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Rambler's Top100


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YES! 4/01

YES! 4/01


Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


German KLIMOVSKY: "Flagman" may become the symbol for the whole generation…"

The brand-managers of "Flagman" vodka tell about the construction of the brand based on the man's psycho type of consuming. The man with tears in his eyes is placed on the advertising billboard under the slogan "Man's story". Everybody paid attention to him and he attracted his own special group of the customers. The thrilling story is full of details usual for the brand manager's work in Russia.

Branding cookings

The author from Ukraine, the editor of the site about marketing tells the story of the four brand construction models: USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Young & Rubicam’s BrandAsset Valuator (BAV), BrandDynamics by Millward Brown, Brand Essence by The Decision Shop.

The people search for beliefs and the brands help them.

Top findings from new Young & Rubicam research into consumer attitudes to brands (BAV, 2000): quality and reliability no longer key factors in brand choice; “belief brands” will be the ones that succeed; brands are “the new religion”; consumers start resisting “the latest” in technology; Coca-Cola continues to be the strongest brand in Europe.


The rough roar of the "Cannes Lines" 2001

The unpleasant tendency is that the primitivism and tough humor have got the highest appreciation of the jury. Among other tendencies are the long films and the documentaries. But still the advertisements based on the brand's mission, the advertisements of mood and the construction of joking mythology win. It is possible that the participant price for the next year will be higher than today.

Flowers delivery throughout Ukraine and the whole world

The festival in Kiev takes place for the second time but there have been very few works sent. That's why the competitors for the interesting winners were the advertisements seen in the streets.

Margarita VASILYEVA, Andrei NADEIN
The attraction "2-Logvin-2"

The brothers Andrey and Sergey Logvin make a talented creative duet. Sergey is the copywriter: "Light slogans are the result of a hard work". Andrey is the art-director: "If you feel the drive it reveals in every situation". Passion and talent can not be unnoticeable: in summer 2001 the president Putin has awarded Andrey with the state prize of Russia.

Advertising in Czech

Big advertising with European traditions lives in Czech Republic. The automobiles Skoda and Tatra, kitchens Koryna, sanitary engineering Jika, glass wear and crystal wear Bohemia, beer Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar, Becherovka from Karlovy Vary, the Czech brands have crossed the state borders and are sold all over Europe. The article is the trip into the Czech advertising.


The winners of the Czech Effie 2000

The reviews of the selected advertising campaigns:

Is your ketchup capable to do it? (product: Heinz)
Snacks Krupetto understand the teenager's soul
Ford Transit - only direct mail
The quick start of the supermarket Albert
Go, Father Frost, go! (product: mobile operator "go!")
Ceska Pojist'ovna: to keep the leadership in insuarance
"The Isles of life"- the marketing on the mercy's service

80 years of Citroen: the life full of adventures

The article tells the long story of the Citroen brand development started from the first cars constructed by Andre Citroen and finished with the models of the year 2000. On his way Citroen has used the advertisements of different styles but every time it was interesting and up-to-date. What will be next?

Jacques Segela: "The crazy idea to call the model Picasso"

The creator of the many messages for Citroen and for the Picasso campaign tells about his views on advertising and agitates to give up stereotypes: "Our brains look like a parachute – they work only when they are open".


The reprise as the instrument of mythological advertising

The tradition of the oral advertising is not included in books. However it is one of the affective means in Russia since the beginning of the fair barkers. The author, professional copywriter, tells the story of the cafe Green Crest advertising.


E-business in advertising

In the USA the half of the outside and printed advertising is about the web-sites. The author suggests searching for the prevailing motives and the ways that were used in order to attract the spoilt customer.


The diversion brand analyzes

The suggested method helps the readers to test the level of their brand security and also the quality of work made by the invited specialists. The main rule is that the brand protection should be a highly complex process! In the article you'll find the examples of mistakes made by the specialists and during the trials.


The positioning on the radio stations

When you choose the radio stations while positioning you should take the ones with the auditorium characteristics close to your target audience. So that the advertising campaign is more effective. The author tells how the researchers can be helpful in these situations.

Comcon. The press audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Comcon. The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Gallup Media. The TV audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg.


There are reviews on books devoted to advertising and marketing

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