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YES! 4/99

YES! 4/99


Advertising Ideas
Main articles abstracts


Evgenya Gromova, Maria Gerasimova
The clues for choosing the right brand name or advertising slogan can be revealed by means of psychosemantical fields

The authors affirm that it is important to use language clichs which were previously reflected in the customers mind. Only then the new name or slogan hits the target and is authentically taken by the focus-group members. The psychosemantical clues of advertising conception should also guarantee absence of negative emotions. The brand name of the tee Beseda (A chat) and the advertising text can be taken as an example of the perfectly chosen clue.

Michael Dymshits
Generation of the brandname

The article is devoted to the technological aspects of the brandnames making. The author describes the work order he realizes in practice. He gives a detailed description of linguistic and juridical criteria, of contents richness. The article is interesting for giving the instructions how to use the computer program which is applied to the soundsemantical assessment of the names variants.

Margarita Vasilieva
Brandname, where do you come from?

My friend a copywriter. He had a cat. The cats name wasnt Tom, Spot or a Pussycat. His name was Pager. This made everybody admire both the cat and the copywriter this is the beginning of a very serious article written by a professional copywriter and namewriter who divides brandnames into 12 types. The story is rich in easy-memorized samples and witty opinions.

Valentin Pertsiya
29 means of name formation

The author speaks about the methodology of the brandname creation made by Nametrade company and gives 29 ways how to create new names using Russian and foreign variants.

Evgenya Gromova, Maria Gerasimova
Packing as a symbol of your lifestyle

The problem of the article is: how to make packing? The authors example is based on different attitudes of St. Petersburg and Moscow citizens towards the cigarette packs colors. For example, the red and gold colors are really prestigious in Moscow but they are considered to be vulgar in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg citizens prefer gold in combination with black or dark-blue because they are more moderate and think it is good taste.


Kiril Bourdey, Oleg Dembo
How to order a marketing research without self-burglary

The article describes the typical mistakes while ordering, making and analyzing researches in Russia. They include: absence of the real need in a research, absence of action standard, concealment of the real purpose of research, solution of the second-rate problems, lack of communication with the researcher, change of purposes during the work, low quality of the tested samples, etc.


Fedor Pantsirov
A large campaign for a small shop

A detailed story about the advertising campaign for a small Lithuanian shop. The author explains how he managed to build an image which combined low prices, convenient location and attention to the clients at a very short time.

Denis Sizov
Promotion in the shops

An article about samplings, product tasting and demonstration. The author describes two of his promotion actions, speaks about preparatory principles, and gives advice how to choose staff and place for promotion.


The creative directors about festivals

The creative directors of the large Russian advertising agencies share their views on good advertising (on the whole they agree with each other), on the advertising which gets awards (some of them think that this advertising is not always effective) and on judicial principles.

Alexander Leenetsky
Golden Drum 99

A detailed commentary on the festival The Golden Drum in New Europe which took place in Portoroz (Slovenia) in 1999. The author regrets that Russia submitted so few works.

Margerita Vasilieva
Finish Advertising from Paltemaa Huttunen Santala TBWA

This agency is the third in size and the first in creativity in Finland. They received many Cannes lions and Epicas pyramids. Clear and transparent advertising ideas for Valio and Nokian tyres: how were they created? Read the article.

Andrey Nadein
The Advertising Formula in Kiev

This is a commentary on the festival The Advertising Formula which was held in Kiev (Ukraine) in September 1999. Feel the spirit of Ukrainian advertising!

Sergey Gaiday
Even air in advertising is a resource

An exciting interview with a Ukrainian creator. Sergey the creative director of The Marketing Technologies Office flies from Kiev to St. Petersburg managing to create political advertising in both cities, to write direct-mails, to shoot a super low-budget advertising film with the studio Cinegraph in Odessa and even to give a seminar on the Ninjas fiting skills in advertising.

Margerita Vasilieva
How McCann Erickson manages the brands

The managers and creators of the McCann Erickson advertising agency answer the questions of our creative editor. Mattew Stern: Even traditional western image advertising acquires functional features in Russia. One of their latest works is serial advertising for vodka Flagman (about the principles).

Elena Petrova

The psychologist offers main points of a new aesthetics which sells. Aesthetics-2 as a separate discipline will make the discussion of the difficult creative topics more effective and will give a starting point to new creative technologies.


Vladimir Konkov
Regulate words in lines

The doctor of the philological sciences, the professor of the St. Petersburg University tells the readers how the intonation and sense in an advertisement differ as a result of wrong line division.

Sergey Gaiday
The effective resource usage in an advertising campaign

The author describes nine types of resources for an advertising campaign. For each type he gives an example of a witty solved advertising problem.

Margarita Vasilieva
Those dont make mistakes who...

Sometimes the advertising text authors forget about linguistic traps which are waiting for them in the valleys of phonetics, in the wood lexis and on the paths of syntax. The author, a professional copywriter offers to make mistakes correction in the advertising texts. There are many funny and instructive examples.


Georgiy Pocheptsov
Rumours, anecdotes and soap operas as the voice of people

The author doctor of the philological sciences, the professor of the Kievsky University. The origin of simple communication units is examined in the article. For example, a rumour can be imagined consisting of two parts: bright character + bright action. The author also names the rules of introducing the rumours.


Arcadiy Moranis
Links to the Internet the strongest instrument

You can manage the searching process in the Internet by leaving references (marks) on users way and making him come to your pages. The author is a specialist in the Internet sphere.


Larisa Bogdanova
Huge advertising makes people turn heads

The fewer posters you have, the more surprising they should be. The size and imagination these are two main points of success. The author speaks about large-sized outdoor advertising, gives interesting samples of its usage.

Andrey Ulianovskiy
The mysteries of moving triangles

The author of the book The Myth-design in advertising gives non-standard usages of the prism-vision appliance.


Vadim Uskov
Almost legal advertising

The sequence of the topic started in the latest issue. There is a special law About advertising. And because of vague prohibitions and unclear definitions there are border zones between law breaking and legal behavior. The author gives several types of these zones and what advertising they cover.

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