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YES! 3/01

YES! 3/01


Advertising Ideas
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Brand and property.
The round table of the magazine Advertising ideas Yes!

The owners, brand managers and consultants in the field of marketing and law discuss the questions of creating and selling brands. In live conversation we find brightly reflected problems, which are common for todays Russia: understanding of the brand value, means of its valuation and the relationship between the owner and the manager.

How much for that Brand in the Window?

There are many transaction points to the impressive equity that the brand can build, but at once we come across the evident question how those brand values were reached by the bidders. How to measure the brand value? How do you know if youve got a good deal or a bad one.? There are many answers, but none of them is fully satisfactory.

How to measure loyalty?

Is it possible to measure loyalty to the brand? Trying to answer this question the author takes into account different models of comprehension by the consumer groups: Lisrel Model (Boecht & Halleman, Institut fur Demoscopie Allenbach), Conviction Model (Frappa & Saint Paul, SOFRES), his own model related to the banks.


The conference: Brands. Russian legislation and worlds practice

The owners of the most famous brands of the Russian market and the representatives of state organizations discussed the situation in the sphere of protection the brand owners rights.

Vladimir KISMERESHKIN: The enterprise managers felt the taste to the creating brands

The president of the Russian advertising council says that in the coming 5-10 years there will be a mass construction of Russian brands and the advertising industry will grow very rapidly. The western agencies will not be able to work as successfully as the Russian ones. Taking in to the account the scale of the Russian markets well rely on ourselves first of all.

Oleg TINKOFF: I have always known how to sell more expensive than others

All the human shortcomings can be improved which cannot be said about the lack of energy. Oleg Tinkoff never suffered from the lack of energy. In the age of 35 he has created several brands: the net of the shops Technoshock, popular beer Tinkoff and frozen food Darya. The total benefit of his business makes several tens of million. Darya is the brand winner at Best Brand / EFFIE in 2000.

Darya and her family

The brand manager and the PR manager tell the story of the brands Darya promotion on the Russian market and share with the future plans. This is the first time when the detailed picture of this brand is given in the Russian press.

Konstantin SAMOILOV: It is necessary to listen to the consumer but not to be led by him

An interview with the marketing director of the Transmark company (SAB) about the strategy of the beer Golden Barrel (Zolotaya Bochka) one of the most successful Russian brands, the brand winner at Best Brand / EFFIE in 2000. He tells about the peculiarities of the positioning on the beers market and about the necessary quolities for the brand-managers.

The campaign Golden Barrel (Zolotaya Bochka) in 1999: the factors of success

This is the complete understanding of the consumer, the skill to be in the required place with the required product, concentration of media efforts, the exactly found emotional territory of the brand.

BeeLine: want to be a leader become him!

Savinov: the caramel country is known by its package

Visa Alphamobil the first brand of credit cards in Russia


Direct Design: from design to branding.

The studio owners Leonid Feygin and Dmitriy Peryshkov tell how they created the brands for the coffee, flour and womens packages and about funny campaign which was held a year before the presidents elections. It was the beginning for the presidents image makers.

The Russian festival of low budget advertising Idea!: Please eat whole seeds

The author of the article read this note in the couch on the way to the festival. The festival showed great achievements of local advertisers in design, packaging, low budget TV advertising and also placed an important problem very few Russian businessmen understand the importance of brand creation.

Itil the power of national tradition

Grand Prix of the festival Idea! insurance of civil responsibility of the drivers. The hero of the advertising a cheap old Russian car with the seven signs of smashed Mercedes. The campaign was a success.

Effective advertising causes arguments

Congratulate yourself and the others will congratulate you.

The two advertising campaigns (a fashionable boutique Julia Dima, a car dealer Swed Mobil) commented upon by the psychologist of the magazine Elena Petrova. The case studies will de helpful to the advertisers.


Advertising as visual aids for studying brands

People do not like to study at any age. They are against straining the brands and learning information. Thats why they prefer to play the sea battle and they greatly appreciate when the teachers tell anecdotes. Therefore good advertising is based on the principles of good teaching. This original view is in the base of the article written by a professional copywright and teacher.

The story of a low budget exhibition or how to spend less

The article written by the consultant of the business tasks solving is devoted to exhibitions. Youll get to know how to make an advantage of a disadvantage.

Michael SAPOZNIKOV: There shouldnt be any trifles while shooting

The director of the production studio DTV-MA where a lot of commercials have been shot tells about the technology of video production. As an example he takes the shooting of the famous commercial Rondo with the worker in the building cradle.


The continuation of the chocolate
story or an offer that cant be refused of

There are three conditions of Internet-marketing profit : effective acquirement of clients, creation of valuable offer, ability to hold the profit. In this article youll find how to make a valuable and brilliant offer to the client.


Vadim Uskov
Five mistakes in the brand defend

The specialist in this field tells about five typical mistakes: ignoring of the defense, strange name, non-securable name, lack of the defending strategy, too small umbrella.


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