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YES! 4/05

YES! 4/05


Advertising Ideas

Evgenia Gromova & Marina Gerasimova. Consumer Personalities & Branding
The story lets the reader in on an innovative methodology developed by St. Petersburg-based market watcher COMCON that links consumer behavior to human psychology and shows how to position products, services and brands to engage every consumer type at its value level. This methodology has been successfully in action for a few years, representing a new take on branding.

Dragoslav Oraev. The Four-Word Definition of Brand
Amid a multitude of brand definitions, one is hard put to find a single one that is fully operational. Having summed up the gist of existing definitions, the author has come up with his own, original one, consisting of just four words.

Ilya Mirsky. If Your Wish is a Fish Great Catch at the Kiev Fest
A review of winners and jury members comments from the Kiev International Advertising Festival.

Ekaterina Souchkova & Andrei Nadein. EuroBest: The Spoils of an Online Competition
At EuroBest, bids are judged and prizes awarded online. Read 15 case studies from the last festival.

Volkswagen Golf: a toy for big boys
Stella Artois: the art of charging a premium
INPES: defending non-smokers
Proximus: chat away
SIEMENS: your phone has no time to lose charge
Koff beer: the bar is always open
Visual Opticians: are you ready for better eyesight?
Friends.se: words that hurt
ADIDAS: the sports freaks
Kilroy Travels: got to make it!
The Economist: the best-recognized brand in England
GUINNESS: Merry Christmas!
Candida dental floss: good culture
Robijn Color: a taxi in lieu of washer
Yahoo! Found it for you.

Ilya Mirsky. EFFIE (Germany) winners
According to its jury, the latest EFFIE competition has revealed a few disappointing trends such as slashed advertising budgets, reluctance to take risks and, consequently, a propensity to stick to tried and tested methods. But a few creative ad campaigns did make it to the show, after all:

eBay: playing with hearts
Charmin Bear: a trusted confidante
Media Markt: the mother of all go-getters
Hornbach: new kings of domestic chores
Insurance Alliance: a premium for prosperity
Leibniz cookies: mission more than possible
E-Plus: synonymous with positive emotion.

Ekaterina Souchkova. EFFIE (France) winners
The winners of EFFIE France one again treated us to a series of vibrant, memorable and very well structured campaigns. These nine French case studies show how a simple idea can be fabulously successful. None of the briefs are more than one phrase long, and some are merely one word.

Volkswagen Golf: selling well
Ligne Roset: from the human body to furniture
Orange: talk more, now
McDonalds: devils snare
ING Direct: the orange revolution in fashion
How to make people crave a seat
France Galop: now for the race
Boursin Cuisine: cooking with a cheese platter
Batirenover.com: renovation is just a mouse-click away.

Ilya Mirsky. EFFIE (Czech Republic) winners
Czech companies have a lot in common with their Russian counterparts, operating in much the same environment: an emerging market, growing consumption, reviving old, traditional brands. The only difference is that the Czechs are more willing to share their marketing achievements, not afraid of being ironic, and really treasure their loyal customers.

Rotaflex R Super: warm & quiet
Dynamik: free-format insurance
ECO-COM: you sort; we process
Old Hunters: always with you

David Avakian. IDALGO: About Wine, Packaging, and Bold Experimenting
Discussing IDALGO wine packaging

Vladimir Korovkin. Zlatopramen Beer: Four to Bolivar
Discussing Zlatopramen beer advertising

Oleg Paraliush. Stella Artois Beer: Is there Perfection in Advertising?
Discussing Stella Artois advertising

Elena Petrova. Beeline: Bye-Bye Comfort; Hello Action
Discussing the ad campaign of cellular operator Beeline


Vitaly Ilyinsky. Sorry for the Delay
The author lifts the lid off of one of creators favorite tricks, called delay or defeated expectation, displayed every year by Cannes winners, and practiced day-to-day by commercial creators.

Ekaterina Krasnoborodko. Fosters: New Laws for an Easier Life
Before it went on television, the Fosters ad campaign was launched on the Web, offering new, exciting Fosters Laws to replace the dreary Laws of Life. The fresh and witty concept really worked. Discussing the campaign is our psychology editor Elena Petrova.

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