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YES! 4/02

YES! 4/02


Advertising Ideas
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Andrey Nadein
Best Brand / EFFIE 2002 Let the creativity pass!

Grand Prix in the nomination New Name was given to the advertising campaign of the beer PIT , the scenarios are written by their own brand-manager Ilya Serov. In the article youll find the survey of the winners and festival tendencies.

Two advertising campaigns winners of the contest Best Brand/ EFFIE 2002:

The beer PIT: a kind myth with a slight taste of nonsense

The advertising campaign of the beer PIT is a good example showing how to differentiate even on a highly competitive market.

Fast-food restaurant Rostics: developing loyalty to the family values

In the base of the campaign there was an interactive event involvement of the large groups of consumers into action.


Ilya Mirskiy
Brands in literature are getting stronger

If a literary name is developing according to the brand laws, it can live for a long period of time. This is an interview with Aleksey Gordin, the executive director of the publishing house Azbooka, about the promotion technologies for writers and books.

Olga Guseva
British Airways: modern classical branding

A story about Core Values a well-known brand (British, Insightful Innovation, Quality Reassurance) and its reflection in advertising.


New approach in marketing based on the social motives. This is a story about an unknown in Russia powerful tool of branding. You are welcome to read the articles that give a step-by-step explanation of the methodology.

Ron Irwin
Can Branding Save the World?

Cause Related Marketing has come into life since the first local shop placed a donation box near its cashier desk. Today different corporation begin to understand that they need to help the society the forces of which give them goods. Besides this process is profitable for both sides. Jerrys, Avon and Patagonia are all engaged in cause related or values led marketing. Is it a justifiable marketing endeavor or just a desire to be good?

Yulia Burlakova
Cone is a professional in Cause Branding

Cone Inc. (Omnicom Group) one of the largest American companies specializing in programmes on Cause Branding. They have developed competitive market positions for brands such as Rockport, Salomon, 3M. Their programmes for ConAgra, Avon, Gillette, JCPenney helped to strengthen brand individuality and to rise the consumers loyalty.
ConAgra Foods ConAgras Feeding Children Better
A first hand story about successful action created by Cone Inc.


Margarita Vasilieva
Without prejudices or advertising in English

The bright tissue of British advertising with the following features: social (non-commercial), taking routes in the royal family, sociability and sexuality, a kind of absurdity, the ability to shock and humor.

Hamish Pringle: Advertising nowadays must take into account the ethical and spiritual aspects of brands

An interview with the general director of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), author of the book Brand Spirit. And also the review of a new book Brand Manners, written together with William Gordon.


Institute of Practitioners in Advertising things to learn!

A story how the largest professional UK Corporation is working and how IPA Effectiveness Awards is organized.

Description of 14 advertising winner-campaigns of the contest IPA Effectiveness Awards:

Tesco: How Every Little Help was a big help to Tesco
Scoot.com: the power of purple. How bold advertising helped to build a successful dot.com business
Stella Artois: reassuringly profitable beer
Glenmorangie: premium-price for calmness
Bluewater: blue color and curiosity
Orange Just Talk: dont pay odd !
Solvite: flight to stratosphere as an advertising argument
No More Nails: How advertising helped No More Nails to get lots more sales
Crown Paints: what a difference advertising makes
Lurpak: changing the nations taste
Terrys Chocolate Orange: a big, bright, orange future
Detergent Surf: sell with entertainment!
Shops Co-op: turning back the tide: a Co-operative success story
Reading and Literacy: how advertising mobilized parents to help to improve the reading ability of their children

Alexander Shevelevich
Tough campaign as a form of pedestrian training

Advertising group has made a rather risky experiment of teaching a goat to cross the street under the green light and to wait under the red. The film goat turned to be very effective but aroused a passionate argument does it hurt the citizens feelings or not?


Ilya Mirsky, Andrey Nadein
Package works 365 days a year

Analytical editorial survey dedicated to the effective package giving practical advice and recommendations. The article is a result of more than 15 conversations with Russian and foreign specialists. The material is illustrated with examples and stories.

Evgenia Salamatova
Package: switch on the color!

Color is a multi-functional tool while creating a package. It can tell about the product, make an atmosphere around the brand, attract desires. The article gives the principles of active color usage in packages.


Oriflame cosmetics: longing of the top models towards natural beauty

The opinions around this new advertising campaign in Russia are totally different : from detest to complete delight. The campaign is analyzed by the magazine psychologist Elena Petrova who mentions a lot of interesting things on the irrational level.


Taylor Nelson Sofres Gallup media
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The radio audience in Moscow and St.Petersburg


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