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YES! 6/05

YES! 6/05


Advertising Ideas
Stories in short

Andrei Sokolov. Is it Going to Work?
Is your ad going to work? If you know how to answer this one, you can save yourself some serious money. This story is about some of the tools market watch firms use to test advertisements. Lets look at Millward Brown, a highly reputable market researcher headquartered in Chicago, but operating worldwide. More on Millward Brown at www.millwardbrown.com.

Ekaterina Soutchkova. Golden Drum 05: Summers End in Portorose
This is a report from the Golden Drum festival held on Slovenias Adriatic coast in October. Find out all about the winners, sensations and highlights of the pageant. The report has turned out extra big and informative this year. In the second part, titled Creative Academy, we discuss the trends shaping the future of the advertising industry today.

Ekaterina Soutchkova. Welcome to Volkswagen Fox!
Build a hotel in order to promote a car, even if its a Volkswagen Fox? What an idea! But Volkswagen did it. The new hotels interiors were created by young designers from all over the world. Named after the car, Hotel Fox opened in downtown Copenhagen last April. Its a regular hotel, and anyone can make a reservation. There are no two identical rooms in it, but the rates are quite affordable.


Ekaterina Soutchkova. D&AD Awards: a Million Dollar Pencil
The Design & Art Directors (D&AD) Awards festival has been dubbed Yellow Pencil because it awards its winners giant pencils for prizes. Who were the lucky winners this year? Read about nine of the winners, the ones whose cases we thought were the most illuminating: Levis, Renault Modus, RunLondon, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, and some others.

Ksenia Buksha. Euro Effie 2005: Creativity Fertilizing the Media
The award ceremony for the winners of the Euro Effie 2005 ad campaign competition was held at the Plaza Hotel Theatre in downtown Brussels on 29 September 2005. This time, the agency of the year title went to Grey Europe (Middle East & Africa), which has amassed the most wins.

Adidas: Nothings Impossible
Mercedes Benz CLS: a Limo as a Tool of Seduction
Ariel: Colorful & Elegant
Mercedes-Benz: A-Class Patriots
Nivea: One Simple Tale
Olympus: Cameras of Color
Pampers: Babes of Consequence
Audi: the Cars the Star
Canon: Yours for the (Picture) Taking
Dove: Looking Great!
HLX: Take a Flying Cab!
Synoptik: the Older, the Better

Maksim Pisarev. Lada Kalina: a New Point in an Old Argument
Maksim Pisarev discusses the Lada Kalina commercial.

Igor Golubentsev. As Your Live, So You Shall Play
Igor Golubentsev discusses Sony Playstation commercials

Denis Postupnoi. Chernigovskoe Beer, or Boxing, Politics and Forgotten Marketing
Denis Postupnoi discusses the Chernigovskoe Beer commercial.

Vitaly Kokoshko. Vadik is Glad, and as Relevant, Enterprising and Debonair as Ever!
Vitaly Kokoshko discusses MTS Jeans commercials.


Elena Sukhova. ChipNGo chips: Catch em, Chip em, Eat em!
For an unknown reason, dark humor rarely occurs in Russian advertising. Unlike their colleagues in the West, Russian ad agencies hardly ever use this tool, but maybe they should change their mind. When the work has talent, the client has guts, and the marketing is dead on target, the chances of success are giddily high. Find out about the ad campaign for ChipNGo from the creative director of Almakor, the agency that designed it.

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