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YES! 2/05

YES! 2/05


Advertising Ideas
About Advertising Ideas magazine


Margarita Vasilieva

Epica Awards 2004: As You Draw, So You Shall Live
What makes Epica Awards so great? It gives you a birds eye view of western advertising, so you can really scope out the goings-on. This year, our western colleagues have come up with lots of animation videos, long texts and tall tales while keeping their costs low. They crammed it all into low-budget formats, but its great stuff nonetheless! Read about new trends in modern advertising.


Ekaterina Soutchkova

Media Awards: Finalists and Winners
The finalists of Media Awards, held as part of Golden Drum 2004, really turned heads this time with their creative choice of new media. Read about how comic books, oranges, odors and messages in a bottle work: 18 stories and each one teaches a lesson.

Jacobs: the coffee fans Streetcar Named Desire
Vzajemci.com: if you want more
Staropramen: follow the yellow line!
Sazka: giant benches
Caritas: wanna feel retarded?
Perfetti Turkey: ever kissed a dog?
Caledonian School: whats the English for it?
Head & Shoulders: have you ever seen a heated billboard?
If: you found a wallet
Childhood dreams destroyed by landmines
AdEaters Night in Bratislava
Avon: orange peels as advertising medium
Pepsi Twist: do interrupt! Its rude.
Red Cross: out with the old stuff!
Seznamka.cz: message in a bottle
Novy Prostor: blondes keep away!
Dr. Treu: advice that begins at the gas station
Viagra: the bar is rising


Alexey Orlov

Business-to-Business Research
Orlov, a consultant with COMCON opinion pollster, explains how research can help solve distribution and supply problems.

Andrey Nadein

B2B Advertising: A World That Makes Its Own Rules
We are all into B2B advertising, whether we know it or not. So what can you add to the arsenal you are already using? The author explores a range of B2B communication policies: from direct mail and grapevine telegraph to cups of tea and loyal customer activity.

Alla Demidova

Corporate Paper Nurtures Loyal Customer
The advertising chief of August, a company supplying agricultural pesticides, shares her successful experience of a B2B publication.


Ksenia Buksha

Storyline in Advertising
A strong communication takes more than mere knowledge of typical plotlines used in advertising. The copywriter or brand manager may benefit from an alternative take on script writing

Ksenia Buksha

Spinning Tall Tales
This article is an attempt to bring two worlds together. A review of Hollywood scriptwriter Robert McKees celebrated book Story, exploring the principles of building a workable storyline with case studies from hands-on advertising.

Andrey Nadein

The Story of Polti and Propp
Aristotle worked on storylines, which he called fabulae. The article explores two systems that were perhaps the greatest influences on the study of story-telling: 36 dramatic situations (George Polti) and 31 character actions (Vladimir Propp).


Vitaliy Ilyinsky

How to Make a Good Commercial Bad and Good Again
The author of this column shows how a strong solution can be devised through the use of two techniques: exaggeration and irony.


Alexey Andreev

Playing the Devils Advocate, or the Brain, the Nuts, the Stomach and Crowd Scenes
Discussing Nuts bars commercials.

Natalia Smelova

Dream Week at IKEA: Free Dreams with Every Purchase
Discussing IKEA advertising: IKEA: Things & Dreams

Alexander Salangin

Unchecked Wit Petrosian Style
Discussing Skeleton dairy product commercials

Dmitriy Makarov

That Song was Right: Old Company Goes to a New Place
Discussing Tide commercials

Andrey Nadein

Total Caring, or the Untapped Resource of Russian Advertising
Discussing advertisements for Total gas stations


Tatiana Chepurna and Alexander Ushkovsky

Fighting Competition with a Fire Extinguisher
What do beer and fire extinguishers have in common? Switch on your imagination, and youll see they were practically made for each other. On a serious note, we think its a clever marketing move to launch a short-lived product to put a spotlight on the main brand. Tatiana Chepurna and Alexander Ushkovsky tell the story of Fire Extinguisher beer.

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