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YES! 2/04

YES! 2/04


Advertising Ideas
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Andrey NADEIN. The Added Value: the alchemy of brand-led growth
In 2003 the British publishing house Palgrave MacMillan released the book "The Added Value: The Alchemy of Brand-Led Growth". The author is Mark Sherrington, the founder of one of the main worlds brand consulting company The Added Value. The authors of the magazine consider this book on branding to be one of the most prominent for the last few years. You can read an interview with the author and the review on the book in our magazine.

Konstantin SAMOILOV. Can local premium brands category survive? Lessons of struggle for brand managers
The author is the former marketing director of the company SABMiller /Transmark, one of the creators of the brands Zolotaya Bochka (Golden Barrel) and Tree Bogatyrya (Three Athletes). The article briefly describes the history and main examples of the local premium brand category. The author also gives advice on how to develop brands strategy and grow brands.


Margarita VASILIEVA, Andrey NADEIN. Epica Awards 2003: sell and entertain!
There are two criteria of good advertising on the Epica Awards advertising festival: original idea and quality of realization. The ideas behind advertising are not always highlighted by the jury. The survey of the winners 2003 is devoted to show the ideas, the authors tried to answer which of them can be appreciated in the long term perspective and which ones are short-lived.

Timofey BOKAREV, Andrey NADEIN. Epica Awards Interactive: consumer takes part in the game
The category Intaractive is rapidly growing on the Epica Awards festival. The reasons are economical. The latest advertising campaigns with medias like Internet and cellular phone are much cheaper than the ones based on traditional media. And the emotional impact is higher. So, the creative solutions in interactive advertising have become more important.

Margarita VASILIEVA. Vasiliy Shishkin: And then Ill become a governor
Doctor, doctor, nobody notices me The next, please. Dozens of designers and copyrighters laughed at this anecdote but only a few thought how to become noticeable and famous. But talent and fame are not synonyms. To achieve it you need actions. What kinds of actions? Youll read a story about one of the most interesting persons of Russian design.

Andrey NADEIN. Cristophe Lambert: you must win in the struggle for talents
Cristophe Lambert is considered to be one of the best professionals in advertising in France, his works, talent and passion for advertising are known in many countries of the world. He is a really good director in the sphere of advertising and his agencies have always achieved great results . The editors of the magazine have met with him in his office situated in Champs Elysee facing the Triumphal Arch.


Four stories of the advertising campaigns released by the famous French agency Publicis Conseil:
AGF faces the truth
New adventures of Scenic
Clio uses PlayStation
Renault Espace space for life

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. EFFIE France: 10th anniversary
Last year the EFFIE France advertising festival celebrated its 10th anniversary from the time of the foundation. The jury of the contest have learned to judge strictly, objective and impartially. The Best of the Best Grand Prix was given to the OMO washing powder that got its first Grand Prix in 1994. In the magazine you can find seven most interesting case-studies.

Vico: appetite comes while comparing
Nissan Micra: language promotes a brand
Social branding: how to cure the French from antibiotics addiction
SNCF: how to bring passengers without tickets to their senses?
Reality show from the LOTO creators
BNP Paribas: how to make cinema work for finance
Ariel Style: help the poor clothes to survive


Ilya MIRSKIY, Yuliya BURLAKOVA. Sports shoes Pony: scandalous brand at a good start
A new campaign for the brand Pony started in February this year. The agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners was in charge of the campaign that has appeared in 120 countries. Its main purpose was to relaunch the Pony brand famous for its uncommon ways of advertising. This campaign is described by the two creators from the USA whose names are Fred and Farid.

About sport, love and hatred
Elena Petrova, the psychological editor of the magazine Advertising Ideas, comments on this Pony campaign.


Citizen Brand
A new book from Mark Gobe titled Citizen Brand is about branding from the civic point of view. The benefit from socially orientated branding is direct, the author thinks that nowadays you need to integrate into the society in order to get loyal customers. Gobe suggests that the modern cultural wealth used in marketing should be altered, he gives examples of how it could be done.

Sam Hill, Glenn Rifkin. Radical marketing, Moscow 2004
From Harvard to Harley lessons of ten campaigns that have broken the rules and made sensations, was the subtitle of the book written by American professionals. Grateful Dead, Providian Financial, Harley Davidson, Iams Company, National baseball Association, Virgin Atlantics, Snap-on Tools, EMS, Boston Beer Company, Harvard business school, these are the campaigns described in the book. The authors name the main three factors of success for the innovative campaigns: close connection with customers, faithfulness to your business and readiness to use everything you own.

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