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YES! 5/05

YES! 5/05


Advertising Ideas


Andrei Nadein. Mother: Magicians from Biscuit House
Mother is an agency that once shook Britains advertising industry. Only now, eight years on, one can truly appreciate Mothers favorite creative ideas and operating concepts. Our writer met with Mothers Creative Director Mark Waites in London hear about the agencys modus operandi straight from the horses mouth.

Ksenia Buksha: The World Wrapped as a Present
Landor Associates is an international leader in branding and design consulting, running 20 offices in 16 countries, and listing many blue chips like BP, FedEx, Land Rover, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Smirnoff and Walkers Snack Foods among its clients. Landor is a division of Young & Rubicam, Inc., which, in its turn, is a member of WPP Group. But enough genealogy. The best testimony of Landors excellence are case studies from its bulging portfolio.


Ksenia Buksha. Hate Something; Change Something
Cannes Lions may have to cancel its categories: it no longer makes sense to classify material between TV commercials, ad campaigns and interactive advertising. Moreover, it is no longer clear who the prize should go to: the creator? Art director? Advertiser? Or consumer? In a modern world, advertising is all about teamwork. Statements like the whole world is but a TV commercial cannot be too far behind. Read all about Cannes Lions 2005 prize winners.


Andrei Nadein. The Mainsprings of Viral Marketing
You can always choose whether to pay for your advertising, or make others advertise for you for free. There are ads people hate and ads people love to see. We are talking about a phenomenon known as viral marketing or viral awards. Lets look at the driving forces of this phenomenon and its many incarnations. This story will teach you the basics of ad virus manufacturing and how these viruses are mailed.

Ksenia Buksha. Heroes of Our Commercial Time
Where do you go to recruit a star for your commercial? You can find them in the big wide world outside, the way they recruited historical characters for the now-classic Imperial Bank commercials, or you can conjure them up for every commercial individually. The author offers her own classification of commercial personae: advisor, maniac, savior, and so on. Whatever part they play, the characters of TV commercials must always be striking, idiosyncratic and memorable, but most importantly, they must firmly identify with the product.


Ekaterina Soutchkova. D&AD Awards: a Million Dollar Pencil
The Design & Art Directors (D&AD) Awards festival has been dubbed Yellow Pencil because it awards its winners giant pencils for prizes. Who were the lucky winners this year? Read about nine of the winning cases, the ones we thought were most illuminating: Levis, Renault Modus, RunLondon, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, and some others.


Konstantin Platonov. BEERka Beer Nibbles
We discuss advertising for BEERka snacks.

Yaroslav Kutcherov. BigBon Chips: A Mismatch Made in Hell
We discuss advertising for BigBon potato chips.

Dmitri Kozlov. TELE 2: Stop Paying and Enjoy
We discuss the ad campaign for cellular operator TELE 2.

Elena Petrova: T Beer: First Strike
We discuss the ad campaign for T beer.


Yuri Davydov. Provocative Marketing: The Dury Go Berserk in Moscow
Consumers no longer react to slogans; they are blind to the most colorful billboards and deaf to the loudest jingles. The director and owner of ad holding R&I Group explains what brought him into provocative marketing.

Eriks Stendzenieks. Thieves vs. ATM Cards
While we are on the subject of provocative marketing, the Riga, Latvia-based ZOOM! Agency has created a revolutionary new advertising concept for the financial services market with commercials starring pickpockets who give plastic card holders valuable tips on how not to let their card get stolen.

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