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YES! 3/05

YES! 3/05


Advertising Ideas
Stories in short

Ilya MIRSKIY. A Compendium of Delusions: Ten Russian Advertising Myths Exploded
A poll conducted earlier this year by Leo Burnett exposed a number of false myths, having circulation in Russias advertising business, about consumers and how they feel about advertising. These myths are grouped under two headlines: Russians are dumb and simple-minded, and Russians are crushed by their dreadful life. The story looks at the 10 most widespread myths in case studies, exploring their origins and proving them wrong.

Andrey NADEIN. How to be Creative in Brand Policymaking
For a brand manager or strategic planner, the hardest thing is to transform strategy into a creative product. Its all too easy for a mundane product like Orbit gum to tout its whitening effect: its strictly tangible positioning clearly shows whether the creative idea matches the strategy or not. But things get tough when the brand appeals to the emotional realm. Here, the creator faces an almost 50/50 chance of hit or miss. But the worst can happen when the strategists are themselves unsure how they want to present their brand. In this article, the top 9 Russian branding heavyweights share their views and methods.


Ksenia BUKSHA. Euro EFFIE 2004 winners
The prizes go to those campaigns only that have been the most successful in at least three EU countries. The case studies of those campaigns are not to be overlooked: they have a wealth of important lessons to teach.

Canon: professionals advertise; amateurs buy
Coca-Cola got away again
Accenture: hi, Im your idea!
Daz: a soap opera for big-time laundry
Dove: more silk than skin
Evian: the symbol of youth
Magnum: seven deadly sins
Volkswagen Polo: a smart little thingy
Toyota: all the shades of gray
MasterCard: all you can buy

Olga VOLKOVA. Peugeot 607: Back to Animal Instincts
The French ad agency BETC EURO RSCG always has something fresh and unexpected in store. The article looks at the Peugeot 607 campaign, the prize-winner of New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards, Mobius Awards, Eurobest D&AD Awards.


Timofei BOKAREV. Epica Interactive: the Game Strategy
Timofei Bokarev is an acclaimed Russian expert on Internet advertising who sat on the jury in the Interactive category of last years Epica Awards 2004. The article presents the 2004 Epica Awards winners.

Ekaterina SOUTCHKOVA. Golden Hammer winners
The Golden Hammer advertising festival in Riga, Latvia, became a worldwide highlight last year. Read about 11 success stories from the Golden Hammer 2004 portfolio.

MTV: made in Romania
The Association Against AIDS: use your brain!
Veteco: when your dog hits on you
Connex: dont be alone, send an SMS
RIMI superstores: free toilet paper
Falck Security: Masha & the Bears
Golden Gym: tattooed postcards
Sazka bookies: bets in real time
Diesel beer: men never cry
Saku beer: macho the Estonian way
Culture Ministry: not required reading

Margarita VASILIEVA. The Man Behind the Tripod
The Russian photographer Igor Sakharov photographs manually, but thats not the point. Sakharov, who recently taught a master class at a European photography festival in Italy, impressed the international photographic community so much that GITZO, a renowned photographic supplies manufacturer, designed a special tripod named Igor Sakharov. The article throws light on some of the techniques practiced by this great advertising photographer.

Ksenia BUKSHA. Young Guns: Make Way for the Young!
The mission of Young Guns, the international competition for young creators, is to put the spotlight on the up and coming advertising industry leaders. The article shows how the competition works and profiles its most original winners.


Olga VOLKOVA. Marketing that Smells Good
Smell is a powerful tool in manipulating human behavior. A recent concept, fragrant marketing has gained increasing circulation in the past few years, harnessing olfactory sensations to make advertising more effective. How can fragrances be used in different media? How to choose the right fragrance and avoid alienating the consumer? Read all about it


Oleg YEVSTAFIEV and Olga IVANOVA. Comparing Media Planning Concepts: Effective Frequency and the Recency Theory
Having emerged in the mid-90s, the recency theory revolutionized media planning and deeply divided the professional advertising community. The proponents of effective frequency and recency acolytes crossed swords in many a bitter argument over what works best for sales. But, as usual, the truth seems to lie somewhere in between. This article explores both theories, citing examples and matching the results.


Andrei AMLINSKIY. The Story of a Failure, or the National Specifics of Advertising
Reviewing the advertising for Tsygansky (Gypsy) ketchup.

Oleg LAPSHIN. The Chipsons: New Street Songs
Reviewing the advertising for the Chipsons potato chips.

Vlad MAKAROV. Tonus Juice: a Few Handy Tips, or How to Have Your Way
Reviewing the ad campaign for Tonus juice.

Alexei VEREKETA. Kotex: Red on White
Reviewing the ad campaign for Kotex panty liners.


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