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YES! 2/03

YES! 2/03


Advertising Ideas
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Margarita VASILIEVA. Epica Awards 2002: North against South
The Epica Awards shows the European advertising passions. This time we see a great difference between northern and southern creativity and a real enthusiasm towards parody: advertising makes parody on advertising! But on the whole the campaigns are peaceful, there are no bloody and disgusting examples, only funny, effective and also advertising series. Epica has proved once again that winners should have distinct message and a strong metaphor inside.

Yulia BURLAKOVA. ACT: advertisers against discrimination
The world is unfortunately unbalanced and there are always subjects for social, non-commercial advertising. This time ACT (Advertising Community Together) has taken the slogan Stop Discrimination, Promote Tolerance! Agencies from thirty different countries took part in the action. And all the works are worth of your attention.

Andrey NADEIN. Open agency BETC Euro RSCG
In 2001 it was chosen The best French agency and The agency of the Year on the worlds scale. Every campaign made by BETC Euro RSCG is an example of creative decisions not only in the sphere of marketing but in the sphere of business as well. In the issue of the magazine youll read about some of the case studies belonging to this agency.


Effie France 2002: reliable effectiveness
Bright colors, emotions and original ideas are the traditional features of advertising campaign-winners of this contest. This is explained by temper of participants and the festival requirements. The prize is presented only to those who could prove its success with the most reliable means. Grand-prix was given to the Yellow Pages which have done a great work of brand motivation. In the magazine you can find eight case studies of the works winners of Effie France 2002.


Ilya MIRSKIY. Tri Bogatyria: strength of marketing muscles
The main appeal to the consumers of the beer Tri bogatyria (Three athletes) is helping friends to meet so that all the problems go away. This idea is reflected in the slogan Together we are the power. At the moment the main subject of the campaign is hokey sponsoring of the Professional Hokey League and the Russian Hokey Federation.


Restaurant Tinkoff: beer overturn in Novosibirsk
Wait for a beer overturn was the slogan in the beginning of a dimensioned advertising campaign devoted to a new restaurant Tinkoff in Novosibirsk. And the overturn took place in the streets with show-programmes, parades, historical personages and a scandal. As a result the restaurant gained fame.

Nuts: a reliable means to be friendly with Brains
The heroes of the campaign are parody personages: Brain and the chocolate bar Nut. These are funny young people. Absurdity of situations is only making good to the product and the spectator memorizes the main thing the brand and its basic idea.


Margarita VASILIEVA. Mysteries of conceptual names
In the Tarkovskys movie The Stalker the Zone fulfils the real desires of men and not the ones they thought real. The process of choosing the name is very close to a visit into the mystery room the real desires of business men appear here. What does he have on his mind: brand construction, a wish to distinguish from the others or to slip through the crowd?

Vadim USKOV. Search or buy?
This is the question in the course of new brandnames. Because there are some spheres (bakery, for example) where all the names are practically registered. And the clients are ready to pay for an already registered name. Another reason is lack of time when the name is needed very quickly. So, the names market looks like a substitute purchase but it is more ethical than the actions of the patentee racket.

Valentin PERTSIA. Franchising in branding or how to create base of the coming success
There are two sides of this process: when borrowing a name or business-system and the opposite one, when ranting the right of taking somebody elses business and paying the royalties. The author presents the schemes of brand work while franchising and gives advice how to make it successful.

Vitaliy ILINSKY. Mate in three steps or How to solve multi-step advertising task
Everybody heard that it is possible to make an advantage of disadvantage but not all of us know the means. But there are methods! And one of the most important is the ability to divide the task and to fulfill it in stages.

Anton KALABIN. Director and Consultant: the experience of joined cooperation
It is clear that the most effective decisions are usually powerful and go out of standards. Thats why the director invites a consultant and tries to see and feel the whole creative process himself.


Andrey NADEIN. Beyond Disruption mind overturning book
The material consists of two parts: the interview with the author of the book J-M Dru and the detailed review of his famous book Beyond Disruption. J-M Dru: A brand is a living business idea and is defined through behavior. Today, everything a company does is branding. It is the cohesive force of an organization. This idea was proved by a number of works in different parts of the world where the agency TBWA creates.
You can read reviews on some Russian books on advertising and marketing as well.

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