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YES! 2/02

YES! 2/02


Advertising Ideas
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Alexander Yerofeev
A juggler on the trapeze or the Notes about the values needed to a successful brand-manager

The author, having a good practical experience, names the following values: the ability to make decisions in the situations of limited powers, the ability to manage with people who are not your subordinates, a good knowledge of consumers psychology, passion and capability to understand a brand emotionally, good skills in financial planning in the situation of limited resources, economical mind, initiative and business undertakings.


Ben Wood: A good idea is a simple idea
An interview with the head of a Pariss office of The Added Value company

The Added Value: The brands are growing, the business is growing

The article tells about the experience and the working methods of the global marketing agency The Added Value. Their stories demonstrate how they help companies to create insight-driven growth for their brands and business. Among the stories are: Levis Engineering Jeans, champagne POP, Internet-bank Egg, ice-cream Solero, beer Golden Barrel and Pilsener Urquell.

Yaroslav Kucherov (Adventa Lowe): The Russian market is becoming more differential

The director of one of one of the largest Russian advertising agencies tells about the process of re-positioning of the beer Klinskoe, Sibirskay korona, the juice Niko, the deodorant Rexona and other agencys works.

The likes and dislikes of TV viewers

Some of the TV commercials become the leaders of lists devoted to likes and dislikes at the same time. Is this the most effective advertising? A researcher, psychologist and a brand-manager are trying to answer the question.


Andrey Nadein
What does the contest of effective advertising EFFIE teach us?

The contest Effie gives valuable material for the advertising analysts. In 2001 about 40 descriptions of successful campaigns were published in our magazine. Analyzing the reasons for success we pointed out a series of strategies of modern branding: to come out in time, to concentrate on the target auditorium, to understand brand in the modern way, "change the product" and "save money". In the article these strategies are given with the examples that prove effectiveness.

Euro EFFIE 2001: emotions are effective!

The winners are joined by their manner of giving argumentations. The advertising doesnt appeal to rationality but constructs emotional connections with a product or service. Besides, the advertising that has proved its effectiveness turns out to be more human and kinder than many other winners of creative festivals.

Mastercard: money is nothing!
Nivea Sun Spray: the revolution in packaging
Tele2: speak as much as you wish!
Accenture: consulting needs brands also
Alldays: stick and forget
Coral Black Velvet: washing is in fashion
Nicorette: strangle the cigarette
VW Sharan Safari: back to the harmony


Restaurant Tinkoff: the way to be yourself

Dom-Laverna: a new glance at the old idea

Two advertising companies with the provocative elements. Comments of the magazine's psychologist Elena Petrova.


Margarita Vasilyeva
Epica Awards 2001 the victory over the budget

According to the authors observations, the European advertising is advancing from aggression to kindness (it has become less bloody even in such a horrifying category as social advertising); from computer wonders to skilful acting and from large budgets to a true asceticism.

Andrey Amlinsky: You cant be a hyper-moralist in advertising

An interview with the creative director of the agency BBDO Moscow about the prohibitions in advertising. By the way, it is Andrey, who has invented a new verb for the Russian language in the commercial for the chocolate bar Snickers Snickersni!

ACT: creative people against terrorism

The ACT (Advertising Community Together) initiative was launched by AdForum.com in collaboration with the International Red Cross after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The magazine presents the most interesting works that are sent from all parts of the world.


Yuliya Burlakova, Olga Goolina
Aggression haut-couture

The advertising for computers shops is always technically complicated, the advertising for household goods shows happy families. As for the advertising for the boutiques de haut-couture, it is usually a mixture of aggression and decadence. Why is it so? A psychologist, a fashion designer and an advertiser are trying to answer the question.

Andrey Nadein
The technique of an advertising explosion

The author suggests memorizing of a simple scheme for creation a perfectly working advertisement instead of a great number of other models. People having usied this method could start creating effective advertising after a short period of time, or at least they were able to name the bad and good examples of advertising. So, to create an advertising explosion you need three things: expected massage, unexpected decision and focus on a brand.


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