you can invent something else also.


Gallup media
The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg

The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg


Reviews on books on advertising and marketing

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