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Advertising Ideas
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Ylya Seina (COMCON-Research International)
The attitude to advertising in Russia

When you make a market research for advertising strategy it is necessary to take population's attitude towards advertising into account. How does the unpredictable Russian soul react to advertising? More and more Russians consume advertised products and about one thirds are brand-oriented. It is possible to allocate three groups which show the attitude towards advertising: negativists (34%), rationalists(27%) and ad eaters(39%). Today most potential Russian consumers are rationalists. The attitude towards advertising depends on age, education, region and ability to buy advertised products.

Kiril Burdey, Oleg Dembo (O+K: marketing + consulting)
How to make a research brief?

Research brief defines the real use or uselessness of a research. The article gives a detailed description of brief content. Typical mistakes that are usually made in research brief are also commented on.


Oleg Korolev
The advertising campaign for Java Gold Light

The brand manager of British American Tobacco Russia tells about branding technologies using the example of the advertising campaign for Java Gold Light. The main brand musclesare: international quality standards, belief in future, patriotism and "Russian character". The advertising campaign is a series of posters with the slogan: Backward hit is a joking answer to America. The images are: huge packet of Java Gold flying above New-York (Statue of Liberty is amazed), American cosmonaut on Mars sees the packet of Russian cigarettes, etc. The last poster shows how the flying packet of Java blows up Merlin Monro's skirt the rights for the real movie star photo had to be bought.

Olga Guseva
Cars in American advertising

The modern automobile market in the USA can be divided into several groups: Small cars, Large sedans, Hatchbacks, coupes, Luxury sedans, family sedans, upscale sedans, Convertibles, Sport/sporty cars, Wagons, Pickups, Minivans, Full-time all-wheel drive, Sport utility vehicles. The author gives typical examples of press advertising and describes motivation for advertising in every class.


Denis Veyko
The American advertising agency from inside

The author of the article tells how the Trinity Communications, a Boston-based, creative, full-service integrated marketing communications (IMC) firm works. During the eight years Trinity turned into an independent, strong firm with good dynamic of development. The slogan of the agency is Creative communications that sell. The article contains unique information about management structure, project flow and even expenses of the firm in 1999.

Large Archive of creative advertising

Yes! receives German magazine Lurzer's Int'l Archive. It was founded in 1984 by Walter Lurzer, who in Germany is regarded as something like the Pope of Advertising. Idea of Lurzer's Int'l Archive a compilation of remarkable campaigns from all over the world, grouped into product categories in such a way that they can be filed for future reference. The Internet site of the magazine (www.luerzersarchive.com) which contains more than 10 thousand works is also introduced in the article.

Ron Lawner, creative director of Arnold Communications: I'm a fairly hands-on guy

Ron Lawner is the man behind the extremely successful VW Beetle campaign which won the Grand Prix in Cannes two years ago. He tells about the creation of the New Beetle campaign and what motives stand behind the advertising announcements. It is typical for Lurzer's Int'l Archive interviews.

Margarita Vasilyeva
Advertising in French

A cat with a mouse in her teeth ran gracefully in daytime, near crowds of people in front of the main entrance of Notre Dame. The multilingual crowd cheered the swift huntress but the cat's appearance showed clearly that she caught mice not for food but for publicity. The principles of French advertising are practically the same: it is not very functional but provokes interest and makes mood.

Peter Bear
Can an art-director be perfect?

The dream to have a perfect art-director is known to all that work in the field of professional advertising. The success of an agency and the rate of an advertiser depend on him. Art-director should present only bright and attractive advertising and make the advantage of the product clear. The article is devoted to the demands for an art-director.


Elena Petrova, Andrey Nadein
Who are you? A mobile phone or a tiny animal?

When the viewer sees an advertising poster he can't always determine why he likes it. But advertiser who claims to be professional should understand what is going on in the head of the viewer, how to manipulate his thoughts and feelings so that they turn into the right direction. In the first part of the article the authors (a psychologist and a copywriter) tell the readers four main scenarios of comprehension of advertising. In the second part - the main principles of poster analysys.

Mihail Dymshiz
The expert system VAAL which values the verbal elements of communication

Sometimes unrealized processes of advertising comprehension turn to be stronger than realized. Sound effects of speech are parts of unrealized verbal communication. They are analyzed by expert system VAAL, which is the topic of the article.


Vadim Uskov
The photo through the eyes of a lawyer

Professional lawyer tells the cases of burglary in the sphere of authors' rights. This article is devoted to photographs. How to protect the right for a photo? How can advertiser avoid embarrassing situations? Read the article.

Vera Mordvinova, Valeriy Mordvinov
Domain name and brand name are one thing

Even now web-sites can exercise not only advertising function but bring real profit. The authors tell the ways to secure domain names and give examples from the judicial practice of the Russian Federation.


Gallop Media TV Index: TV audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
COMCON-Media R-TGI: radio audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg
COMCON-Media R-TGI: press audience in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Andrey Sokolov
Na Nevskom: the portrait of wealthy audience in St. Petersburg

Popular illustrative review Na Nevskom (In Nevsky) an edition of a new type. It has full-colored interesting contents and it is absolutely free. Such editions tend to appear all over the world saying that information is becoming free. In Russia this type of edition is profitable if it has its own audience. The article tells about the lifestyle of wealthy audience of St. Petersburg on which the magazine is targeted.


There are reviews on Internet sites, books and magazines devoted to advertising and marketing.

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