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YES! 1/06

YES! 1/06


Advertising Ideas
Stories in short

Andrei Nadein, Ksenia Buksha. Marketing communication. New approach
Our new column under the name Zaraza (Viral) is about interactive and contagious ads.

Ekaterina Souchkova, Ksenia Buksha. Golden Watch Winners
We have selected 16 campaigns from among the finalists and winners of the Golden Watch awards held as part of the Golden Drum festival in Slovenia in 2005. They deserve our unremitting attention.

Altoidia Sours: I feel pain; therefore I exist
A history of the Altoidia tribe, the people who feel no pain
Dont give your vote to others
How Bulgarian ad designers wooed young people to voting stations.
Zoznam: find your God
An Internet search engine cannot replace reality, but it can make it more exciting and mysterious.
Thanks, MTV!
MTV Romania is now a genuine local brand with crowds of loyal followers.
Indulona: hands like people
Doorknobs and trolley handles in malls were upholstered in a soft, velvety fabric with a cream logo.
The amazing adventures of Bob and Dave, the emissaries of Budweiser/Budvar, in the Czech Republic
Budweiser Budvar wins kudos as the Czechs most favorite brand.
Caledonian School: intellectual graffiti
A new ad medium downtown graffiti - invented unexpectedly during a campaign.
Diena newspaper: over 40 slogans
The slogans employed a sophisticated word play, and the audience loved it.
Monopol: advertising for art
The magazine harnessed pop art and modern design concepts to make a splash.
Drink, drive & join!
How to convince all Latvians that drinking & driving is no longer cool.
Momax: its furniture and its not Swedish!
An ad campaign in IKEAs face.
Prague: no time to sleep
Thats why the characters in commercials have puffy eyes.
Toblerone: a bike on triangular wheels
Unusual product shape inspired creative commercials
Butterfly babes: touch me not!
Austrian ad designers show what it feels like to be a child suffering from a crippling skin disease.
Message in a bottle
The Teresa Maksova Fund raised money for training orphanage staff.
Speeding kills
A campaign that targets both speeders and their families.

Andrei Nadein. HHCL United: together we stand
At first HHCL work seems extremely minimalistic and shockingly natural, but a closer look reveals some complexities. A strong communication strategy lurks behind this outward extravaganza. The London-based HHCL United (www.hhclredcell.com) is a new breed of ad agency that makes small teams synergize to make a powerful, explosive impact.

Ksenia Buksha. Brazil, the land of ads
Brazil, formerly known as the land of coffee and football, has gone haywire over advertising. Brazilians have suddenly fallen passionately in love with ads and commercials. Commercial actors are as popular in Brazil as pop divas and football heroes. The author has found five things about Brazilian advertising that are different from the rest of the world: festiveness, love for sappy detail, documentary precision, rich storylines and childishness.

Ksenia Buksha. Heroes of Our Air Time
Where do you go to recruit a star for your commercial? You can find them in the big wide world outside, the way they recruited historical characters for the now-classic Imperial Bank commercials, or you can conjure them up for every commercial individually. The author offers her own classification of commercial personae: advisor, maniac, savior, and so on. Whatever part they play, the characters of TV commercials must always be striking, idiosyncratic and memorable, but most importantly, they must firmly identify with the product

Elena Petrova. What Kind of Person is your Brand?
Here are a few tricky questions for the brand manager or whoever owns and markets the brand. What is your brands personality? What is the image that comes to consumers mind when they begin to see more in your brand than just a name for a familiar quality product? We can offer an easy behavioral profiling methodology that can be used to predict both human behavior, and the behavior of a brand in an information-packed environment.

Aliona Andreeva. Advertising Designer Fashion Brands
Advertising for fashionable clothing is considered to be the domain of glossy magazines, sexy models, trendy photographers and designers. But why do top fashion designers of worldwide fame need to advertise at all? And how do they do it? Lets try and find out
This is all the more interesting since consumer advertising for anything, from cars and telecommunications to beer and potato chips, has been of late aggressively borrowing know-how from show business, religion, politics and the fashion industry.

Alexander Salangin. The monologues of censored footage
Alexander Salangin discusses the commercial for the beer brand Baltika 3.

Alexander Shevelevich. Savage: a masterpiece or a growth aberration?
Alexander Shevelevich discusses the Savage commercial.

Elena Petrova. Bagbier beer: a lame idea that accomplished the impossible
Elena Petrova discusses the Bagbier beer campaign.

Andrei Nadein. Fakta: a Success that Wont Quit
Andrei Nadein discusses the Fakta chain store campaign.

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